Thursday, August 28, 2008


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Was chatting to the bff last night and I've just got wind that K is now with YP. Like O.M.G why are all my friends dating each other this is just so weird to me ok. Its like those were once my 'haha why you so suku one hahaha not lidat lah' friends ok and now they are all 'i love u 143' with each other. Brain is having a hard time to compute this relevation and changes ok. Mine I mean. I told 2nd sis that but she says hers are also the same wth.

I can understand one or two maybe but nearly my entire circle of high school friends? I don't think I really want to visit Kuching anymore. Or even if I do, I shall do so secretly to avoid meet-ups of any sort. Very intimidating ok to go out with them and to find that every single one of them is now paired up with each other. Like 92844242 couples staring back at you. And lets say for example if I were to ask my bf to accompany me to such meet-ups it would be even more akward cause its like he would be the sole stranger in the midst of all my old friends.

And also very hard to converse with them nowadays cause have to watch what you say ok cause this is now their other half you are talking about. No more simply joking around like before. Very terribly complicated leh.

Anyway, lotsa things going on in my life lately but I'm simply too lazy to blog about any of them atm and some things I just don't feel like writing them here *shrugs. I find that I do prefer LJ instead cuz its more journal and private like but I'm afraid my f-lists would kill me if I keep spamming them with my rl posts =C Plus I'm too lazy to upload all my pics onto an external site and paste them into LJ. Should stop being so stingy and upgrade my account one day sigh.

On another note, school starts in approximately 3 days. Byebye summer hols. Le sigh.


Lance said...

Love is in the air~~~

Geraldine said...

143 is MY LINE. lol
143 babeee

Leira said...

who say cannot joke around ppl's other half. Ppl still bully Levin. =( hahaha. But it's funny. Oh shoot, pls dont let him read this.

L said...

k.. accidentally clicked on comment and saw it -_-".. Ariel~!!! XP

hana said...

@lance: ha so what abt it?

@geraldine: lol i tot everyone uses tht.

@leira: yealar yealar ur frens are not the same as mine.

@l: oi dun use ppl name anyhow here ok. some prefer to stay anonymous hor.