Thursday, August 18, 2011

VBS 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011
So me and 2nd sis spent our summer working two jobs, where one was paid interns for our church and our duties include helping out in VBS aka Vacation Bible School and is held over the course of 5 days.

Fun fact: When asked how and where they first heard about Jesus, many youths and adults alike mentioned VBS. So this is definitely a ministry worth investing in.

The theme for Bethel's VBS was SonSurf from the Gospel Light series:

So for this VBS, we served mainly in the skit area and this is where I thank my uni christian fellowship for choosing me as one of their main actresses last year to perform in front of hundreds of college students so I kind of got over my fear and learned to throw all shame to the wind when it comes to acting. This was me last year:

Yes I was a cranky old grandma ok and for an extremely introverted person like me, it was a terrifying experience to be picked after being literally dragged into auditioning by a friend for the laughs. Did not help that this cute guy also kena chosen too only he got to act as the too cool for you student. Figures.

Anyways, back to Bethel. Sadly, there are no pics of me and the sis in costumes acting because I stupidly forgot to ask the pastor for pics and neither did I had the foresight to hand someone my camera. Too busy memorizing the script and rehearsing the whole day. As its not my church either, I have no access to any of their albums :C

My fav. kid Garune who declared me her best friend after playing ball with her and even drew me a pic of us :D

I really love love love the kids there and I guess I can say they love me too :3 The reason why I have been working with children ever since high school :)

The epic WATER SLIDE specially rented for the last day!

People here have all the luck and the life. I never had anything near that when I was a kid *sniff* Sometimes, when attending local events, just seeing all the outrageous decor and stuff makes me see just how easy and comfortable people have it here. Almost nothing is impossible; you just name it and they'll make it a reality.

Because it looks more impressive in video form:

I know what I'll be renting for my future kids' birthdays mainly so I can sekritly play with it myself.

Smaller pools for the smaller kids. Heck, forget the slide, we didn't even have this either! I had to use my own which I brought all the way back from Hawaii for years before Kuching even started selling those.

Daddy crashing the party because there was food hurhur. Yes, its always pizza. Like how in Msia parties are always about delicious bbq and and other never ending glorious food, here its always pizza or hotdogs or hamburgers only :C

Oh about 27 kids out of the 50 accepted Christ :)

A week later and it was our own church's turn for VBS.

We used Pandamania from idk what publication but what I do know it that its pretty sellout imo where I had to improvise for all the materials and programs as they wanted us to order every single item from them. Where is the creativity srsly if everything is already practically pre-made?

I may have never seen a more Americanized panda in my life than this.

So this time round, me and 2nd sis were in charge of craft and the daily wrap up session. First day was keychain making and instead of ordering premade wooden figures where they just had to draw in the eyes harhar, we made rock hard cookies (so hard that when we hurl it against the floor, it remained intact srsly) and had the kids decorate them to their hearts' desire.

We made a girl as an example and expected everyone to boringly copy it only to get our minds blown from their creativity like the alien above. To think I was thinking not every nice thoughts when he insisted that I glue the eyes vertically *shifty eyes* What. The kids I used to worked with were never that creative ok! We were trained to follow by the rules ah.

Just looking at this makes me want to weep tears of pride and joy T^T

But wait! Creativity is a double edged sword kays and there was this one woman helper who was suspiciously thrust into our department the last minute and at first I thought she just had no fashion sense (seeing as how she's all decked out in long dresses and boots with knee high socks in 90 degrees weather), and it was only when she started mumbling totally senseless sentences to herself did I start to fear for my life.

I'm sorry but why why why whyyyyy do I always get mixed up with people like this in churches everywhere? This is not the first time ok! More like the 10th or so. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them or anything. I just.... dunno how to handle them. Hello, introvert here ok! Only somewhat extrovert because of churches always unexpectedly thrusting me into the spotlight.

Tell me how to not be remotely creeped out when faced with art like this:


I don't want to know what the green things is. Ok to be fair, she is harmless and is in fact quite nice, always offering her food to people, but still.... This is so not my field of expertise. I am thankful for 2nd sis who is way more level headed than me where nothing fazzles her (but only because she has even more of her fair share of unique people).

But moving on to the 2nd day which was panda drumkits!

Copyrighted by mua ok because I totally came up with it in a fitful of inspiration. Ok so the paper plate pig I made in preschool might have helped.

Haha looking at them I learned that apparently the angle of how you glue the eyes is very important in determining whether it comes out looking like a panda or not. The girl was the only one who got it right.

Day 3 was paper fans:

So we caved and ordered it because it was cheap and the drawing keeps them preoccupied long enough.

Cute kid. But very ADD. Sigh. We had to do all his crafts for him while making sure he doesn't go about making a mess... At least he's cute and does listen every once in a while.

Dawww. The youngest class along with their cute fans. They draw better than me :C

Day 4 was mission bag dyeing for the kids in Latin America which I wasn't present for since I ran off to Huntington Gardens *ahem* coz I already pre-booked the free tix a month ago. So look, day 5 which was bracelet making:

Never assume when it comes to children. We thought the guys would be like 'oh this sucks, how boring, so girlish' but guess who were the ones dead set on making themselves one? Buying letter beads was a great idea.

A great week it was. Plus I got a $10 Starbucks giftcard too for helping out which I love very much because as much as I am in love with that store, I am way too stingy to pay $4 for some coffee. Yes, I know the post below this says otherwise but at least that bag can make cups and cups?

Anywho, VBSes are tons of fun and a good opportunity for you to sing all those praise songs at the top of your lungs without any inhibitions. I mean really, the more goofy and chill you are, the more kids will adore you. Just make sure you don't overstep the line into irresponsibility. Although its hard work, its worth every single bit in the end when you see those kids' smiles :)

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