Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CNY in the Dorms

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Spent 2011's CNY in the dorms because the family is in LA and all relatives and friends are in Malaysia. Also, I have classes still... BOO.

So mom brought part of the dinner and CNY goodies up through USPS.

Since the roommate and gamergirl are Chinese, I thought to include them in my tiny Chinese New Year dinner which was 3 days late ahahaha.

Yee Sang ingredients sent by mummy dearest which I just put together and uhm spam musubi and cream corn to live up to the poor college student stereotype XD

Nah, its because we can't cook in the dorms and have to use the community kitchen downstairs which is such a hassle so I'm lazy to bring up an array of cooking utensils and ingredients. I have already sneaked a mini ricecooker in (shhhh don't tell) so its more than enough. BEST purchase in my uni life ever I swear.

I need my rice okay!

Vid of us tossing the Yee Sang:

Apparently no one here knows what Yee Sang is and I am starting to think that maybe its a Malaysian Chinese thing so someone please clarify for me.

Group pic! Guess who is whoooo :D

And yeah yeah we all look horrible except 2nd sis who wore makeup, bah her, but I was too tired to care to slap on makeup after I was done cooking. Yes, that is me on the far right. But you can tell that we are very happy no? :D

Random pic of our vent laden with candies courtesy of some neighbors who I do not know. Apparently, the roommate was chatting on the phone around the apartment block one night, saw a group of girls putting out candies, yelled 'I SEE YOU! CAN I HAVE THOSE CANDIES?!', scared the heck out of them in the process where they could only nod yes dumbly before she proceed to grab handfuls back to our suite and later going back to write thank you on their door.

I guess they found her amusing and came back the next day to sneakily give us more candies lols.

Shall now proceed to throw in random nicer made-up pic of self:

Bangs be gone~ Its sad to know that my church leaders differentiate me and 2nd sis by my bangs and once I pin it up, I become Ariel all over again -___-


Gilbert Sim said...

This is Ariel.

Tracy said...

Hey Hannah, that made-up self pic is really you? I think it is Ariel, you cheat :D:D:D

Leira said...

LOL. Actually I have to say that when I saw your made-up pic I really thought it was me. I was going through your camera the other day and was looking through it and was like, WHOA WHEN DID I BUY A SHIRT LIDDAT. But then it was you. OMG. CLONE. Put your bangs back down.

hana said...


No! Me no want put me bangs down sometimes because it gets in the way. kind of regret cutting it :CCC

Sabrina said...

yee sang is malaysian. i found out about that when i came to the US too.

hana said...

@Sabrina: HAHAHA REALLY?! No wonder everyone just kept staring at me weirdly. Thanks for clarifying it for me ^^