Sunday, September 18, 2011

Heck Yeah, Police!Kyouya

Sunday, September 18, 2011
Episode 8 totally sealed the deal on who my favorite is.

Kyouya knowing he's already got you hook, line, and sinker.

YES. Just yes 8D

I never had a thing for uniforms 'til now. I was always more of a suits girl. But there's something about this that is just ♥ Also so that's what the hype of roleplaying is all about mmm count me in next time

In case you've been living under a rock, my favorite anime -Ouran High School Host Club- has been dramatized 8 weeks ago.

Some things that stood out to me thus far:

1. Tamaki and Ranka-san is SPOT ON ♥

2. The twins totally has no chemistry whatsoever. Besides the totally convincing fight scene where they were yelling at each other towards the end of episode 6. My guess is they fight all the time in private haha. They were my absolute fav. in the anime ok, or more specifically Kaoru :3 Not for the twincest but for their adorable mischievousness and their unfailing ability at irritating the heck out of Tamaki. Unfortunately, their prank genes seems to be missing in the drama. I iz not amused ಠ_ಠ

3. I dislike the yaoi-ish implications between Hunny and Mori >C They're supposed to be close cousins. Nothing more, nothing less. Neither does their club positions as wild/lolishota types call for such acts.

If anything, they could have donated some of those vibes to the Hitachiins' coz goodness knows they need it with their horrible acting.

4. Hunny is just weird. Should have chosen a kid imo. Mori is hot. Also, Nekozawa-sempai? Swear he has Korean blood somewhere. Am super glad they didn't cast Maki as Haruhi coz I am tired of seeing her everywhere. Personally thinks Haruna looks more like Haruhi appearance wise anyways.

5. The over the top background effects are hilarious.


alsadkjhfasdfdaska brb brain 'sploding from teh hotness.

Anyways, go fulfill all your Ouran Live Action needs here.


Faye said...

Must say the actor for Kyouya is by far the most 'shuai' and fitting for the image of the host club. The rest may be spot on in terms of antics, but....if you didn't watch the show and let it grow on you one would think the actors quite not-the-handsome one ler. :P

Timothy said...

1) I must say Totsugi Shigeyuki does cross-dressing quite well.....

2) No comment

3) I don't detect any yaoi-ish vibe from Hani and Mori.....

4) I agree Hami-sempai is just weird. However, anyone more loli and/or shota wouldn't be old enough to do his role.

I mean, they've already needed to explain 酒池肉林 to a 7 year old....

5) The whole drama adaptation is just comedy gold. I'm just sorry that it wouldn't be longer.

6) All you girls are just fujoshi underneath. :P

Timothy said...

Kyouya is done by Daito Shunsuke of 腐女子彼女 fame. Go nuts.

hana said...

@faye: HE IS ISN'T HE :3 The twins are the worst looking lot in both my housemate and I opinion :\ Maybe slightly higher than Hunny for me.

I kind of expected them all to be not so shuai anyways coz bishieness is more of Korea's expertise but Kyouya is effing deelish ♥

@Timothy: There is SO a vibe. Even Haruhi points it out. I am pretty dense to bl implications but this one is quite hard to not see. I meant during the club time lah not outside it. Outside it, they are perfectly fine.

ITS ONLY 30 MINUTES LONG OK SUCH BLASPHEMY. But they are making a movie so I'm a little, just a leeetle bit forgiving.

So I googled 'fujoshi' coz I had no idea what it was and wiki says 'Yaoi fangirls' -______-

How does liking Kyouya/that pic of him pertains to fujoshi whatever?!

Also, I dislike yaoi in general. Especially when its not even meant to be that. Its funny if its a joke but screw it I hate it when girls pair every single guy with the other when there are perfectly CUTE AND PRETTY GIRLS AROUND who they are actually trying to date or are dating.

Het ftw. Just sayin ;D

And please to explain the 2nd comment coz I google it and all I got was a pageful of chinese in return T____T and google translating it into english makes no sense. Is it a drama of him? I WANT :D

Faye said...

Yeah fujoshi usually means girls who write yaoi smut and post BL fanart on dA. There's a difference, dur.

And Hana, welcome to the way my bro rambles. He'd just go on and on about something and make no references and explanations but you don't have to pay attention to it.

hana said...

A difference of what now *curious* There is another meaning to fujoshi?

Timothy said...

@Hana: I was referring to this statement:

"If anything, they could have donated some of those vibes to the Hitachiins' coz goodness knows they need it with their horrible acting."

A strikethrough only betray's the writers original intents. :)

2) Yes, it is only 30 minutes a ep. They're getting shorter and shorter, them drama ep lengths. Man, the Japanese economy is in bigger trouble that I thought.....

3) 腐女子彼女 == Fujoshi Kanojo. Light novel series turned into a movie, starring Daito Shunsuke. Go nuts.

hana said...


I was simply referring to their extreme awkwardness XD Really, its almost comparable to Haruhi's daikon singing haha. I liked their over the top acts like how I liked Tamaki's but mostly the crazy fangirls reactions and thus their horrible acting detract from the whole hilariousness of the scene somewhat :C

*googles 3*

HAHAHAHA THE WIKI PLOT SECTION. "...and so his torment begins." hahahaha poor dude. I kind of want to watch it now coz it sounds like all sorts of hilarious XD