Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Is it only me who finds that the buns of burgers are always never enough? Like how it started out bigger than the patty between it but towards the end, I find myself left with a huge chunk of patty, cheese, bacon and lettuces with only a scrap of bun (even though I am so sure I eat an equal amount of buns and fillings for every bite) forcing me to scramble frantically around for tissues to wipe up the dripping ketchup and falling lettuces??? Making me look like some slob?

Shan't eat fast food on first dates and such from now onwards.

Unless someone comes up with some patty sticking buns. Or maybe just EVEN BIGGER buns. Or or or edible toothpicks where you can poke it all around through the burger so everything stays in place =D


I now know where all the missing 5 inches of those shower curtains in LA Fitness went to.

To the handicap shower stall thats where!

Omg its the only stall with more than enough extra lengths where you can even afford to cut off pieces to make up to 20 shower caps. Not to mention that the water pressure in this particular stall is like helluva strong too till it feels like a shower of acupuncture needles instead of water. With space so huge it can fit a sumo wrestler!!! Not forgetting a chair to put your bath things too!

If this is not discrimination against able people, then I dunno what is.

Plus why do gyms have handicap facilities anyway??? Honestly, how are wheel-chair bound people supposed to run on treadmills? Or the bicycle machines? Or the stair-masters even. Ridiculous, really.


I am SAD because the ebay seller for Eye Talk is no longer selling =C Hello ugly single lidded eyes again =CC I should have bought like a whole crate of it when I still could =CCC Every other seller charge like 3 times the amount compared to this seller...

Its this awesome eye glue from Japan in case you have no idea what I am talking about.


HAHAHA look who was forced to cut his hair for his upcoming drama (with Nakamaru)! Mr. I-never-changed-hairstyle-since-5 Massu that's who =D The one on the right. Left is Tegoshi okay. (gah, btw NEWS with the exception of Tegomass -actually Tegomass has seen better days too wth- all look pretty crappy now with their 'new' hairstyles. ugh)

I think he still looks cute =) It IS Massu after all. Cute boy extraordinaire ♥

Yes the strike out is Kame. Sadly, Maru is in KAT-TUN and not NEWS =C

And hot damn, I think Maru looks HOT with his new hair. Sure, he looked good before with his longer one but now with this spiky cut he's all hot and manly

Cannot wait for the drama to air and am crossing my fingers hoping that they'll somehow squeeze Tegoshi in as a guest star so Massu can save him and I can die happy lalala.

P.S. OOOH so someone wrote in their LJ that Maru wrote about the possibility of a bath scene? 8D Naked!Massu alaldkfjaskfjalsa I want!

P.P.S. It's not a perverted drama okay. It's about firefighters =P Looking all manly and hot with sweat glistening bodies due to the heat of the fire as they rescue people in distress like some heroic dude....ok fine. So not helping here. *shuts up*


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Ok so I have assignments and finals and the works. Boo hoo. Will blog properly once I get enough free time on my hands. Am trying not to think of the backlog of pics. Ok byebye now~


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