Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just because you're White, doesn't mean you're right

Sunday, October 31, 2010
Especially when it has to do with asian stuff.

You know what I mean, like in history class you pronounce Mao Ze Dong as 'Mao Tze Doong' and you get some smart alec non-asian go 'NO ITS MAO ZAY DONG' as in ding dong bell dong. And you stare at them all incredulous like internally thinking are you for friggin real before you realize that yes they are for real and thus you reply saying 'uh no, its no--' before getting cut off yet again with them citing that 'the person in the T.V. pronounced it that way so I'm right' and wonders of wonders the narrator is.... caucasian -__-

EXCUSE ME. Hello?! Asian here? Not to mention I'm chinese again so I think *I* would know how to rightly pronounce a fellow chinese's name.

wth is this where I'm being doubted on something to do with my culture. I sure as heck don't go no its not pronounced as coffee its kah-fei/ko-hi okay what is wrong with you pronouncing even the simplest of words wrong?! to you do I?

Anyways, you get the gist of it.

So the other night I went out for dinner with my suitemates and midway through our conversation, the topic switched to rice and sorority girl went 'I put ketchup on my rice' to which all 3 of us asians started grimacing internally before drama queen piped up that she eats her rice with butter and WHAT why are we staring at her like that and don't you guys do it too???

Uh no. No we don't. We eat our rice with meat and veggies. Even better when there is sauce from either the meat or veggie and we stir it up with our rice total yums okay. Butter and ketchup on steamed rice wth that is like the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of but to each their own and I was fine with that until....

"Eww you guys do that???"

(When gamer girl told her about the mixing rice with sauce and meat/veggies thing) before proceeding to give us the most disgusted hell-no-you-don't-do-that-with-rice look and trying to get us to agree with her that rice should be eaten with butter cuz apparently all her friends does that too so therefore its the right/better method.

Not gonna lie. I am very slightly irritated by now.


Do you know how ridiculous you sound arguing about that with me. No? Well its like me saying "I eat mashed potatoes with soy sauce. WHAT YOU MEAN YOU EAT YOURS WITH GRAVY? GROSS." or "Everyone knows that spaghetti should be eaten with fish sauce and shiitake mushrooms" -rolls eyes-

Honestly, what is it with most of them thinking that their ways of doing everything is right and totally not weird even when that something is not their culture to begin with and instead slamming us for doing something that we've been doing for like idk, five thousand years so I think if anyone is out of the norm, its you.

Butter with rice....

And I'm not talking about butter prawns with rice okay.

But 100% nothing but pure butter....

On rice.



Leira said...

hahahah! i know right!

bibhash k jha said...

ya you are so right .. i had so much problems making friends in Canada because I am brown .

Juvencia Michelle said...

Hey I was just skipping through different blogs when I came to yours. I really enjoyed reading it. I was wondering if you could follow my blog back.Thankyou