Friday, November 19, 2010

Phoenix Wrong

Friday, November 19, 2010
I know, I know, I promised to blog more but that is virtually impossible because whatever time not eaten up by studies and pre-dental club activities is taken up by church and youth fellowship. My youth group is like 100 times more active than all sororities out there I swear cuz I am always out more than my party-going friends. Shocker.

Going to a retreat tomorrow so here's some random Phoenix Wrong videos to entertain you if you have never seen them. Don't need to play the game to laugh at them but omg you should totally play them at any rate because I love the Ace Attorney series more than Final Fantasy and that is saying a lot given how insanely obsessed I am with Cloud :3

Boot to the Head

Gay or European

Anyways, Klavier is not gay. At least I don't think so but its kind of hard to say because he flirts with everyone in the game -__- He is European though, German. And very very sexy :d Song is from 'Legally Blond' musical :)

Anything Edgeworth can do, Franziska can do better

Ok last video needs some understanding of the game but first one definitely doesn't!


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Yeneeko said...

Oh man, the boot to the head Phonix write is amazing. xD The rest of the videos are pretty funny too. I see that it looks like you like a lot of anime. :3 Same here! I follow Mazui Subs, Ryuumaru and Doki. Also, Gendou is amazing! I like your blog, it's pretty cute too. :3