Monday, September 1, 2008

Silly Things

Monday, September 1, 2008
People already in LA also dragged into things happening in Msia. Hello am in Los Angeles ok glamorous city of angels and you think I have time to go around hating people miles away wth -_-'

Why do random people like to hate me so much arh when I don't even know them wth wth wth.

For the record, I didn't even know she existed until the end of last year where someone randomly pointed her out and neither did I thought much about that at all. Then recently someone told me she was trash talking about me and my sis on her blog and maybe irl too. Not like we care very much though cuz I dunno, how to treat it when its someone you barely know? And 2nd sis doesn't even read her blog at all and is wondering why her name is dragged into the whole thing. No really, why do you even hate us when we don't even know you (=_=)

I don't even read her blog like she thought I did and I dunno who that 'lovely friend' of mine in her post is cuz I've just talked to the bff and she said she doesn't even know of that blog.

She said its partly cause we've scolded her friend before though. I am guessing but I think I know who she is referring to. That person cheated me out of my money ok with faulty cds wth I am still quite peeved when I think back about it so tell me why I do not have the right to scold people like that? Plus to hate us because of a friend who done us wrong is weird not meh? If my friend were to insult someone and get insulted back, I would just say 'huo kai' hor who ask them go and insult people first -_-

But since we're on this topic, to anyone out there who think we hate you.... Don't flatter yourself. We have better things to do then to 'hate people' srsly when was 'hating' even an activity? *puffs cheeks* We may dislike you for certain incidents but once you're out of our sight, consider yourself out of our minds too. Frivolous people are never known to have long attention spans =PPP

Anyway, school starts tomorrow ok sigh I feel so scared all over again =S Afraid later I end up in the wrong class or do something equally as stupid to embarrass myself =C Scared that I'll get a B. That I won't be able to keep up and what not.

Just realized that I stupidly arranged my classes in such a way that every Tues/Thurs I have two 3-hour long classes and when did I even sign up for History of Japan, China and Korea???? I thought I took Humanity? Nooooooo, I took history wth what was I thinking at the moment of registration am asking for death wth *cries*

I don't want to go to school lar....*wails pathetically* I know I'm 18 already wth but I still find college intimidating at times ok why does everyone look like they belong while I still look so stupid stupid out of place one? Why??? *sadface*

Wants nothing but to wallow in a dark corner atm.


Akira 思胜 said...

Dont think so much d, just go to school ya...

nice9 said...

Dont bother what ppl say about lar...
Cheers!!!Life is like that..we always canot control what ppl want to say but at least we can control our emotion...

abi~ said...

oh my gawd hahahhahahahahahahaaaa

got ppl use ur name to harumkan nama diri sendiri wtf!


Mei-Wah said...

don't headache because of such people! omg, don't let them influence your life... :)

Ammy said...

EWWWWW!!! i know exactly who you're talking about. like what the fuck la saying one thing in her blog post then turning around 360degrees in her cbox.

and i wish that stupid fluctuating homosexual could just fuck off and like, wank into a melon and stop obsessing about you two sisters la.

hana said...

@akira: yeah, Im alright now. Still jittery but getting used to it =)

@nice9: Thanks! Yeah, I don't really care much about what those people say. Don't even know them lol.

@abi: I know. I hate it. Should copyright my name wth.

@mei-wah: lol nope they cannot influence my life lar my life so fun lol how can let anonymous people spoil it? XD

@ammy: HAHAHAHA ROFL THE LAST LINE IS HILARIOUS OK HAHAHAHAHAHA MELON WTH HAHAHAHA. The idea of anyone doing that is ridiculous ok wth you watch too much american pie i think though my friend said it was apple pie they used in the movie lol.

Ammy said...

well, in the movie *I* watch, the guy used a grapefruit. which is pretty much the same as a melon.

Faye said...

Haha, people 'look like they belong' but inside they're all feeling the same as you, trust me. What you're feeling is completely normal,psychologically. Can't explain the details but I just know. Everyone's been there done that. It's the same whether you're in Malaysia or California. So chill and take it easy k? Once you settle in to college life everything will be ok. :)

Leira said...

Hana!! I dun want to go to school too. U WANT RUN AWAY WITH ME?! pls say yes.

hana said...

@ammy: ewww. and you still watch *shuns*

@faye: reaaally.... but they all got friends ok so cozy looking oh wells, shall just press on and wait for the day of 'settling' to come. can't wait.

@leira: you no money wad for i run with you???