Saturday, December 6, 2008


Saturday, December 6, 2008

No, you did not just enter the wrong site okay.

I redesigned my whole site into a green theme as requested by my parents cuz guess who has to wear glasses now?

Lousy quality webcam pic cuz I refuse to use a digicam and show you the ugliness in its full HQ glory

Yes, ME okay =C

My worst nightmare is now a reality T_____T

After months of refusing to get my eyes checked up, I was forced to make an appointment yesterday and it was then I realized that I cannot see a lot of things =C Long gone is my 20-20 vision and now I am stuck with a lousy 50-100 degrees (or however you measure it I'm not sure) for both eyes respectively *gloom

Oh and it was so funny to see the doctors struggling during my eye tests as my eyes are so small (ish, shall do surgery asap once I have money) and they tried to pry it open wider but to no avail and have to resort to squinting hahahaha.

I look horrible in glasses okay! Well, initially I thought I didn't look half so bad in them when I was trying on the degree-less ones when asked to choose a frame. Quite pretty even. However, after the real lenses were put into it, I discover that I look utterly horrible T____T

2nd sis says it's because the lenses contract your eye size or something making you look like some dweeby geek T______T How can a fake pair of glasses and a real one make you look so different??? I don't understand....

Am not allowed to use contacts either =C Well, at least I don't have to wear them (glasses) all the time. Only when I need to.

Anyway, am being berated by my parents who blame my pink obsession as the cause for my bad eyesight wth. So now I'm forced to change everything to green cuz apparently, green is good for your eyes hmph.

So expect this theme to last until the Christmas season is over. Sigh.

P.S. 2nd sis says my banner is fugly T___T (wth this is my first time designing anything okay plus I'm the girl whose drawn dog looks like a cow okay) So I admit the green is a lil too neon though well, it sure didn't look that neon on my laptop. Should have tested it on other computers but I am too lazy to edit it now. Will revert back to pink after December anyway *shrugs*


Leira said...

LoL, ur banner suck. Hey~! *dodges rotten apples* just kidding k?

hana said...

You go die okay. For a lousy no sense of art person like me, I'll say its PRETTY GOOD okay.

Not like you would spare some time to make for me hmph *nose in air*

Ammy said...

dammit your site made my computer hang like crazy lah ish! but other then that, yeah i hearts the green.

Abi~♥ said...

i tot.. i clicked wrong. @.@ wow green. hahahaha hana u should have pick the emo glasses. the ones with thick black rims! or white. i think i can see u in white. chio! =D

ur site is gorgeous but its soooo not u! i miss ur pink blog =P

Cia said...

lol.... the 1st that comes to mind was, "oh look, hari raya" then i saw the holly and was totally relieved. lol.. tot u were a closet muslim leh.. wtf!! more light colors less dark.. yay im a fashion critic!!

hana said...

@ammy: Oh I'm so sorry....that your computer is so cacat =P

@abi: Nah, I look 10 times fuglier in those. I think you have no idea how I look in glasses or sunnies abi lol cuz the ones you're rec are all like suitable for you only lol.

And I miss my pink blog too =C Don't worry, it'll be back very soon lol.

@Cia: wtf. dun be silly lol. and wad fashion critic? XD

eiChi said...

lol~! my first thought when i entered your blog was :" Has sth gone wrong with Hana?" XD i miss your pinkness~ coz for me the color is your trademark oledy T__T

♥~kimmy~♥ said...

heh.. ur blog's colour abit clashing.. but anyhow.. is a good try..

keep it up..

hana said...

@eichi: well, it's now back to pink lol.

@kimmy: thanks for the critique =) Shall improve more in the future heh.

eiChi said...

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