Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lucky Streak

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Many say that nothing in this world comes free.

However, sometimes it does. Many would also call it luck. I however call it a blessing :)

All my life, I have never won a single lucky draw. And trust me, I have been to tons of events where lucky draws are constantly held. My parents were like practically involved in a bunch of things in society where there are tons of such events. Then again, I had pretty much everything I could ever want then but still HOW I WISHED THAT JUST ONCE SOMETHING IN LIFE WOULD BE FREE.

Last year, I stumbled onto Jen's blog and halfway through the year she held a giveaway where I entered thinking I would never win but oh well, couldn't hurt if I didn't plus I really really reeeeally wanted those makeup brushes which I was now no longer able to afford them after the whole life transition thing and crazy college fees etc.

Don't laugh but I did prayed about it too ok. Something along the lines of please God I would love those makeup brushes oh would you grant me my wish? *shy

Anyway, I don't care if you laugh also hor cuz I DID WIN IT in the end and was super ecstatic when I receive an email from her telling me I won, and not the 3rd or 2nd prize either mind you but the FIRST :DDDD

And thus began my downhill spiral into the world of expensive cosmetics and superficial beauty WTEFF.

Ok no lah, I don't splurge like mad but yes my makeup collection is slowly growing now ah is this a good thing or not! Anyway, those are my first set of brushes ever *wet eyes* so thank you Jen!!! Also pretty much my main brushes still cuz like I said, I am a poor college student hor cannot simply buy a gazillion brushes plus my gaming addiction pretty much eats up a chunk of my money too :C


One day, every twitter and blog were suddenly gushing about Clarisonic and how awesome it is but oh so crazy expensive but ooooh how the results are to die for.

Needless to say, I ALSO WANT!!!

And while I was googling Clarisonic to read up more on its features and benefits, right on Google page's second link were the words 'Clarisonic Giveaway' and I'm like aldlsdjflasjdfas must enter and GUESS WHAT I WON IT TOO! Not one either but two ok TWO! I think there were like 1000 comments again and random generator picked my number (94) *super thankful

I had a pick of my choice and I chose the Clarisonic Classic in baby pink and white which is like at least $300 worth altogether. Wanted to give the white to mummy but she was like 'I won't spend money to replace the brush every 3 months' wteff so ngiau and so I gave it to 2nd sis instead who was tripping over herself trying to get me to give it to her.

A christmas gift from God ok cuz it arrived sometime around that week :D

I'll say the Clarisonic is as good as the reviews claim it to be. My skin always feel super soft after like a waxed floor where all the lotion I put on later just fully absorbs into it. Skin condition also significantly improved after a few months. Pores actually shrunk ok! Highly recommended ♥

So around that time too I was looking for purple eyeshadows for a smokey look since ahem Jen recommended purple for darker skin tones plus Hyori looked awesome in purple :P

Since I was already following a blog that later held a giveaway for smokey eyeshadows of your choice, I entered and didn't think much of it till I was notified a month later that I won and I was pretty much like huh what in the world did I enter? XD

I barely use this though cuz it doesn't really show up well on me (maybe I need to try it one more time) and I'm currently utterly addicted to my Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. I totally recommend UD ok! Best eye makeup ever imo

A month later I wanted a flat iron :3 Yealah see told you I was spiraling downwards into an obsession of beauty XD I bought a pink flat iron on sale at Target, quite forgetting that I had joined another flat iron giveaway (only four people joined lol since it was for US residents only and her blog was mainly targeted at Australians and those in SEA) and well, won. So the pink flat iron goes to my younger sisters now and I'm now using this $113 flat iron instead :)

Christmas is a season of giving hence the many giveaways on blogs I actually follow. I don't join every blog just to win stuff ok don't be silly. Imagine the amount of spam if I did that, the horror. I only follow a select few (five I think) which I find very useful.

Like Musings of a Muse which is omg useful when it comes to knowing the latest product out there and even more useful after I got a job at a certain beauty store and need to have a certain amount of knowledge of its products so ahahahaha her blog is now my study guide XD So she had this 12 days of giveaways going on and I won one of them X3 I LOVE THE NAIL POLISH VERY VA VA VROOM LOLS. Also the gloss is perfect for toning down some of my slightly unwearable lipsticks (wrong shades lol the perils of online shopping) and SMELL LIKE EFFING COTTON CANDY SO DELICIOUS :d Have yet to try out the sparkly glitter mascara and eyeshadow cuz I'm not a party girl so there isn't an occasion where I could use it yet.

Lastly, Lisa of He Qi Crystal Designs held a mini giveaway a few weeks back asking us to tell her what we thought of Spring and I guess she liked my answer? :3

I love the simplicity of this earrings, its so versatile I can wear it everywhere with nearly anything. Lisa is one of my favorite jewelry makers and I've blogged about the earrings I've bought from her before here :D Mad happy that my sister is going to UC Davis this fall so I can ask Lisa to pass all the earrings I want to buy to her so I needn't pay for shipping fees muahahaha but omg I hate paying for shipping fees ok!

I've also won three other giveaways in December, one which was a lotion (lol) from Temptalia, another some lip potion thingy from MPPB and a $50 McCormick and Schmick's giftcard which I was so looking forward to using it to bring my parents out on a dinner date with me but alas, it got lost in the mail :C The UPS delivery showed that it was delivered so I'm guessing someone in my apartment building must have stolen it T_______T

Anyway, I'm truly thankful for the things I'd won so far. It was indeed a lovely surprise then :) I've kind of stopped joining giveaways now since I think I've won enough plus God has already given me a job allowing me to buy stuff I need or just want so if I do so now occasionally, its mainly just to show some support towards my favorite bloggers ♥

But yeah, some of the nicest things in the world are indeed, free ;)


Amanda! said...

Holy crap, that's some crazy giveaway hauling! I guess all those years of never winning paid off and accumulated into this lucky streak? I enter a lot of giveaways myself and never expect to win (and haven't). I won't say I have NEVER won though because I have on a RARE occasion. Anywho, I stumbled upon your blog from Eki and you seemed interesting so I started following. :D I'm lemming a Clarisonic myself! And I agree that UD cosmetics are amazing. Also, if you want some good, cheap makeup brushes, I suggest EcoTools. I am absolutely in love with those brushes. I'm poor too (I own exactly ONE MAC brush), so they've been a godsend.

hana said...

@amanda: lol maybe XD I totally didn't expect to win all those either which was why I was incredibly surprised myself. You should totally get the Clarisonic Mia then, I heard its cheaper and works just as well! EcoTools! They are like my most loved brushes SO SOFT!!! I'm waiting for my lousy Target to sell the eyeshadow brush set but meh instead of selling it, they took the whole line off T____T Am still searching all over stores here for it :C

Amanda! said...

I have been looking into the Clarisonic Mia, but that's expensive too right now. Haha. I'm gonna save up then weigh the pros and cons of getting the full size. :D And I got the Ecotools eye brush set just before coming to Korea! I found them at K-Mart of all places!