Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Passed My JLPT 3

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
So yeah, like the title said, I PASSED :D

Ok so I'd gotten the results around February but only got around to scanning it now cuz I promised myself that I must get it up here no matter what because this is the result of studying Japanese for the entire past year ok!

Which I have totally forgotten since then wteff.

Ok I still remember enough to converse with customers should the need arise like the other day but thats about it. And maybe enough to read those food labels in stores but what is the point when they all have English translations right below it :C

This test was the bane of my existence for the entire fall/winter as I read, write, watch, eat, breathe Japanese till I was about to go insane and have a mental breakdown because I spent almost a $100 for this test alone so if I flunk it that would be $100 for nothing but pure torture and could have well been used to buy those fancy sushi boat feasts in Japanese restaurants in the first place no?!

Also, passing does not mean I am in any way 1/3 fluent in Japanese at all because in all honesty, I suspect that it was my Chinese that saved me. Making my guesses to be extremely educated guesses ha! I never took Level 4 because my professor said it would be way too easy for me and encouraged me to take Level 3 instead which was a mistake imo. My level is more like 3.5 if you ask me.

Anyway its over, thank you kami-sama and never will I torture myself in such ways again *shudders


Amanda! said...

Oh wow, congrats on that! I'm glad to see that your hard work paid off. ^_^ I really wish I had taken the JLPT 2 when I came back from Japan. *sigh*

hana said...


Do you speak very fluent Japanese then?! Teach me omg!