Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Monday, December 25, 2006

So I'm one day late in wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Sorry lor. Merry (late) Christmas everyone. Although I'm sure there are 12 days of Christmas right? So I'm not totally late hehe.

Had a small Christmas dinner with my cousins, pastor and a few of our church members. I didn't take any pics *something which I regret now* as I was too busy stuffing my face.

FOOOOOD! Not in picture is the cheesecake and some expensive fish my Uncle bought. What 'soon hock' or something. Weird name for a fish. I'll say the BEST Christmas dinner was in 2004. That time we has altogether 15 different dishes. Ahhh, just the thought of it makes me hungry.

A Christmas note/card from Eileen Sim together with a huge chocolate cookie which I ate on the spot.

I heard that Yun Yew bought me a Christmas gift. How sweet! Have yet to collect it. Thanks ar Yun Yew =D The rest gave chocolates. I have a fridge full of chocolates now. It's so tempting that I have to force myself to avoid the kitchen at all cost. Prom is like only 4 days away. Must stay slim.

You know, I quite like the Christmas season. A lot of my church youths who are studying overseas comes back during this time of the year. So got a lot more eye candy in the church =) Some became very hot, particularly one. *Switching taste time* After seeing him, I've decided I want a Chinese guy liao. How can one become so engdao in just a few months??? I am still wondering here. You know, I am so going overseas liao in hopes that the overseas 'magic' might rub off on me and I shall become damn pretty when I get back =P

Ah yes, it's been a long time since I've last posted a huge photo of me so here... =D

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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shen said...

i shall be the commentERs ? for your blog ?

=) i love the much ? is that turkey or duck/chicken ?

i love the santa hat too..
trust me day u will be like santa..just that u need to eat more if u want to be one ? =()'s late now..i know u love my blog so much..
but i cant blog too often..=)
please forgive me hannah =_=
pleaseeee [;eeaseee..pleaseee

good morning and byebye