Friday, October 28, 2011

Ice-Cream and Prayers

Friday, October 28, 2011
..can do wonders for the broken soul.

Tonight was short of nothing but horrible. 

For some reason, the entire town decided to eat at our restaurant tonight and since boss lady was out of the country visiting her sick mother, leaving only us 3 relatively new workers and on top of that, us having only one cook, it was the perfect recipe for disaster.

We did everything right, we smiled, we apologized, we were faster than the speed of light taking orders, serving people and making boba teas. But one can only go so fast with one cook and hell hath no fury like hungry hordes of customers who are tired of waiting for their food.

Getting yelled at by customers is no joke.

Especially when you did nothing wrong.

Top it up with the odd hours I have to put up with for the pat few weeks since I'm new (like a 3 hour break in between two shifts that I can't do anything with since its too far from home) and the pressure to be the next best worker -totally decided by boss lady after she saw how fast I pick things up- and run the shop asap, and co-workers getting sick or other unexpected events cropping up every night I wanted to attend bible study, making me unable to attend but having to fill their shifts, and the spiritual attacks as of late plus it just had to be today when I got my period and looking forward to coming home to my sister to wail to only to find her gone with a note explaining how her bf got off class early and came to pick her up for the weekend...

I cracked.

Life was tiring and stressful and I was feeling both physically and spiritually exhausted where I wanted nothing but to curl up into a tight ball and drown my sorrows in a tub of ice cream.

Only I didn't have ice cream.

Which made it even sadder.

And that was just what my fb status read.

So as I was busy drowning my sorrows under my comforter and drenching my pillow with tears, guess what happened next?

My friend from my previous church showed up unexpectedly on my doorstep bearing my fav. chocolate chip mint ice cream after having read my status.

And this is where I thank God for his amazingness for blessing me with such awesome friends and for hearing my cries and cheering me up by sending someone to cheer me up with food, comfort and much needed prayers. 

I do encourage all my fellow Christians to get connected with either a church or christian fellowship group. Friends are awesome but your fellow sisters and brothers in Christ are precious because sometimes there are certain things only another fellow believer would understand and sometimes what you really need is to be prayed for. 

Like tonight. 

That visit was everything I needed and more and I thank God for it 

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Caroline said...

Aw what a sweetheart! that is soooo nice you're very lucky to have friends like her
I absolutely dont like it when customers take it out on workers like that because they think everyone is grouped together and think if something goes wrong its everyones fault ):
I hate getting my monthly! Because I get so oversensitive and the people around me can make a huge impact on how I feel, good and mostly bad. Do you get that too? Sucks but I guess that's life :P

Hope you feel better soon and your period finishes quick! LOL