Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011
Blogging for the sake of blogging even when I really don't feel like it at all but its a pity to just give up so here's a post on my christian fellowship group costume party.

No proper costume coz I waited way too late to get one, hence most are already sold out. Second, I am a cheapo and refuse to spend anything more than $20 bucks on a one time thing and thus there goes 75% of the costumes. Cannot wear slutty either coz its a christian fellowship so there goes 90% of the costumes. Combine all together and you get nothing.

Thus, I rummaged through my and my housemates'' closets and came up with this idea: nerd girl.

Ok I lie, my housemate (being the same procrastinator cheapo like me) came up with this 2 hours before her party and since hers was a day before mine, I just stole her idea :3

I did switched things up a little anyways and look more like a pro nerd than her heh.

I own nothing cept the white blouse and 3d glasses lols.

Anyways, slew of pictures of the party which was boring btw and thus I am now volunteering to be on the planning team because I have since come to the conclusion that my fellowship, awesome and cool as they are, have probably never heard of schedules and proper planning :\

man, I look super asian here. Also, I am tall ok! a lil above 5ft8! but that girl is crazy tall T__T and super pretty too like some gorgeous model I can stare at all day and am wondering why she doesn't just go be a supermodel.

Oh 2nd sis is Geisha girl. That cheapo bathroom robe like costume cost $20 ok! ripoff. And looks nothing like a geisha. But nothing makeup cannot help save ha!

Also, I know the flash is very unflattering where everyone looks 10 times fatter and I gave up trying to photoshop because its impossible so there.

Peter Pan, Hook and idk what. Lost boys maybe?

Bond, Bond Girl and the evil villain lols.

No really, dude went and print a M-16 (ok I think M-16 is a gun or something so M something whatever the British equivalent of spies I know it starts with M) ID since he's English and thought it fitting/perfect amongst us Americans who adore anything British.

Really, we do. I also realized how ignorant all my american friends are about the world with the questions they ask him :\

Although to be fair, I grew up in a commonwealth country so that might explain why I know a number of things of the UK. That and being in the Hetalia fandom ha. And you thought anime were useless entertainment.

70's divas dang I love them. So much flair and style and oomph! As you can probably tell, I love fierce girls. Sadly, I can never pull off such looks and look better on the cuter side (which I secretly dislike but you must flaunt what you're given with so I can only dream of being sexy fierce ha).

I thought he was Neo, but he said he was Mr. Smith, then come tuesday he said he was Neo so idk who he really is.

With my core group leader Carol who dressed as a farm girl just so she can get free Chipotle burritos coz they were giving out free burritos for anything farm related.

She's the kind of pretty I want to be *wistful

Scarlet from the game Clue! Or Cluedo if you're British. Or wth is that if you're from Malaysia like me who never heard of it till I came here. That girl is the most awesome girl I have ever met and I want with all my heart to get to know her super well but I am very tongue tied around her coz she just radiates awesomeness that I feel so inadequate lols.

My brilliant idea of substituting my purse for my schoolbag! it fits my costume perfectly right! Ingenious I must say!

And because flash was so relentless, I decided to make up for my misery by camwhoring in my bathroom where the lighting is perfect and I needn't use horrid fat inducing flash.

A whole slew of shameless camwhore shots I never really do and feel embarrassed to post up but my skin looks damn gorgeous here so let me be shameless for once:

This is prolly my fav. It looks like your typical regrettable high school yearbook photo haha.

Channeling my inner korean schoolgirl hurhur. 

Everyone always think I'm one till I'm starting to doubt my heritage I swear. 

I wasn't kidding when I said I was gonna be shameless and stupid.

Anyways, last pic which I like coz I personally deludedly think it looks like some japanese pv screenshot. feel free to disagree with me.

And there you have it, my halloween for the year 2011 and first time I ever got to dress up for one.


Cindy said...

this is so cute! I totally know what you mean by being the "cute" one rather than...I don't know how to describe it but effortlessly beautiful? you look super gorgeous and yay for bathroom mirror shots! :D

Caroline said...

ahaha that is such a cute costume! was excited to see your costume when you posted on my halloween post :) its so good! and the socks make it perfect!

hana said...

all the 'cute' comments just proved my limited hopes that I am forever stuck in that category XD ah i'd take what i can get XD thank you!

yay for bathroom shots indeed and yup i thought the socks were perfect too. thank goodness for my super asian style housemate who owns such clothing items hurhur.

Faye said...

Dayummmmm.... you look great! Kinda regret not doing anything for halloween (cept camping in the library T_T) I didn't even bake anything!! Meh. Oh and that girl damn tall man.

hana said...

THANKS!!! I baked pumpkin pie hahahaha. Well, there's always next year for yooooou :DDDD

Irwan Yulianto said...

i just looking around, and found ur blog.. ur pic was so good, u seem adorable n cute..asian girl.
see ya