Saturday, December 27, 2008


Saturday, December 27, 2008

So Ammy, in response to your question the other day if I'd ever eaten Godiva chocolates before:

Well, now I have thanks to Soeun who gave me box of it during Christmas. As for the taste, it tastes pretty much like well, chocolates. The only special thing I find about it is the gorgeous box which comes in handy at keeping my jewelries atm =D

I'm not really a big fan of sweet things though so don't take my word for it. But chocolates has never really tickle my fancy much =x Though I do appreciate people who give me chocolates cuz to them chocolates is the world or something so the thought behind it is much appreciated =)

Yeah, Christmas dinner for this year excluding a few more pies not in pic. A far cry from the lavish affair we used to have every year back in Kuching with relatives and friends where I always try to hide myself after dinner to avoid washing the scary mountainous pile of dishes (but to no avail). Then again, my living quarters has since shrunk to the size where my car porch back home is probably bigger than my entire apartment combined so inviting many guests like before is out of the question. And its times like that I miss Kuching dreadfully. If only somebody can pack up my house and ship it here, I'll be happy as a lark.

Anyway, daddy just bought some annual passes to Universal Studios so we're gonna play ourselves silly starting from tomorrow onwards =) And its times like this that I'm happy to be here after all =D


Ammy said...

it's times like these that i kind of hate you =C

Anonymous said...

merry christmas hannah! =) looks soohoo fun over there.. haha

hana said...

@ammy: and its time like these that i kind of love you =P

@annabel: Merry cmas to you too and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yeah life is kinda fun here =D