Sunday, August 31, 2008

Arts Camp

Sunday, August 31, 2008
I am SUPER HAPPY today cuz I've spent the whole day shopping and have bought tons of glorious clothes and a super chio pair of boots (bring it on Autumn I am so ready for you!) so in the midst of my happiness I shall blog blog blog =DDD

Oh about my long overdue posts though and not my buys cause I think its kinda stupid to take photos of my clothes itself cause it only looks good when its ON me ok and not as some saggy material lying on the floor or bed wth. No dressing room pics either cuz that's just plain dorky imo. No offence to those who do ok, just not for me. If I like it I WILL BUY IT and if I buy it I'm not taking pics of it as said before and if I don't happen to like it then whatever do I need to take photos of it for? Do not relish looking ugly =PPP

So last week -or was it 2 weeks ago?- I volunteered to help out in this one church's Children Arts Camp. In the cooking area no less ha! I know I've always said I cannot cook before but that is not exactly true.... I am awesome (ok la not so awesome lah, just slightly above average maybe) in cooking Western meals or baking cakes/pastries =D I base my statement on the praises I received from my friends and church members ok so if you happen to try my Western meals and it sucked then that means they have been lying to me all these years lol.

But I totally suck in cooking Chinese meals ok or everyday meals even though my last attempt was somewhat of a success haha and just yesterday my family (minus my mum cuz she jealous ha) exclaimed how my ketchup cauliflowers were superb ok hahaha take that mummy I CAN COOK OK!!! *haolian wth* Ok back to topic, so as I was saying, excelling in Western meals or baked goods is useless ok because I am Chinese and I will die if I do not eat rice and who wants cheesecake as staple food? Plus my current culinary skills would only come useful if I marry an angmoh which I am not keen on because of previously said rice issue ok. Die die will not give up rice ok wth. So in the end I am still stuck with sucky cooking skills =C

Though I've decided that after my parents return to M'sia, if worse comes to worse I think I shall be ok surviving on just rice with sardines and eggs here. After all there are many ways to cook an egg and the tinned smoked fish here are scrumptious! Will finally be super skinny too! And rich from all the savings of buying so little food. So kill two birds with one stone can? XD

Anyway back to the camp sigh why I am so long winded.....

All taken with my lousy cellphone cam cause I lazy carry my digicam so anyway I shall just unceremoniously dump all pics I took into this post cause I have no idea where to store them haha.

I have come to the conclusion that this church is super rich ok. First of all the camp is free (hello you never hear this in Kuching ok) and every morning the kids are fed with lovely expensive snacks and pure apple/orange juices and those expensive vitamin water before a mid morning snack later srsly how come the kids here so 'ho mia' one. I also took the liberty of sneaking a few bottle of juices for myself hehe.

I have also come to a 2nd conclusion tht Russians are gorgeous people. There is this one family ok whose four kids all look like soon-to-be supermodels as soon as they get older. Lovely blond hair and the bluest of eyes. Am struck dumb by their beauty at such a young age already.

Yes that is the son who 2nd sis and I am totally infatuated with looks like a way handsomer version of Nick Carter back when Nick was hot.

SUPER FRIGGIN GORGEOUS OK!!!! I take back what I said about not marrying angmohs! If he looks like this then I am so totally saying yes ok! Still not giving up the rice thing though and shall try to force him to change diet or something. But omg the pic don't do him justice ok *shakes fist at lousy cam* srsly he is so lovely to look at irl ok *sigh*

Place where I spent all my time at. I helped prepare, slice, wash, clean, arrange the table, throw the rubbish etc. till I'm half dead and srsly regretting choosing this area thinking it would be the easiest since it always was back in Kuching when my church held their own VBS. Apparently its different here where the kids are given MORE PRIORITY AND SAY over us adults so we are stuck with all the donkey jobs and have to meekly accept whatever mess they make T___T

I think I make a very good waitress now after that 1 week. Anybody wanna hire me?

SUPER KE AI OK!!!! All of them got their own individual set of dispoable chef outfits. Told you this church was rich. Of course that meant more work for us getting them outfitted in it but whatever. They look so cute ok so its worth it.

There are 3 diff groups and this is just one of them. You do not want to see the mess after they left and I do not want to remember it. One thing I do not agree with them is their wasteful attitude. Chopping fruits up for fun when they know they hate that fruit and refuse to eat them later. The teacher in charge was all 'oh you could be a soo chef when you grow up, those that only do the preparation' to them only.

Like EXCUSE ME!!! What soo chef?! If you don't want to eat it then don't bloody play with it hor! You think food is free ar? Can simply waste anyhow izzit? People halfway round the world is starving ok and this is what they teach the kids here? I thought America loves to chap su in other people country and critisize how they run things but why not look closer to home and you'll discover that we are not much better than others at times. Just take a look at the public high schools for starters.

Little girl was still smiling as she threw all those lovely high-grade fruits away. GAAAAH!!! I dislike people who waste food ok! My heart breaks at the sight of all those food gone to waste.

Got some also think they are all that and talked to me rudely too. Ha too bad for you I am Asian and not angmoh. Will not cater to all your whims and airs like they do. If I was brought up as a kid to be polite and reprimanded when I overstep the line then same to you. By the 2nd day, they all got much politer ha!

Anyway back to happier things. The girl who I circled is so pretty she kinda reminds me of Avril but much much prettier! And according to 2nd sis, she is super kind too! Something about telling a girl 'thats okay I can be your friend' when the girl's other friend snubbed her. AWWWWW!!! *heart melts into goo*

Lucky kids get to eat outside on a picnic table....

I think I am obssesed with that Russian boy ok why does he keep turning up in all my pics? Too bad he has no older brother. I forgot his name but I bet it must be something nice. Must ask 2nd sis if she remembers later.

Squirrel lol. What? Not everyday I see squirrels ok.

Another cute pretty kid I like =D I mean the Chinese girl in the yellow shirt. Sure grow up become mei nu one. Lovely features and all that. Me and 2nd sis were talking about her and wondered what her name was when her mother called out 'Ariana' to her. Positively squealed ok cuz her name also equally as pretty as her. Yealah I think we are siao already.

Sorry, cannot seem to stop taking pics of him. Gorgeous people tend to do that to you a lot *shrugs helplessly*

Ok fine, last pic of him I swear. So asdsgfk;dsakfas cute! But you know what would be cuter? If he dates that Avril look alike girl I was previously ranting about when they are older. Initially I thought they were siblings cause they both have the same drop dead gorgeous features. Imagine how their kids would turn out. Like gods and goddesses ok.

K its getting late now (2am) and I have to attend church early tomorrow, I mean later, plus there is a picnic at noon so I have to sleep now. Byebye =)


♥~kimmy~♥ said...

heh girl.. how r u? haven't been hearing from u lately.. did u get my email?

the camp looks fun..

take care

Akira 思胜 said...

Yeah, looks fun inside! I think you were enjoying it too!

sharon (^.^) said...

Cute waitress, can I have a strawberry sundae?? LOL

Seriously cute lorh!

Leira said...


random said...

PEDO'S! XP... jk jk

Ammy said...

it's a souf chef you idiot. it's what people become when they want to be chefs. souf chefs is like chef's assistants.

lousy one la you

hana said...

@kimmy: oh i received it already. will reply when im free lol. and yes it was somewhat fun hehe.

@akira: I did haha.

@sharon: want cherry on top? ^^


@random: are you L? and no WE ARE NOT OK. eeeee they make us sound so lidat lidat one lar.

@ammy: oh shut up. wth are you? a dictionary? so annoying one lol. I am not chef so why the hell wud i bother to find out wad its called?

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Are you "Michael JackSon"
Took so many kids' pictures xD

hana said...

@jerome: NOOOOO. Ewww MJ is siao ok. I am girl girl girrrrl!!! I like any other normal girl thinks kids are cute =D Well, some kids.

MJ is sick la got so many hot girls in the world go and hiao boys wth swt betul.