Sunday, July 3, 2011

Daddy's Graduation

Sunday, July 3, 2011
Squeezing in a tiny post/overdue update before I go off to San Diego tomorrow and incur yet more photos which will probably never see the light of my blog until I decide to stop procrastinating.

So, most of you would have already known that my daddy moved to the states to study for his MDiv at Fuller Seminary. Also, some of you would have already known through facebook that he has since graduated last month. Yay for him and YIPPEE YAY for me for now there is no more papers for me to proofread *relieved*

So the graduation ceremony was held at a church which name I have since forgotten because I have a lousy memory just like that *sigh

My dad coming to Fuller not only enriched his knowledge, but also mine and I'm guessing the rest of our family too. For the last three years and counting, our dinner table talk and random chats consist of ancient history, blibical facts and issues on Christianity along with current world affairs.

I have to say that with all the stuff he learned that he eagerly shares with us, never in my life have the Bible appear so interesting and my views today are pretty radically much different from years ago. And by radical I don't mean I now go around torching people okay or whatever stereotype you are currently conjuring in your mind lols.

Random tidbit but do you know that zombies have somewhat appeared in the Bible? XD

Fuller is a pretty liberal seminary compared to many others and one is taught to question so many things in both life and the Bible that you sometimes wonder just what have you been believing in for the whole of your life till now. The beautiful thing however, is that with all the questions asked, there is a lot of answers and facts which only serve to strengthened your belief. Faith is not blind, contrary to what many think, but built on trust and understanding. I know many places nowadays usually like to put Christianity down as outdated and full of blind teachings with no supporting facts whatsoever that can't be questioned but I beg to differ. If that were the case, I would have given up for believing in something you aren't sure is real is the silliest thing ever no?

Nevertheless, 'liberal' as Fuller is, its/our moral beliefs still stand firm and there are certain stands I take that some may scoff at or ridicule. All I have to say is I sure don't hate anyone for not sharing the same views as me but I cannot go against something I truly believe in. Less hate, more love, and mutual respect for each other is what it should be imo.

Professor with awesome regalia from some equally awesome seminary. Totally magician haha

Anyways, enough about Fuller and more about my daddy who, shall I remind you again, has graduated. Trust me, you do not know how happy I am because really, when he studies, it feels like I am studying for him too and I say I deserve at least a corner, or two, of that cert. hmph.

With Fuller's president and his wife

Yes, he is going to become a pastor and while I am excited for him, I am also feeling somewhat burdened because it means yet another label tacked onto who I am: a pk aka pastor's kid.

Since I grew up as an accountant/businessman daughter, I know I am hardly like those born a pk and will probably never be exactly like them, all meek or crazy outgoing and perfect. On the other hand, neither am I Katy Perry either hurhur. I am just plain ol' me :)

Yet the expectations are already pouring in from everyone be it adults or peers or church leaders or non-believers on how I am supposed to behave simply because of who my father is. Some think I am not spiritual enough, some think I am too morally uptight and the only thing for certain is that you can never ever win. Not gonna lie, its tiring at times and sometimes I just feel a tad stabbity.

But when the going gets way too tough, I remind myself that I am only human, just like you, simply another sinner in need of Jesus's love and forgiveness; and as long as I am doing my best to live right by Him, its enough.


Christine said...

Gosh. Diane and Rena are as tall as you and Ariel already?! I NEED YOUR GENES OMG

hana said...

LOL yeah. They are crazily catching up and I am NOT looking forward/praying it won't happen for the day they start to surpass us in height :C