Friday, November 28, 2008


Friday, November 28, 2008

So how was your Thanksgiving? Me? I stuffed myself fatter than the stuffed turkey and am planing to burn it all off this weekend at the gym lol. Anyway, am gonna throw like 3 posts into one because I'm lazy just like that~

Helped prepared our family's Thanksgiving dinner and omg the brown sugar (1st pic) was so hard it was like digging for fossils as I spent 40 minutes scraping away at the sugar with a spoon. Honestly, how should one keep sugar properly so that it wouldn't harden into some 8013810341 year old fossilized rock? Flying turkey cuz my mum is just so wu liao and gasp, don't you think our apple pie is sooooo cute?

Tantalizing ham!!! mmmmm.... Forgot to take an individual pic of the turkey though =C

Lalalala FOOOOD!!! Here, people eat turkey for thanksgiving and ham for Christmas. Us? BOTH. First Thanksgiving ever in my life so must celebrate kaokao. Wait, I think I might have celebrated it during my early years in Hawaii though I have no memory of it at all....

Another angle cuz I want to kek you guys =D Stuffed turkey, roasted ham, shepherd pie, rolls with butter, mushroom cheese broccolis, pumpkin pie and apple pie. I still wanted corn and soup and cream asparagus cuz only then would the meal be complete no?

After the meal:

I know. Can barely see the think I still wanted to make more food in the beginning.

Happily stuffed me


So FTC also held a Korean BBQ Thanksgiving Lunch the Saturday before and where there is food, there I would be =D

Barbequed corns and lamb
Among other things...yums.

My plate. Yes I am greedy shaddap but hello its delicious. I still don't really like kimchi though. It has a weird spicy taste which I do not like. And I used to love the noodles (whatever its called) until I discover Japanese soba which forever spoiled my palate and now everything pales in conparison lol. But I'll still kill for a bowl of kolo mee (pang ang) =P

Snow Cone!

It's just shaved ice with syrup. But the woman gimme like only a drizzle of syrup so all I tasted was ice -_-

Cotton candy machine. First time seeing it and wah I don't understand how it works. It's like wisp of strings in a turning pot which clings to the stick she sticks in. But I don't understand how like after one round where there is like NOTHING left, as soon the pot starts on the 2nd round, sugary strings starts appearing out of thin air again oi I don't get it at all and it's annoying me =C How?!



I am so greedy, I took two~♪ ^0^

Ladybird balloon. Cho kawaii ne?


2 weeks ago was our church's 125th anniversary and to commemorate this event, the basketball court was decorated into some sort of ballroom omg atas Kuching restaurants you lose. Completely cannot tell it's a bsb court at all. People here are super effing awesome can?

I have no complains for the evening except maybe how they like scrimp a WHOLE slice of beef from MY plate so I only had like one measly roll instead of the two huge ones everyone had. hmph.

This was probably due to inconsiderate people who didn't sign up for the event and just decided to drop by last minute thinking what harm can they do? Well fyi, YOU JUST COST ME A SLICE OF BEEF OK WHICH IS LIKE 1/3 OF MY DINNER WTH.

aldjadjaslkdja a food-deprived me is cranky. Anyway, a nice church friend asked the waiter for like one more plate of chicken so I'm happy in the end =P Demo, people who are too lazy to sign up for like FREE events do not deserve to eat. Church or no church. It's super unfair to those who took an extra effort to make sure they are included in the event. hmph. A lot of unfortunate people had their veggies taken away also due to the shortage, thanks to those inconsiderate people I was talking about.

Ok I'm off to eat some turkey soup and leftover ham from Thanksgiving so ta~


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, that is so nice! Happy Thanksgiving ya!

Ammy said...

fuck you

hana said...

wth???? excuse me you want die hia?

Ammy said...

i didn't mean you lah. you know who i'm talking about, since besides you and me there's only one other person. he won't see this though, blog whorer that he is. UGH

Mei-Wah said...

omg. look. at. the. foods.

hana said...

@Ammy: oh.

@Mei-Wah: I know. YUMS =d