Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmassy Post

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Haha I discover that by wearing eyeliner and stuff, people would start mistaking you as Korean and go all sparkly trying their Korean on you and going 'so did I get it right? *beams*' lol and I feel somewhat sorry for them when they get this shocked 'omg did I offend her?' look on their faces when I go 'oh sorry but actually I'm Chinese' but hahaha the look on their faces is priceless.

Not that people doesn't mistake me for one without makeup already but its been increasing in frequency with it on and daddy's all 'see Hannah, I told you to take Korean and not Japanese. Why don't you ever listen to me blablabla' but honestly, as much as I know Korean would probably be more beneficial to me, the only Korean thing I'm interested in is Yunho okay and wtb I can just speak to him in Japanese too if I ever see him (fat chance) so I say, my decision is best hmph.

Anyway, a whole slew of special Christmas events that happened over the week which I'm eager to get over with because I do not want to blog about them after Christmas is over so yeah, dumping post wtb.

First off, my REAL Christmas tree!!!

Yes it's real and alive. Fine, so it's dying by the second as I'm typing this but it has a pot with dirt beneath it so whatever okay, it's still real. Unlike your fake trees at home which smells all plastic-y whereas mine smells like refreshing minty pine *sniffs tree*

Okay, so it smells like......wet wood.

Ok, nothing to do with Christmas whatsoever but my mom cooked this the other day what 'Pauper Chicken' its called and I find it amusing and so I'm posting it here so I can point at it years later and laugh my head off at the memories. Ignore me.

Back to main topic, Christmas presents from organizations, friends and people I dunno

Crap I am getting fat from all the chocolates so I did the next best thing (best would be eating them all) and gave them to my family so not only would I remain thin but they would feel like I'm some generous candy giving santa and have this nice feeling about me and not hesitate to comply with my wishes in the future so kuakuakua killing two birds with one stone! =P

I have a $10 iTunes gift card too which I have no idea what to do with since I do not own an iPod and neither do I intend to get one until idk, probably never since there is so many other things I want first. Plus even if I did get one, I'll probably use other means to get my songs heh.


Christmas Carol event at my church:

Honestly, best church event ever compared to all those I attended back in Msia. Like hello, all my dreams on what a Christmas event should be based on Hollywood movies all coming alive in front of me. The BEST DAMN THING about living in America if you ask me. Where everything you see in youtube, movies, books? Can be achievable here and isn't just some fanciful dream or wishful imagination.

You actually get choirs led by African Americans singing at the top of their lungs and swaying uninhibitedly to the beat. You also get to see them holding battery-operated candles where me and 2nd sis went all 'OMG HOME ALONE!!!!' like some suaku. And the nativity scene behind the screen which we thought were statues were in fact real live humans after we read the service booklet. Like 'WAH how come they can stand so still one! Don't their necks hurt from staying in a 45 degrees angle?' and so on and so forth.

Me and 2nd sis playing handbells!!! Omg you do not know how happy I was when they approached me to join them. I was completely 'handbells? You mean those ting a ling ling bells you play to create a melody? omg you have those here?!'

Cuz I saw a JE clip (yeah yeah my fandom effing plays a huge part in my life apparently) where a group of handbellers (?) -no idea what you call people who play handbells- played a medley of Christmas songs and zomg the music created by those bells alone was riveting. Go youtube some videos and you'll get what I mean.

And ever since then I've been harboring this wish to play a song with it and now it comes true okay! That's it. You can all stop asking me if I'm ever gonna return to Msia or not cuz the answer is no. Like why would I? Seriously.


So me and Soeun received an invitation to our college's international students group Christmas party the other day and was debating on whether we should attend cuz I'm no international student and she, although one, is no longer attending my college so technically the invitation does not apply to us =X

Then again, we figure they can't just kick us out into the freezing cold so go we shall =)

Pretty snowflakes dangling from ceiling, singing carols and hot apple cider

Making Christmas candles

Did some candle-making with beeswax sheets where all you do is just roll 'em up. My first candle looked like a dynamite wtb until Soeun taught me how to make a hollow in the middle so it'll look more like a candle and less like a dynamite.

Fluorescent chalk painting about the story of the 3 trees

Went caroling around the neighborhood after dinner~


Went to the Balian Mansion to see the lights. Apparently the grandfather's dying wish was to have his family continue on the tradition of lighting up the whole mansion every Christmas season and one can only imagine the electric bill.

No one lives there anymore. omg why don't they just give the mansion to me then??? And yeah, I have a shitty camera. Stupid crappy thing has the amazing ability to make even gold look like rust

Soeun and me obviously

Nativity scene

Crappy pic that does not look like us one bit thanks to my camera's special ability that makes us wish for plastic surgery asap. Even photoshop cannot save this weird pic as you can see but I do not have a close up of us so whatever, I post *shrugs*

Nah, a more decent passable pic of us

Creepy snowman that looks like he wants to strangle you with his candy cane before raping you with it wtb.

SEE! Creepy right? Someone must have forgotten to keep the Halloween decor cuz that is the only possible explanation for such a creepy thing during Christmas.

The house beside the mansion. Decorated to death too due cuz well, you can't just nothing whilst your neighbor outshine you by miles can you not?

Last pic of the mansion and like the sign says, MERRY CHRISTMAS

Tegomass wishes you a merry christmas too

Ooh Massu with his old swishy hair!!!

I would put a pic of me but sorry, economy no good, no money to buy santa hat and pose like what I did 2 years ago (digressing but eww to think I thought I looked damn chio that time seriously wtb was I drinking? *cringes* though I did have such nice long swishy hair!) so well, I came across that clipping of them in a magazine the other day and found it fitting and so there it is. Plus, pretty boys does it better anyway =D

So happy holidays everyone!


sharon (^.^) said...

merry xmas!

faye said...

Merry Chrsitmas!!! Love that white trench jacket still. ^^

♥~kimmy~♥ said...

Merry Christmas to you, Hana.. CHRIST-mas without CHRIST is meaningless..

anyway.. there's a few things i would like to comment about from this post..

1. envy on ur real Christmas tree..
2. u do looks like a korean.. esp when u stand bside a korean.. haha..
3. wah on ur abundance present.. i want one too.. haha..
4. love ur church.. love the robe.. love their choir.. children are so cute..
5. love the deco of the houses when u all went for carolling.. it muz real cold..
6. y u like to put a butterfly on ur face (always..)
7. miss massu's hair..

til here.. take care..

hana said...

@kimmy: It was FREEZING lol. And I put the butterfly cuz my mouth a bit cacated in the pic some times and I lazy to correct it and so I just paste anything to cover it and butterflies is like at the top of my list of PS brushes so I use it lol.

Massu's hair...I know. I miss it badly too. He's so cute and pretty with it I WANT IT BAAAACK.

You take care too =)