Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cloud Fluffs

Saturday, February 19, 2011
Recently, the roommate and gamergirl bought me a surprise farewell gift!

I'm taking spring quarter off due to personal reasons so I won't be seeing then till Fall '11 and by then we would have already moved to separate apartments. Ok gamergirl is staying with me yay but the roommate would be dearly missed ;A;

Its a polar bear pillow pet!

Both a pet plush toy and a pillow. All at the flick of a Velcro strap :D

idk about you but I personally think its the cutest thing evarrrr! Both of them have a pillow pet each which I had been eying with envy for the longest time so imagine my happiness when I got one!!!

The first time I saw it, I loudly announced that when I get one, it will so totally be a FLYING SQUIRREL. Cause just imagine how awesome would that be?! A normal squirrel when strapped and a flying squirrel when in pillow form. 2-in-1 ok. And it would be an actual animal instead of looking like a dead animal rug ahahaha you cannot deny that it does! But sadly, SADLY, there is no such thing as a flying squirrel pillow pet. I tried to find the company's email so I can contact them with my brilliant suggestion but there isn't one :C

Anyways, slew (and by slew I mean 3) of webcam pics because we all know how webcam makes you look 10 times better than real life of when I was skyping with friends the other day.

Cloud Fluffs says hi! :D

I couldn't decide what to name him and so the roommate came up with the name Stewart as she has a penchant for nerdy names for toys (her bear pillow pet is called Hugo) then gamergirl said simply 'Zack'. Well, I LIKED THAT A LOT and you know why :) It does look like a Zack somewhat. So it was named Zack Fair then.

But the truth is I wanted to name it Cloud (my obsession with the FF7 hero is insane hurhur) but it was neither blond nor spiky so I abandoned it in favor of Zack but then as I was chatting to the sister, she objected to Zack saying Zack is a puppy (boo!) and so I suggested Rufus since he is all dressed in white but she said Rufus isn't fluffy and then an idea hit me: what if I took the name 'Cloud' literally?

It is white and fluffy like clouds in the sky.

And thus Cloud Fluffs was born whatever :P

I love my Cloudy Fluffs ♥

Heh, don't you just want a pillow pet now too~ ♪


Cloud Strife said...

aww how adorable, arent you lucky! i have one those except its a dalmation :D

Rhyfhad said...

ihh... wow... i like..

Jessica said...

You and your pillow are so cute!! :D

hana said...

@caroline: I am! :D You have one too?! So its true everyone does have one! Why am I the only to have only heard of it recently lols.

@rhyfhad & Jessica: Thanks! :DDD

Sadie Moss said...

Thats so adorable :3 I love the name too XD suits it so well!

(Cloud is an easy obsession to get into :P teehee)

hana said...

@Sadie: I know! I love my pillow pet! (He is isn't he. He's blond, cute, yet packs a mean slash with his sword. Cloud Strife is almost perfection :3 )