Thursday, February 7, 2008

OMG How Can Someone So Shuai Actually Exist?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

But first.....

My cellphone

Yes. My phone is super chio now. The back is crystallized too. Damn long time it took me to stick those on. It's prettier in real life. Am not interested in changing phones cause I don't really care much about them. Rather spend on my hair or clothes. So stop telling me to change it cause as long as I can still make calls, read e-books, listen to all my MP3's and watch all my NEWS video etc. I AM HAPPY.

Anyway, was waiting for my cousin to find me some UHU glue for one of the stupid crystal that fell off thanks to my 'cho lo' 2nd sis when a poster on her wall caught my eye.....

OMG WHO IS THAT?! The leftmost bottom one! SO DAMN HOT!!! Then I looked closer and realized it was TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/whatever name they are currently having.

Seriously la hor....TVXQ??? I always thought it was a new channel on Astro and DBSK brings to mind of MBKS and DBKU combined - Our Kuching sanitary department. But who cares about TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/etc. I'm talking about U-Know here!!! He is the most handsome Korean guy I've ever seen.....

Please ignore the guy on the right.

He even looks good in B&W!!!


Oh trust me I can go on and on with the pics. I had just forced my cousin to copy every single picture of U-Know and all his clips for me on the spot.

I agree that his name is somewhat silly though. U-Know.....Below is an actual conversation with my cousin:


Cousin: U-Know.

Me: I know?! *thinks how can I possibly know as I always thought TVXQ was a channel* Wait, what's his name again?

Cousin: U-Know la.

Me: *????* Sorry? Did you tell me his name before? Oi, what is his NAME la! His NAME!!!

Cousin: I tell you his name is U-Know la!

Me: *exasperated* I DON'T KNOW OK SO CAN TELL ME OR NOT?!!!

Cousin: U-Know. The letter U and a K-N-O-W.

Me: Oh.......what the heck that is his NAME? What kind of bloody name is that?

Cousin: His real name is Yun-ho but they call it U-Know cause it sounds like that in Korean. la...........................

Whatever. Since he is SO HOT I forgive him for choosing such a ridiculous name.


But I am very annoyed cause all their music videos hardly shows him!!! HMPH! There is another guy I also like -Hero- yes, another equally stupid name. Why does all the engdao ones have such weird names?

I like him after seeing THIS pic:

Cause omg doesn't it reminds you of Tegoshi (hearts!) below:

Hero's other pictures:

I dislike it when his fans or photographers turns his pics into this kind of style:

Total girl. Or the next Final Fantasy character.

2nd sis dislike him cause he looks super feminine and I don't really care (c'mon, you are talking to a Tegoshi fangirl here) but honestly speaking, he could be a little more manlier, boyish-er, guyish etc. la. I mean he even puts my Tegoshi to shame. At least Tegoshi can take sexy un-feminine pictures like these:

Eh? Wait ar.

*searches hard drives frantically*

Oh crap. Impossible don't have. I know Tegoshi got some not so pretty ones.

*searches harder*

AH-HA! See what I mean?

Not so 'girl' right? Tegoshi is so talented. Can be anything at anytime. Oh SHUT UP about how it's only ONE pic I bet there's more somewhere on the net whereas I have yet to see a hot guyish one of Hero.

I like U-Know more cause he looks like pure Korean. A HOT one to boot. (I'm talking about between the TVXQ members. NEWS is like my ICHIBAN and is incomparable) If you ask me, Hero looks more Japanese. Japanese guys are all pretty boys as far as I'm concerned.

See? Like Japanese

Apparently they are packaged as a 'pair' to feed the fantasy of all those yaoi loving fangirls out there. They actually went all 'clingy' on each other in their movie. I feel sick.

What the Peking Duck is so great about yaoi I can never understand.

Oh then there is Mickey or Micky (I can't be bothered to check) who fans claim as super cute:


But this is what I call CUTE:

Fav. Tegomass pic ever

Shut up. It's NOT yaoi.

Have yet to find someone who can beat Tegoshi in the cuteness department already needless to say Massu. There is no way on earth anyone can be cuter than Massu. Celebrity-wise speaking. Super sorry but he is just too cute:

I want to go to Japan.

I want to go to Japan.

I REALLY want to go to Japan.

KYA! Must. Go. Japan.

Life is totally unfair

Back to TVXQ, I dislike the rest of the members though. Sorry. I don't think I care much about their songs either nor their talk shows cause it's bloody retarded like those Taiwanese ones. I mean the talk shows are retarded and not their songs. Japan ones are different cause the hosts just rely on their talking skills and there is NO -I repeat- NO AIRHEAD GIRLS around the set. I seriously hate those simpering empty-headed idiots in ultra short skirts that act so fakey-cutey till it's sickening.

But I like U-Know ok?! Stupid 2nd sis go find another member la. I saw U-Know first!

So hot.


Anonymous said...

Kyaaaa~ MASSU SO CUTE AND HOT. Massu is MINE MINE MINE. And U-know...IS ALSO MINE. All the hot and cute boys are MINE! u can take hero and tegoshi for all i care. lol, those girly boys dont suit my taste.

Kyaaa~ Massu is like so cute...U-know!

Ammy said...