Sunday, December 21, 2008

Post Secret

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Was browsing through this week's secrets at PS and came across this:

Well, what can I say except....

WHAT THE BEEP HELLO I'M AVAILABLE!!!! *waves hand like a maniac*

You can add 'handsome' to your list too because after a little plastic surgery you will look like Yunho and we can live together in our mansion in Beverly Hills as a rich, powerful, and gorgeous couple, happily ever after =D

P.S. Oh stop with the eye-rolling and superficiality murmurs and just you wait until the day you start toiling for an LV bag whereas I'll be using them as my idk, trash bags, you'll wish you'd did the same =P


sharon (^,^) said...

hahahahah what an entry.. true very trueee!! ask him to look at the mirror 1st

Ammy said...

thats not what you said earlier, hana *wink*

Happy said...

Hannah!! Merry Christmas in advance! :) HUgs!

hana said...

@sharon: LOL.

@ammy: what isn't?

@Happy: Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!

Anonymous said...

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