Monday, February 14, 2011

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Monday, February 14, 2011
So its been ages since I last wrote a review of anything.

Since writing reviews are the things I like to write best because they are so fun I shall attempt to do so again. Also, because I have been going through my folders spring cleaning each and found a bunch of screenshots so why waste it right?

Anyways, Kaichou wa Maid-sama....

...was the last anime I watched in ages that suit my taste which is either a good thriller like Death Note or high school romance comedies with loads and loads of eyecandy which is exactly like what Kaichou wa Maid-sama is 8D

I think all of you should know by now on how ridiculously superficial I can be when it comes to games and animes where looks > content any time. As long its funny, the guys hot and the plot pretty okay, I will like it. Vampire Knight was the only exception where I hated the plot but still succumbed watching till the very end because uhm the guys were pretty. Like really pretty *__* Whereas on the other hand, it takes a reallllllly darn good infallible plot for me to watch/play something severely lacking in the looks department. And even then, I still might not want to bother with it lalala~

Anyways, if you're like me, you'd like this anime. I decide to write reviews of animes I like because I believe there are many girls out there equally as 'superficial' as me and am sick of having to google 'animes similar to Ouran/Furuba' and get tons of results that are FAR from what Ouran and Furuba is -___-

So, basic gist of the story is a high school girl called Misa who is the school president of a former all boys school that is now accepting female students and she was one of the few who got in through a scholarship. She is loud, responsible, independent, doesn't take crap from anyone and prefers the company of girls over guys who she thinks are a bunch of uncouth slobs.

Funny thing is she secretly works part-time at a maid cafe of all places in order to support her family. Now why would a feminist who borderline hates guys choose this job is beyond me but meh. Whatever floats her boat. Oh and she has to keep her job a secret because it will irrefutably destroy her reputation.

Guess who discovered her secret?

Enter Takumi Usui who is the school's hottest guy who takes an interest in her because of her fiery personality that sets her apart from other girls. But she has no interest in him whatsoever. At least initially.

Yes peoples, this is your typical popular hot guy falls for unstereotypical independent girl who thinks she is extremely self-capable and frowns upon guys like Usui but then later throughout the story, slowly falls for him instead and realized that there are just some things only a guy can provide type of anime. In other words, predictable ending, unrealistic characteristics and shallow to the core storyline.

But that's not what we watch it for riiight?! ;D

We watch it for....

1) The endless amount of lol

I love animes that make me laugh and Kaichou wa Maid-sama is no exception. In here, Usui is like a closet pervert who manages to twist every innocent statement into something utterly inappropriate its ridiculous XD He is also incredibly nonchalant about everything and would do/say the most outrageous things ever without a 2nd thought. All with a straight face.

When asked how is he related to Misa

Later in the anime, we get a fleeting glimpse into his real life which doesn't look all dandy because every hot main character who is all sunshine and live like there isn't a care in the world must always have a dark tragic past or family issues. I swear there is a formula for genres like this.

But the tragic never lasts for more than a fraction of a minute before we are back to the lulz again thank goodness. As much as I like deeper serious interactions between characters every now and then, too much would only make it gloomy as most typical romance stories are bound to be.

2) the hot bishies that are bound to randomly appear by the dozen like this:

Does not matter that they contribute nothing significant whatsoever to the story as long they stand there long enough to look pretty 8D I always wonder how is it that anime guys can have such outrageous hair colors and look insanely hot but yet when translated into the real world, it looks utterly horrible. I think Aaron Yan from Fahrenheit is sooooo cute but when he dyed part of his hair purple....just no.

Yes, they are girls! Its butler theme this time for the maid cafe. In the world of anime, guys and girls are the same. Physical appearance, hair lengths, makeup, personality are easily interchangeable between both sexes. What really makes them a guy or a girl depends solely on the spoken words of the creator: 'and thou shall be a girl and thee a guy'. You can never tell otherwise really.

More eyecandy:

Quintuplets. Hot quintuplets. I always wondered... if you cheat on another brother and somehow got caught in public or pregnant, no one would ever know would they? Coz they all share the same identical features heh.

3) the 'romance'

I've watched quite a few different genres of romance and romance stories like this are the only ones I can stomach so far. Mainly because they aren't all mushy and full of people crying left and right. Or the girls overly weak and insecure. Seriously, stop being such a loser and go out and do something. Lose weight, wear makeup, buy nicer outfits, make an effort to keep talking to the guy until he knows you exist etc. So simple pffft. Even if you fail, at least you know you tried and probably gained truckloads of undiscovered self-confidence by then.


I like how in romance comedies like this, the guys are not only hot but sexily assertive/protective/confident etc. But yet at the same time have a soft, caring side to them. In other words, the ideal guy that would never exist in the real world because if he's hot and assertive, he's a playboy and an egoistical jerk. If handsome and quiet, no excitement factor. If assertive but has soft, caring side still... nah, very unlikely and if got would probably be lacking in looks. Sad how you can't have all irl.

Anyways, guys like Usui and Tamaki and Takashima Kei and the likes are just way more interesting than those typical purely shoujo ones where the guys are like idk, girls, personality wise. I give them credit for having nice characteristics but half the time they are uhm boring. Fantasies are fantasies for a reason and animes are fantasies no? :P


So ridiculously over-perfect you can never compete XD

Anyways tl;dr, this is one of those mindlessly fun anime designed to make you laugh and fawn over the pretty, pretty characters ♥ You don't watch it for the ending, you watch it for the progression :) I will be irritated if there was a twist and the two main characters don't end up together, not after I spent 23 episodes rooting for them to end up together so predictable endings are most welcomed here.

Give it a try and if you like it and want more animes of the same genres, just ask for recs in the comment box below. Have fun watching ^__^


maybe said...

I'm appreciate your writing style.Please keep on working hard.^^

Cloud Strife said...

Ooooo, I love this manga. Watched a 'lil of the anime on Youtube but I seriously think the manga is better and prettier because the colours in the anime look a little odd (esp. the green uniform - ew!) anyway, good post, hope to see more like this! Thanks! - Caroline
You might like Kimi ni Todoke too :)

hana said...

@maybe: thanks! ^^

@caroline: ah the thing about manga is its colorless and has no voice which is why if there is an anime, I will watch it over the manga *superficial XD

I'm actually watching KnT due to the suitemate's persuasion. I wouldn't say its what I'm looking for but idk. Still too early into the anime to judge haha.

Sadie Moss said...

I adore Kaichou wa maid sama 8D and loved this blog entry! <3 the anime is just so so good! Am so following this blog XD!!

hana said...

@sadie: aww thanks X3 I agree this anime is just awesome. I had a blast watching it :D

Sadie Moss said...

It's one of those animes I would rewatch to cheer me up 83 Like Ouran, of Special A. Usui is one of my favoutie male love interest type characters too, he is so cheeky xD

supposed to be a good name said...


I liked your report about Kaichou wa Maid sama pretty much. I just checked your watched anime list and saw that you didn't watch Hanasakeru Seishounen yet. May I suggest it to you? Because I believe we have some similar taste. ;)

hana said...

I'd just checked that out and DAMN! the AMOUNT of bishies *__*

I wished it was more comedic though but I've only watched the first eps so here's to hoping it gets better :)

Rec me moar animes yo!

supposed to be a good name said...

hahaha, yes they're very yummi!

ah, I'm not sure about the comedy aspect, but I didn't mean to compare it to Maid-sama. Nevertheless it's very exciting and has untypical characters (and the music is also recommendable).

I love Animes that make me laugh too, I believe Skip Beat was one like that. This anime gets a 10/10 overall rating in my opinion. :)