Monday, November 8, 2010

He Provides

Monday, November 8, 2010
Today I received an email from the financial aid office informing me they are giving me an additional $4000.

This is about $1000 per quarter and was the amount left I needed for this quarter's housing. This news came 2 months after the deadline for any financial aid activity. This was also after we were told last month that we have the maximum financial aid available and they're sorry they can't help us.

Last week I have been reading and studying the book of Revelation and in almost all the chapters for that week were passages telling me that God knows my deeds, my sufferings, my needs, my faith in Him and to keep on persevering for He will come through for me in His own time.

Last week was also the time I made the decision and commitment to truly let go of the world and surrender my entire life -past present future- to Him completely. Wherever He leads me to I will go, as long as He promises to be with me always I will not worry nor fear even death because if 'God is for us, who can be against us'? -Romans 8:31

So I stopped worrying and life was indeed happier. Then this news came in today and I cannot help but cry thankful tears because its a tremendous encouragement.

I don't know what the future holds anymore.

But neither do I fear it any longer.

I just have to do my best and leave God the rest for only He knows best ♥


Tammy<3 said...

I just wanted to say, I'm not very religious, and I do not think that I have experienced enough of my life to really know what kind of higher power there is out there guiding us all but, I can really appreciate your faith and I think it's absolutely beautiful <3

hana said...

Thank you. I hope that one day you would be able to experience it too. It is really amazing ♥

Haruna said...

Haha, I found your blog looking for final fantasy wallpapers. (I've been playing Crisis Core, love Zack to death.) I like how your mind works, and I'm glad God is coming through for you. He always does. =D

I'm from UCI, so it'd be definitely interesting if I run into you on one of my random city excursions. <3 Wish I had the patience to blog haha. Best of luck!