Sunday, January 29, 2012


Sunday, January 29, 2012
So here I am, deciding to pick up blogging again coz I can never really let go of this 6 years worth of memories online journal thing. Plus I actually edited a crap ton of pics way back but never go around to actually writing the posts and being OCD lil me, its been forever bugging me like an unchecked list buried way back in my brain.

So, DCF masquerade party.

Do I ever love my new fellowship group for all their utterly fun events ♥

In case you didn't know, I am in love with masquerades. Not the debauchery stigma attached to it ok but the glorious dresses and fancy masks and the classy glamorous mysteriousness of it all. This could also be attributed to the fact that I am in love with all things Victorian or something like that. I have no idea if masquerades are from that period but you get what I mean. Old England/Europe whatever. And medieval times. I am a secret history/ancient days nerd kays.

Anyways, we were supposed to design these flexible plastic masks but bloody things were being all discriminatory by fitting only caucasian and hispanic features. Cheekboneless, low nosebridge and narrow eyed asians like me doesn't stand a chance in it. I look like some hillbilly alien in it and nearly killed 2nd sis with laughter when I wore it.

So I decided to use makeup. And youtube. And google image for blatant copying inspiration. I may have some makeup skills ok but artsy imagination I do not have. Am a boring science student.

First look I experimented with to decide if I wanted to go with makeup or buy a mask off ebay:

Decided that I could wing it at any rate so makeup it is.

Got even more adventurous the night before and went with a whole different design instead:

I cannot claim credit for the design as I copied it from this amazing girl here.

I used NYX black bean eyeshadow pencil, both black pencil and liquid eyeliner pencil for the black parts and NYX white eyeshadow pencil for the white and as a base for the yellow which is a mixture of a bunch of different yellow and golds from various palettes. Before topping it off with Hard Candy golden glitter eyeshadow to give it a glittery look and adding rhinestones. Also set both the black and white parts with eyeshadows respectively. I outlined my face with a white eyeliner pencil first in case you're wondering. Easier to erase if you make a mistake.

It looks really realistic from a distance and many people didn't know it was makeup till they were in my face.

Also super attention grabbing coz every single guy that night kept staring at it and compliments were endless.

Which was surprising to me coz I never expected them to notice, being the clueless species they are, and actually did it for the girls? Because I wanted a conversation starter with them ok since I'm fairly new and wanted to befriend them so we can ramble about makeup and stuff.

A lone pic of the night which I stole off someone's facebook coz I didn't take any. It is very uncommon to camwhore here ok unless you own a camera phone (mine suck) which is more acceptable to whip out coz its a phone I guess? Or if its a dslr. Anyways, this post went on longer than it should. Only 82131293 more backlogged posts to go. hum de dum.

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