Monday, July 4, 2011

Seaport Village

Monday, July 4, 2011
Since I have free wifi and some spare time, I thought I'll do a short post so it wouldn't feel like a chore later.

Uncle Sam wants YOU! says Hi!

Celebrated the 4th of July in San Diego and hung around Seaport Village to kill time before checking into our hotel.

But first, some pics of a random viewpoint on the way to SD:

You would think that no one would stop but put up spaces for parking anywhere in California and people will stop. A bunch of people were hanging around this out of nowhere viewpoint for a break from driving.

Anyways, back to Seaport Village...

Its one of the 25 fun and free places you must go in SD. Parking is $1/15 mins unless you get your ticket validated at one of the merchants' shops then its $1/2 hrs.

Seaport Village is something like a Pier 39 in SF with a harbor view and quirky souvenir shops all around.

Like srsly fun shops where you find the cutest and oddest stuff ever. There's a Christmas shop selling all things christmassy, a hat shop that could probably rival some in the UK, a musical shop with the sweetest carnival musical box/thingy ever but cost like $200 so I can only stare longingly at it :C

I personally thought this place prettier than Pier 39 but maybe its because of my love for quaint little villages and the likes.

Some piccies of the harbor/port (even after reading wiki I have no idea which is what):

So there is like this guy who balances rocks for a living without knowing how physics even work probably.

Can you do that? *awe

I swear he is everywhere. I thought I saw him in Las Vegas and Arizona and who knows where else again. Even under all that body paint, he looks kinda hot imo. Probably a tad bit on the douchey/playboy side but still hot.

Actually he kinda reminds me of my cousin. Who yes, made fun of me for years when I came back from the States from my accent to dressing style *bitter* Although we get along now. Still. HMPH.

Fair like thing going on to entertain campers in the area while they wait for the fireworks later at night. Yes, people camping out for all kinds of events here in the US is extremely common apparently.

I am so patriotic that I dressed in red, white and blue today without noticing until much later hurhur

Took a video of the place but realized daddy's lappie doesn't have WMM so the vid will have to wait. Went to see the fireworks later at night too, which was at the beach, but couldn't find a parking spot (the throngs of people are insane) and so we had to make do with illegally parking at the roadside (with other unfortunate souls like us) and watching the show through some high fence like daddy say and I quote "prisoners stuck behind prison fences" :C

At least, there was another exact same display on the opposite side which was slightly farther away but had a better view with palm trees at least. No vid atm because the line is slow and uploading it will take donkey years. Will do so as soon as I get back.

Going to the zoo tomorrow so I'm gonna hit the sack now. Hope you all had a great 4th of July! Happy 235th Birthday *Alfred America! May God continue to bless our beautiful country always ♥

*if you have yet to watch Hetalia, you so should right now. srsly. best anime ever.

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