Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farmers Market

Sunday, April 11, 2010
I'm sorry if my blog is getting deader by the day but real life is way too interesting than to just sit still and edit pics and write words :x

But I shall try my best to blog periodically and since I have yet to finish the Disneyland pics (hahahaha so last year) I shall blog about more recent stuff. And by recent I mean last month :P

So it was Daddy's spring break then and since I have no class on Fridays (yay me for awesome scheduling of classes!) we decided to check out Farmers Market in downtown LA. Now the first thing that came to mind when I heard the name was images of those wet markets in Malaysia where everything is wet and sticky and dirty and noisy and smelly with dead fish eyes staring at you from one stall and mountains of your most hated vegetables the next and if you're really unlucky, a live show of the killing of chickens :C

So imagine my surprise when Farmers Market turned out to be anything but a market -_- Unless the western definition of 'market' means hip urban but laid back shopping place teeming with expensive stores like Victoria's Secret, Banana Republic etc. 

The most market part of it is its food stalls which is like the closest thing you can get to hawker stalls/coffee shops in Malaysia too. Only here its cleaner and the food equally as expensive as a proper restaurant or cafe so yeah, I don't know why I even bother lol.

Singapore's Banana Leaf. The main reason why daddy wanted to come here. And in the end, we didn't even eat here at all cuz it was tucked all the way at the back, so no atmosphere one very potong stim hor and the price like 10 times the price of what its supposed to cost in Malaysia/Singapore and I refuse to pay for something that I know is supposed to be cheap hmph.

Ended up eating Korean BBQ and my parents at some cheapskate Panda Express leecher stall where they designed their signboard to look like Panda Express to trick unsuspecting tourists and later have the audacity to cheat my parents out of their money by adding in soup and charging them different prices for the same friggin bowl of unwanted soup which should be FREE in the first place like how its like at every places srsly do they think we are stupid that we cannot see that they are blatantly trying to rip us off I mean really can't you even get your cheating act right and charge the same price for both bowls of soup instead of $1.50 for my mom and $2 for my dad wteff. Also, they sneakily included tax when no one here does. I mean, hello?! Hawker stalls? Tax? No such thing ok!

I forgot the name of the stall dammit but if you see a panda bear logo then its the one. Its near the Korean BBQ stall which was good btw.

Went strolling around the square after lunch taking random pics :)

The Parents looking particularly cheerful.

Forever 21 is here too and its huge (not in pic ok stop squinting for it) but I didn't have time to try on as many clothes as I liked cuz halfway through my shopping, my workplace called and asked me to fill in on one of the shifts so byebye shopping time :C

Sitting next to this pool, life feels so refreshing and relaxing. I love SoCal I really do. The weather is mad awesome, not too and hot not too cold but juuuuuuust right ♥

Next to this fountain was some cafe place which I should have eaten at instead cuz I love eateries with ambiances such as this. Quiet but with the occasional background noises of the fountain splashing, people milling about chatting softly and the sun shinning down brilliantly but not on you cuz you are in the coolness of the shade wearing your Chanel sunnies and sipping your iced lemon tea and eating some fancy pasta.

Yes, that is the life people ☺ And yes mummy I will be like those people in the future whether you like it or not although I promise I won't be crazy materialistic but I still want that sort of 'american' life its :)

Pic of mummy and I on a bridge by the fountain to end this post cuz we went home not long after.

Will try to blog more soon as I do have plenty of pics already edited and ready to post but aih, the many distractions in life :P


cooknengr said...

Banana Leaf Sucks anyway, it's own by Angmo one. Should have tried the real American food, the Cajun restaurant or Bryan's Texas BBQ.

hana said...

@cooknengr: HAHAHA I DIDN'T KNOW THAT. Ok will try the ones you mention the next time I go there XD