Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day '11

Sunday, May 8, 2011
Celebrated Mother's Day by cooking dinner for mummy with the sisters :)

Decided to go with a Western theme and by western I mean steak and clam chowder and the likes. I have no idea how you call it here because in Malaysia we call this 'Western Food' but when I say that here, people just give me blank stares and a vague 'oh you mean hamburgers?' aih.

Delicious clam chowder made by 2nd sis that tastes oh so yummy that even me, notorious clam chowder hater -no way! you gasp but its true- actually got second helpings.

All made from scratch :D Except the bread coz we ran out of time. Aren't you proud mummy for having such awesomely skilled daughters hurhur.

Cake baked by 3rd sis and decorated by 4th sis. One of these days I will buy an icing cake stand thingy so I can properly ice a cake. Its a heart btw. And finished in two sittings; my family is human pac-man incarnate I swear.

Here is mummy dearest all cheerful with her gifts.

Although my mom is very different from other moms where we never had beauty sessions and other feminine sort of bonding due to her tough childhood days, she taught me lots of other practical stuff like how to cook (and awesomely at that) and clean and come up with various ingenious ways to fix stuff which is really handy when the item you broke is some limited edition stuff that you cannot find anywhere anymore. She is also a genius at art and crafts and all our science or art projects are sure winners heh.

She used to be insanely strict on both me and 2nd sis when we were younger and we were simply terrified of her. However, if it weren't for her crazy methods (which I don't agree with still but was very effective *grudgingly admits*) and trusty rotan, we wouldn't be the straight A's students we are today. I totally memorized the entire 12x12 timetable under an hour ok. AN HOUR. When I was only SIX years old. With no mistake whatsoever because every mistake meant one stroke of rotan T___T Thankfully she has become super mellow over the years and now its fun to just hang out with her where I get to teach her stuff like makeup and fashion etc.

All in all, she has been and still is a good mother. Although our roles as mother and daughter have sort of switched over the years, there are still things that only she can teach me every now and then and for that I am thankful.

I love you mummy.

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