Monday, September 22, 2008


Monday, September 22, 2008

Update: OMG WHO SANG THE 'YEAAA-AAH' PART OMG I WANT HIM! HQ MV now up =) Anyway, they have a Japanese version too! Yay ok cuz a Japanese release means appearances on some of my fav. Japanese tv shows! Right? Right? I dunno how THSK really works lol but I hope it means that =D

I am sorry. For spamming you people with like endless posts lately. My bad. I know you hate me now wth (>.<)

But but but DBSK EROTIC MIROTIC MV came out and I wanna blog about it

If I knew it would come out today I would have left the Koda post for another day ok but the lj fandom for them is kinda inferior to JE ones where I cannot find the release date then again it may be my fault cuz I don't really keep track with DBSK updates like I do for JE so end up like this lor. Gah, my blog is becoming more and more impersonal now I promise this is the last fangirling post in weeks to come.

The super erotic hot MV in question:

I like this song =) Ammy said it could be a tad bit faster but I think its quite ok the way it is after numerous listens XD It's a known fact that they are great singers so no need to elaborate more lol. The MV is total hotness ok. I like, I like! Yes, I am a typical, predictable, boring fangirl. So sue me =P

Yes I love DBSK ok. I did not forget them wth. If NEWS is my fav. Japanese band heck, in the entire history of Asian boybands actually then DBSK is my fav. Korean band though truth to be told, they are the only K-boyband I know of like Fahrenheit is my fav. Taiwanese band (actually, only Arron Yan cause I don't really know the rest wth my level of interest in each band diminishes gradually from 1st to 3rd wth).


*finds screenshots*

!@^#^!#!@#! stupid internet dunno why won't let me download the screenshots wth. I tried like 7 times already ok gah I give up. Just watch the video.

Anyway, in case you've just came out of hermit hole and stumbled upon my blog, this is DBSK:

I know the picture is old lar I lazy find latest one ok.

Also known as TVXQ or THSK (which I shall refer them as when I talk about their Japanese songs) Omg Lei wei!!! Omg don't you think Yunho here reminds you a lot of John???? Our neighbor?! Omg actually come to think about it, he can so totally cosplay Yunho right? Right???

Anyway this is my fav. member and the one who rope me and 2nd sis hook, line and sinker into the fandom -Yunho:

Haha I stumbled upon a screenshot of him from the MV.

My internet loves him=DDD

He is like the epitome of hotness I swear.

Shut up Abi and Ammy. I am not fickle. I still like Tegomass

Just that Tegoshi is more of what I want in a star and Yunho more of.....

....what I want in a guy

If you're talking about ideals lol.

And this is Jaejoong who is simply gorgeous to look at so I shall give him some space here lol:

His current hairstyle. I think.

And omg what's up with their Japanese high school uniform style kinda outfits?


JJ is one of those blessed people who looks good in every single hairstyle/color out there omg. Except for his debut THSK long brown hair. I dislike that a lot. But other than that, all his later styles are total win despite how outlandish they would have been on another person.

In other words......

JJ = Anime comes to life =PPP

I would love to post the other members pic but people in M'sia would kill me for sucking their bandwith plus Ammy can blog about her Xiah in her own blog =P

Yes yes DBSK is mucho love too cuz they give me what NEWS cannot give me atm because meanie JE always give them cute songs over sexy ones despite how sensual they sound in
'Bambina' (hello? Tegoshi was awesomely oooh in there) and 'Ai no Matador'.

Plus Yunho?

Is so effing hot

p/s: MV here and MP3 here =)


Ammy said...


Abi~♥ said...

JJ's hair T_______T omg wad hav they done to his hair!!! xiah also!! T___T geometric cuts T______T micky... WORST!! T______T

changmin's the nicest one liao coz the stylist didnt go do anything drastic wit it. sigh.

uknow looks like total ahbeng. =p

wht's happening to my fav members!!! RYO also like tht,JJ also like tht. T_____T

is it coz i pilih kasih n syg TOP only T______T

Leira said...

LoL! Hahahaha! John? Yeamer? John's skin not that smooth. BUT ACTUALLY, I THINK JOHN IS QUITE ENG TAW. *secretly* just nvr told anyone XD. Wahahaha! I LOVE YUNHO MAN. OMG, EPITOME OF HOTNESS IS RIGHT!


Bridge Schmidt said...

Howdy? Boy, these men are sizzling HOT ~~~ whew!

hana said...

@ammy: if you want =P

@abi: I think JJ still damn cute leh! He is hot in anything lar ok wth tht face is like pure perfection. And Micky LOL Lei says its nice cuz it covers his not so shuai face LOL. Omg I hope DBSK fans dun read this. CM as usual but YUNHO IS HOT OMG!!!! His legs and body so long and slim OMG LOVE.

LOL PILIH KASIH see you lar!

@leira: ALMOST OK. Just tht Yunho of course HOTTER. lol I thought we always knew he was engtau. I told you before not meh.


@Bridge: I know! =DDD

Abi~♥ said...

i love love love love love loveeeeeeeee themmmmmmmmm as a whole i reli knot pick which 1 i like best!

the YEAAHHHH part i think they sang it 2gether le, gotta wait for the concert to know for sure. ah, DBSK...



jj is perfection i can overlook tht hair.

micky is cute n sensitive ok. =( the hair... ew.

changmin finally showed his true potential omg he suddenly turned into a MAN =D love!!!!!!

stil dun like uknow lol.

Abi~♥ said...

the part where JJ's mucles bulging soo hotttttttt the veins came out omg so hot so hot JJ!!!!!!!!

love u!!!!!!!! love u allllllllll

omg im one of the rabid fans sigh.

hana said...


Love all your head. You still dislike yunho.

But good. I duwan u like him either. HA!

p/s ALL I SEE IS YUNHO. HIS HOTNESS BLINDS EVERYONE LOL.Omg mirotic is like forever on repeat in my music player LE SIGH.

I am more obsessed.

Abi~♥ said...

lol. the subbed version came out. am disappointed at the lyrics. hmm..

(btw, thank you =D)

hana said...

um abi the subbed version came out ages ago? the youtube in my post was subbed -_-

and the lyrics so so leh. what is wrong with all you dbsk fans all so ingrate one. everyone complaining abt it when its so hot.

oh and thank you wad?

Abi~♥ said...

haha, for the love and hugs in my blog =) hehehe. aiya, i didnt noe ba. i still think without sub is better. the lyrics.... not tht cool. =.=

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE YUNHO as well <3