Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Crib

Saturday, October 1, 2011
So, me and the 2nd sis has long since moved back to Davis the first week of September. We're both currently taking a year off school since things didn't turn out as expected but hey we're doing fine still. Lots of students face the same situation as us too so its cool that we aren't the only ones and we'd definitely be able to resume school next fall.

Jeremiah 29:11-13 is my verse that I live by :)

Anyways, since we already leased the place with 4 other girls, we thought it would be extremely unkind to screw them over by skipping out last minute so after much prayers and considerations, we decided to return to Davis to live and hopefully find a job in the meantime to pay rent and stuff.

Without further ado, our new pad :D

This is the living room. Yes the house is still pretty empty since it has only been a month so rest assure that me and 2nd sis will play interior designers soon as we are so free haha. That spot right there in the far corner will house my TV and PS3 and stereo system whatever once I get the moolah.

My and 2nd sis's couch which we got for $50 used. Super comfy! I do not want to go into details about getting the common area furniture because I will choke blood. If you have been following my twitter, you would know that a certain housemate's boyfriend has been pissing us off lately with his nosy bossiness as if he owned the place.

You no pay rent, you no live here, you shut up. End of story.

Guy wanted us to buy a $119 cheapo quality Ikea sofa bed just so he could sleep over. What pisses me off more was that he lived right round the effing corner (same apartment place!) so wth man, go home and sleep. Long story short, he butt into our house meetings, try to persuade everyone to his whims, and worse of all he is those kind of guys who know nothing about life (thinking sofas cost below $100 hahaha and Ikea is furniture god or something) imo but beer pong and are highly incompetent. Unfortunately, majority of the household knows nothing about the price of furniture either and are kind of in la-la land still so me and 2nd sis had to do days of online research alone and find ways to rent trucks, meet prospective sellers all over the cities and haul everything back ourselves.

Anyways, dude finally got it through his thick skull that we were the 'take no crap' kind of girls and backed off lately. Gotten heaps ton nicer all of a sudden too. The murderous aura and piercing glares we gave every time he opened his mouth prolly helped too XD Oh and our height. Being tall has its perks man.

The other $125 used leather couch which we split 6 ways. Perfect condition ok! For $125!!! You cannot beat that! Sofa bed what? *snorts* Oh and that champagne glass like jar is now filled with colorful Starburst candies :D I wanted to put potpourri but then Safeway had this overstock clearance on candies and inspiration struck~♪

We got the other couch simply coz we knew one isn't enough for all 6 of us but since everyone was being difficult and the other couch was only $50, we thought bah lets just buy it and let others sit so everyone can be happy.

There is another choke blood story behind the innocent looking Ikea coffee table right there but whatever.

Super sturdy used dining set for $60. Yes it's a bargain. In case you have no idea how much furniture costs, let me educate you. A cheapo folding Walmart chair costs about $15 excluding tax. Going rate for used chairs are $25 each minimum. You do the math and tell me if this set was a deal or not.

Little ignorant twerp had the audacity to roll his eyes when he heard it was 2nd hand *dark

I'm sorry. I just get really agitated whenever I'm reminded of his reactions. Does nothing except continuously harping about Ikea and how his family always buy Ikea blalabla as if he was their ambassador. Who the heck buys Ikea except college students seriously? Also, my family has bought low end, mass produced, high end and custom made furniture over the years so if anyone is the expert, its me. Git.

The kitchen! Or should I say, me and Ariel's kitchen coz we are the only ones who actually cook hurhur. I love the fact that everyone is very easy going and nice so we all share kitchen wares unlike other people who I know have like four or six of each item from rice cookers to condiments. Seriously.

Guess which shelf is ours! I have to stop buying food. I think 3/4 of the kitchen is our stuff. Thank goodness no one cooks. I may have never been more grateful for girls who cannot cook than I do now.

Me and 2nd sis's own bathroom! Since we're the only ones living on the first floor, we practically get the entire bathroom to ourselves :D Yes, that two box drawers are our makeup. Very pitiful to you beauty bloggers but everyone else who goes into our bathroom shrieks at the sight and call us effing insane T.T It's part of the reason why I decided to pick the downstairs bedroom. I bet everyone will hate us with our insane amount of beauty products must they share a bathroom with us. There are still cabinets and cupboards filled with other stuff hurhur.

The other reason was coz we cook and bake like all the time so we didn't want to annoy anyone with the endless different smells and noises lols. Though they tell us that they can already smell us cooking from upstairs and sometimes I feel bad for not cooking for them too. But I am not a paid chef so whatever. We do invite them to join us for a meal every now and then anyways.

Tadah! Our bedroom :D

Yes, its a mirror image of each other but those comforters were on discount ok! Plus the Ikea table and lamps too! And we love symmetry so sue us.

Sister's half of the room. And I set up the entire room myself ok *proud* You'd think that me being a daughter, and how everyone always comments on how he is very kindly looking, my daddy would be all 'no worries sweetheart, just run along while I fix up your room' and bust out the toolbox all macho-like like the rest of my housemates' parents but no.

The moment we got back from furniture shopping and he helped lug everything in, he was like 'I paid for everything already so go assemble them, and bed first for I am tired and want to sleep soon byebye' before flopping onto the floor like a dead fish wteff. Oh and presenting me with my very own new set of tools (which I am secretly pleased coz I have been eyeing his since forever) to do the job.

I am like master at assembling that Ikea desk and chair now and even did my housemate's in 30 minutes flat while her guy friend was still busy trying to understand the manual.

Sure we may have grown up more capable but I still think I am being cheated out of my daughterhood hmph.

My half of the room with my lovely Hetalia poster in place ♥ 2nd sis was very vehement about it going up but pffffft idc. I've already compromise all my other posters for this kays. Also, I am sick of living in 'showroom' bedrooms where everything has to appear tasteful blablabla which is what I grew up with all my life where I wasn't allowed to hang anything on the walls unless its prettily framed and of an artful nature =__= I am young and in college. I should have posters of anything everywhere! Hmph.

The huge blank wall above our bed would be designed soon. We're deciding between a huge framed mirror to make the room appear larger and also possibly kill us in our sleep or this one huge custom designed poster/picture cut up into 24 different pieces to give off a modern edge feel.

Also plan to hang pictures of family and friends around the room too. Yes, framed. I cannot win against my sisters and parents T__T No creative photos on pegs like my friend had on her wall :C

Anyways, the best thing about this room?


Since my camera cannot take it in its entirety, I combined 3 separate pictures but its about that size :D Can effing disappear into Narnia ok. We're the only one with it and I think closet space is not included in our by square feet calculations for rent so scooooore!

I really think we got the best deal out of the lot so I am mega happy kays. Oh rent is $682 a month but if me and 2nd sis split it, its about $340 each so its not so bad once we get jobs. I personally think this place is huge and there is like a marketplace right nearby for all our shopping and dining needs so, awesome.

Ok so the bad thing about living downstairs, which I soon come to realize, is that anyone can just break our window netting and steal out stuff T___T So every time we're going out, we have to close the windows and shut the blinds which is annoying and makes the room look dark and the air stale when we get back D:

But whatever. You win some, you lose some.

I didn't take any pics of the upstairs but basically its huge too with 4 other bedrooms, a loft and a huge bathroom area with storage space everywhere. The place is not fully decked out yet but trust me, I will get to decking this entire place out to Martha Stewart worthy and update again with pics.

Gotta love this place ♥


Faye said...

Love it. :) Do house in the US come usually unfurnished? It looks really comfy tho! And congrats on finding cheap furniture! Nothing like the triumphant feeling of scoring a good buy imo. :) Good for you that your housemates dont mind sharing minor condiments - my housemates are awfully nice but can be a bit...possessive about stuff (aka the reason we have multiple same spices and like 5 kinds of oil on the counter >.0) Bf sounds like a bother tho. I prolly wouldve told him to fck off early on. But good on ya girls. :)

hana said...

I should think houses in the US come unfurnished unless stated so from what I've seen so far. Mostly because people want their freedom to decor their place I think. The only thing places that rent out provide are microwaves, fridge and washing machine/dryer.

Anyways, I thought houses usually come unfurnished everywhere in the world. Why? Does England do things different?

Unless you're talking about dorms then yes, dorms come furnished but we're living off campus right now coz dorms (from what I stayed in last year) = jail cell. all of us wonder how the heck we survived last time when we look at past pics. Yours is heaven compared to ours.

As for the kitchen ware things, I'm guessing its coz almost all don't cook cept us XD Unless you count cooking ramen, gyoza and salad cooking for them lols. So most of the stuff are ours anyways and I couldn't care less what they do with it so long they replace items every now and then. I nick their junk/instant food anyways since mine are all raw and so potong stim when I'm hungry and want food now so its fair trade XD

Already told the bf to piss off. Albeit in a subtle way but he got the hint haha. Oh how we wanted to tell it to his face early on, for we have no tolerance for people like this, if it weren't for his gf who we actually do like somewhat plus she is a housemate and thus we didn't want the drama. BUT UGGGHH. If it weren't for her, I swear he will never ever dare come within our house within a 100 foot pole again if I had my way >C

Faye said...

Yeah in the uk houses seem to come furnished...there are unfurnished ones but more furnished but unfurnished..haha.

Caroline said...

I like your closet and what you did with the 3 pictures x) your bedrooms cute and VERY neat

hana said...

aww thanks <3 i try to keep it neat as possible on a daily basis XD

sgrmse. said...

you were born in hawaii!?! that's SO COOL!! which part of? i'm malaysian and it's so nice to have come across your blog (: (:

hana said...

honolulu :)

aww its nice to meet malaysians! which part? I'm from sarawak hurhur.