Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Can Cook~♥

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mummy is sick.

So daddy unmercifully thrust the task of fixing dinner upon me before rushing out the door despite my protests of how I cannot cook *sulks*

Me: But I cannot cook!!!! *sputters indignantly* Plus I'll need a recipe book! Unless you want Fried Rice? *beams hopefully*

Daddy: NO! Look, just cook anything that comes into your head ok. Don't need follow whatever book. Just gather your basic knowledge and whip something up. I give you the freedom to experiment *grins widely* You took home economics before right? No problem one!!!

Me: But...but...but HOW TO COOK ANYTHING WHEN YOU DUNNO ANYTHING! And no I took the boys one what woodwork class nooooo you cannot do this to me *flails around desperately* I...I...I order pizza, Ricks Burgers, Chinese take-out, umm I know! CAN FOOD!!! *opens cupboard elatedly* @&%@&! NO CAN FOOD?!?!?! *stares in horror*

Mum: Chicken & veggie is in the fridge ok we have to go now.

Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! You cannot do this to meeeee!!!

Both: Ok byebye Hannah, happy cooking~♪ *exits door*

Me: But...I...No...How...gaaaaaaaaaaaah...*stares stupidly at door*

And so after minutes of standing idly on the spot, I finally muster up my energy and resigned myself to the task on hand. Yosh! I can do it!

And happily proceeded on to the first step which is to......

Take a good long shower =)

What?! I very stressed ok. Plus I shall then be squeaky clean so no one can blame me for contaminating anything should they fall sick hmpf.

Flipped through some random chicken cookbook after my relaxing shower and settled for the easiest looking recipe which was 'Braised Drunken Chicken' or something like that *frowns*

And now to the chicken!!! You know, this just might turn out to be fun after all =D Provided I don't start another grease fire like I did back then......and hopefully the apartment has insurance too.....

Oooh! A whole chicken! Dunno why but does it not reminds you of Britney Spears? =P The shape I mean. I am amused haha.

HAHAHAHA! Sorry but the chicken looked so funny like that ok must snap pics hahahahaha. Like wanna give birth like that hahahahaha XDDD

*slaps self* Ahem. Ok so the silly chicken was harder to chop then I thought. So rubbery can?! -_- Took me 15 minutes of wrestling around with it before I finally managed to chop it into half. Eh, you don't scoff at me hor, go chop one now and tell me how you fare. Ok fineee! Then I conclude that American chickens must be different from M'sian one and therefore mysteriously harder to chop into pieces hmph. What you mean no such thing....the eggs here are white instead anyway so the chicken sure also got affect dao too. Somehow....

But oh forget the chicken. Moving on.....

Which is preparing the ingredients~
♪ Oh, am cooking two different type of dishes. One is for tomorrow so sun bian prepare beforehand lor =)

And whilst I was running back and forth digging out various ingredients to prepare for tonight's dinner......

2nd sis: You baking or what?

4th sis: Where got people cooking take out everything one. You cooking or baking?



Oi! It's so I cannot go wrong ok! I die die shall use measuring cups so no one can blame me for making mistakes cause I die die shall follow exactly what the book says and if it tastes weird you all can blame *flips pages* aha! Josten Tan! and not me wth. Cause I follow the book *smug*

Was happily mixing ingredients together until I came upon this 'ginger juice' thingy 0.O What the heck is that? Anyway, it says one tablespoon only so if I skip that no one would no right? =) But stupid 2nd sis foil my plans of doing so citing 'You better NOT ruin our dinner tonight' before glaring at me so like or don't like in the end have to call my mum to ask about this ginger juice thingy *sulks* One tablespoon nia ok? Like who would miss that???

Me: Hello? Yeah what is this ginger juice thing ar?

Mum: Neh, you just grate the ginger and then squeeze out the juice.

Me: Grate....ginger....*horrified*

Omg you know how smelly ginger is or not?!!! I hate ginger almost as much as I hate cloves. I seriously dislike cloves and simply do not get why people love putting it in everything from meat to veggies to soup. It's horrid. But back to topic....

Yes, word error. Was distracted by Tegomass while I was editing it.

2nd sis: HAHA and you thought that recipe was easy. Next time remember not to pick one with ginger juice in it hahaha.

sdagfdsahdakdas I was sorely tempted to stuff said ginger in her mouth. But seriously, how come ginger juice don't come in bottle har? I mean fish sauce, oyster sauce and goodness knows everything comes in bottles these days so why not ginger juice??? Why??? Darn all those factory owners go bottle everything and pian pian don't bottle ginger juice so yours truly have to qing zhi grate it with her hands. The juice super smelly ok grr...

Done marinating ^^ Yeah yeah, so much for my pretty french tips now.....*sadface*

Oh, I've also learned something new today. I was cutting up some 'green onions' and found it odd that it seemed flatter then what I remember them to be and so I took a closer sniff at it and discover that it smelt oddly like.........chives.

And so I rushed back to the fridge and after some digging around, unearthed the real green onions -_- Wth lar, why must it look so similar honestly who can tell? Plus I never knew what chives actually look like cause the only time I ever see them is on the dinner table where it's already finely chopped and mixed into eggs. So you're telling me that for all these while I've been mislead into thinking that chives were green onions?

Omg now I know why my instant noodles always tastes so weird wth.

Me happily frying away ^^

2nd sis: *peers into wok* Omg it looks so over 'liao' (ingredients)

Me whacks sister's head with slotted turner and resume cooking~

Pours prepared gravy into wok:


2nd sis: *peers doubtfully at wok* I dunno....but it does look funny swimming around hahaha!

I have useless sisters T________T

So I was supposed to let the gravy simmer for 15 minutes until it thickens but I dunno why the stupid gravy won't thicken!!! I followed every single step in the book ok! SO WHY?! Stupid Josten Tan! You lie! Imma sue you later (TT____TT)

So in the end I had to drain out half the gravy cause it simply won't thicken (darn you Josten) and this was the end result:

So it does not look like the book but my mum says none of the chicken dishes in the book ever turns out red anyway so we're sure they're lying (what lah I can so sue for misleading info). But it tastes delicious at any rate, well if you take into account 4th sis endless praise for it though I have a sneaking suspicion she is just trying to butter me up. But whatever, I will so buy her something the next time I go shopping =)

The gravy is a tad bit salty though but oi, don't look at me, I followed that stupid Josten instructions ok so it's not my fault and if he said one cup of soy sauce then of course I follow what. Go blame his defective salty tastebud lar ok. Hmph.

Cooked another veggie dish also. Skimped a little too much on the salt this time I think but everyone said it tasted healthy so wth I am happy liao lah =D

So anyway, seeing that everything was eaten and that everyone is still alive atm, I'm guessing I kinda succeed in cooking after all hee~



Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, u really got the potential to be the next cooker in your family... hehe... keep it up ya!!!

eunice said...

Hey I think you had done a very good job! Salute!!

faye said...

Damn that looks good. Wish I could cook but I don't have the facilities. >.<

♥~kimmy~♥ said...

heh.. can cook ma.. haha..

good job..

y got distracted by tegomass??

sharon (^.^) said...

lookkkkksss YUMMY!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Hie.It looks fantastics!
Still got extra for me?
I want to eat!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

ohya, Happy 080808!

Abi~♥ said...


wow. *salute*

hahaha am wondering how your kitchen looks like after cooking both those dishes =Pp

oh happy 080808!! =D

Hillabilly said...

Whaaaaa.... Hana can cook wor.... XD teach me ya

hana said...

@akira: thanks! next cook not so sure lah but at least i can cook something now XD

@eunice: hehe thanks!

@faye: ah i bet u can cook. ur brother can cook ok =P

@kimmy: haha cause i was too engrossed in their songs while editing the picture and typed the wrong word XD

@sharon: thanks!

@jeromefo: THANK YOU LOTS. ok coming from u its kinda nice ok seeing tht u are like sifu in cooking hehe.

@abi: oi my kitchen is like sparkly clean ok! or not i wud have to hear my mum's nagging till like forever....

@hillabily: heh i might not be the best person to teach ppl wth. my skills not stable one later siasoi myself nia XD

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

When I see you in real life,
you must cook it again for me
orrrh! hugs*!

hana said...

@jerome: ok sure! but it'll be funner to cook together lol haha.

jason said...

hana can cook leh.... but the pic with the sauce in your fingernails...

hana said...