Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jobless No More

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
So I now have a job at a Chinese restaurant as everything apparently because you are not just a mere waitress when you work for chinese people. You are drink maker, server, waitress, cashier blablabla all roll into one.

But I'm not complaining coz this is my first foray into the restaurant world (which I've been dying to try for a long time) and I need some experience before I can work for other classier restaurants. I've done a lot of jobs from retail to office to childcare to...ok that's about it. I love working in different environments coz I am greedy and want to experience everything in life ha. Makes my resume looks impressive too :3

Boss man is very happy with me and was impressed with how fast I learned everything under 3 hours despite having no prior restaurant experience; reason why I got hired immediately the next day. I know people probably think me crazy but I do love working. I absolutely adore learning new things and I get a thrill executing things flawlessly and secretly thrive on busy days. I cannot slack off because it bores me which is a win-win situation coz my employers would love me and I get a kick out of being busy ha. Making customers happy also makes me ridiculously happy too despite it being draining once I'm off work coz I am still an introvert no matter how I appear otherwise.

Anyways, right now, I'm pretty happy because my job feeds me two meals a day, I can drink all the boba teas I want, get paid+tips and my co-workers are really nice people :3 One of them is this cute Eurasian guy who just got cuter in my eyes after he opened his mouth and out flowed flawless Chinese ok *___*

Also, I now know where all the cute guys in my school go to eat hurhur. Swear almost every guy who walked in are fiiiine. I have their names for order purposes but not their numbers u__u

Must find way to get phone numbers >)

So one thing I discovered after working here though is that boba teas are so not worth your money and I won't be buying them much in the future. It's 10% syrups/flavored powder/coffeemate for milk teas with 50% tea and 40% ice. I'd say they cost 30 cents or less each. Prolly less. Tip: Skip the ice. You'll get more tea that way and your money's worth. Well, more than what you would get with ice anyways since its still not worth the 3 bucks no matter what you do.

The same goes for your slushies and smoothies. You get no real fruits. Only scoops of flavored powder :\

Swear every time I work at some new place, my illusion of the world shatters one by one. Like how I worked at a certain popular lingerie chain store last year and due to my employee perks where I get stuff at super discounted prices, cannot bring myself to ever pay full price for their items every again. not like I ever shopped there before anyways coz it was always so bloody expensive. tbh, doubt I'd ever shop there in the future ever. Refused to be suckered into paying $45 for a cost-less-than-$10 bra which quality is honestly not any better than target's or walmart's ok.

I find myself becoming stingier each time I work someplace new wth. My asian side absolutely refuse to be knowingly gypped kays! Sometimes, I truly think the lesser you know of certain things, the better. You're happier off that way.

Although your wallet would be better off if you knew.

Give me a few more years of part time jobs and I'd probably end up a hippie living protesting against every world corporations as evil capitalist pigs and how everything should be free free free while living in trees and where every item I own would be leaves and other free natural resources wteff.

The horror.

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Hi Hana! You won Versatile Blog Award! Congrats and can't wait to see your 7 facts about yourself :D