Saturday, September 20, 2008

Koda Kumi

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Found new favorite singer! melody. is still my ichiban though and who say I can only have one favorite? Fell in love with Koda Kumi during her collaboration with THSK in 'Last Angel' and I love her latest single 'Taboo' from her 'Kingdom' album.

So chio ok the photoshoot for the album I like!!!!! Anyway, here's the PV:

It's about breaking taboos and stuff so um its a bit um on the raunchy side but whatever, she is hot ♥ I don't understand half of what she is singing ok so I can safely say I like it for the music and not her lyrics in case it turns out to be questionable. Her 2nd song from the single 'always' is a cheerful breezy light song though and is so much love =)

And now picspam! Ha, no more complaining how I never post chio female singers pics. Super rare happening ok so appreciate it lol.

The thing I love about Koda is how she looks good in almost everything. Different hairstyles, fashion styles, sweet look, sexy look, innocent look, classy look etc. all looks damn chio on her.

Long blond hair period. Diva look. Reminds me of Beyonce. Chio.

Still blond. Cute sexy look. Chio.

Short blond hair. Classy look. Both should be her though why are they so vastly different I have no idea why. Haha reminds me of Christina Aguilera. Anyway, still chio.

Shu nu look. Still effing chio.

Short black hair. Super atas kinda look. Need I say more? Chio ok.

Reminds me of Paris. Am not liking the over-long talons though.

Long black hair. Sexy mature look. I am getting tired of saying this: Chio.

adajdkadakajdas I am so buying that mascara. And her eyeshadow. And her lipstick. Actually, anything she endorses probably....

Ha, you guys' favorite look- racy look:

And just when you thought 'ha I hate her. Same slutty type like the rest', she goes and do sweet, cute, innocent pretty girl-next-door photoshoots like these:

.....and manage to pull it off quite convincingly.

Eh, I don't like Japanese girls lar. How come they can be like so effing slutty yet still manage to come off looking somewhat virginal at times??? Like really, they can so totally pose in near nothing yet still look like innocent kitties like that. You'll never see that happening to other races. Confirm got hooker look one.

Anyway, try her other songs like 'bounce' or 'anytime'. I like those too. Bah, I just like Koda Kumi lots atm. Am off to find more of her songs~


Ammy said...

you DO realize that she's like, dating nakai masahiro? the host of utaban? SMAP member? idiot extraordinaire?

Mei-Wah said...

omg, who is this sexy gurl? i am living in the "utada hikaru", "ayumi hamasaki", "boa" era. hahaha... i am so so so outdated!

p/s: i still remember your tag! ofcos!!! hahaha... :) i am scratching my head for the answers...

hana said...

@ammy: so? Not like i wanna date her. Like I care who she dates as long its not Tegomass.

And I knew tht ok. Oldest gossip around ever. Fyi, WE READ THE SAME GOSSIP SITES OK.

@mei-wah: omg u dunno her? Ayumi's rival lol. And I think she IS around Ayumi era I think. A little bit later only. Omg she is sooooo sexy ok.

And yay you remember lol i tot u forget already =PPP Will wait for it. Take your time to come up with your best answers lol =D