Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Beginnings

Sunday, October 14, 2012
So what can I say?

This year is vastly different from the last and could very well be the year according to my friends.

I didn't blog much last year cause while there were a few blessings in between every now and then, it was mostly hellish thanks to demanding unreasonable boss lady (who I later forgive cause she became very nice and understanding towards the end) and spiteful housemates who got what they deserved in the end.

I personally think they have low self esteem issues they need to deal with, since they can never stop bitching and gossiping, because until you can love yourself, you're gonna hate on others forever because you think they are better than you and you can never be the same when you damn well can if you just throw away all those negativity and do something about whatever you're unhappy about.

Looking back, I find it amusing how all the malicious plans they came up with kept backfiring upon them instead. And this is why, girls, instead of bitching with other girls, you should be reading up on the laws, plan 5 steps ahead of people and speak to authorities. And stay as innocent as doves in the meantime and not do anything that can implicate yourself. That is how you win.

Long story short, they lost everything thanks to justice.

Which I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for as 2nd sis and I had offered them many ways out but they chose to reject them all in favor of finding ways to make us suffer. Moreover, we had been nothing but nice to them the whole time, sharing all our stuff which was 90% of the house, but instead of being thankful, they got jealous and wanted to control it and keep us from using our own stuff and later deluded themselves into thinking it's actually theirs, oh the absurdity of it all. I will forever remember that day where our patience finally snapped and got our friends to haul everything out and left, leaving them with an empty house and a serious slap back to reality where they realize that life don't always play out like stupid 'Mean Girls' movies cause some people ain't got time for all that stupid passive aggressive games. I always thought settling things the 'animal kingdom way' made much more sense than 'girl world' anyways.

Nevertheless, hellish as the year had been in the later months, one thing of importance to note was that despite it all, He was always there. When obstacles kept coming up, He never failed to send the right people and right things we need at the very moment we desperately need it. I know people always like to ask 'if He loved you so much, why make you suffer?' but that is not it. Humans and our sinful nature causes sufferings but it is Him who redeem us all. The question should be 'if it wasn't for His unfailing love and mercy in this dark world, imagine how much worse life would be?'

Anyways, this fall we moved to another place where rent is cheaper and utilities are all taken care of and its only me, 2nd sis and this other dude (who's the owner and practically Ouran worthy minus the looks sadly) and so its all nice and quiet ♥

Got accepted back into school as in-state students finally and so everything is covered by financial aid :)

Got a car too!

Meet Betty Cooper.

Yes, Betty Cooper (Archie comics) because its a mini cooper hence Cooper and Betty cause she's depicted to be awesome at fixing cars in the comics.

We're super happy okay because a car has been on our list for a long time but for some reason it just couldn't happen even though my sister bf wanted to lend us his dinosaur of a manual car and now I can see its because He had something better in store for us all these while and we just had to wait patiently. The church member decided to bless us by selling it to us for $2500, which is less than half the market price, instead of making a profit by selling it to others.

I am so in love with it because it's the first small car I'd ever driven. My large family of 6 made it impossible for us to have sedans so it has always been big four wheel drives and vans that made my parking experiences an endless nightmare, oh the stories I could tell you about how I always never fail to get stuck in compact parking spaces and have people get utterly fed up of me :C

This car is simply perfect ♥

Lastly, I got a new job! On campus too! No more working for minimum wage!

It's an assistant manager job which I'm quite apprehensive about since the requirements are so high but hey, for some reason I was chosen for this position and rejected for all my more favored easier clerical ones so I guess there must be a reason I got this job. It's definitely going to require a lot out of me but at this point I'm starting to realize that when has life ever been easy for me? And honestly, I kind of like it. The challenges it bring where I'm forced to constantly learn new things at a much faster rate has helped me so much in getting what I want in life and become more focused. The feeling of being thoroughly independent and the freedom it brings is also euphoric.

I don't know what else He has in store for me this year but I'm sure it will be good :)

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