Monday, October 11, 2010

DSi vs. PSP Go

Monday, October 11, 2010
Apparently I still couldn't really decide between a DSi and a PSP even after finally deciding on the PSP Go  in January so I got myself a DSi over summer haha.

This is not to say that the PSP is lacking in any way at all okay because if I had to really choose between one, it would be the PSP still :3

So I got the white one to be all matchy matchy with my white psp ♥ Also, because the pink one was a downright ugly flamingo-barbie hybrid :\ I got my DSi off eBay which was loads cheaper than in stores or Amazon woots! Its genuine too okay and not some China rip-off. Btw, the DSi has two screens where one is a touch-screen (bottom).

So anyways, imo everyone should own a handheld gaming device for it makes such an awesome time killer in between long lines, the 15 minutes before class, waiting for the bus to arrive, your turn at the clinic or during jury duty etc. I personally prefer them over the iPod Touch for with these you can play games, read books, watch movies, surf the web, listen to music etc. and I know the Touch does all those too okay but the games it has can never amount to what the DSi or PSP has to offer. It is not a legit gaming console and thus cannot be compared.

My only gripe is that you can't access youtube or any other flash sites on these two devices so there, 1 point for the iPod Touch hmph.

Before I start comparing both the DSi and PSP, let me start by telling you the important differences between the DSlite (predecessor) and the DSi:

- DSi is way lighter than the DSlite which weighs a ton imo.

- It has a camera and all pictures you take can be displayed on the top screen as wallpapers. However, you cannot copy pics into it but only from it which irritates me because I cannot use this cute dinosaur wallpaper. Pictures can be stored internally or in an SD card. I personally have no use for the camera for I already have a digicam but if you are a camwhore like my sis you can use it for selca and decorate it like a purikura *shrugs

- DSi can download and play downloadable games from the DSi Shop. Kind of like PSN (playstation network) for the PSP.

- The DSi has a music player, Flipnotes (some animation drawing program) and whatever you can buy off the shop.

- DSlite is way cheaper. Duh.

- And also has a glossy finish and not stupid matte like the DSi ugh how I HATE the matte finish. Attracts dirt like crazy and I find myself having to wipe it a million times a day (for I am ocd) and it looks like it'll be more prone to scratches. So I gave up and bought a DSi decal off eBay the other day...

Conclusion: The DSi has tons more features and a menu system similar to the PSP whereas the DSlite has nothing but a game folder when you switch it on. Mad boring. But if you're using a 'flash card' then I guess it doesn't matter which you get for homebrew will settle everything ;D You will need a flash card if you want to read books or watch movies but don't ask me how cuz I am too lazy to figure it out and just use my PSP for videos and Blackberry for books :P I never read eBooks anyway cuz I dislike eBooks.

So back to the real question: DSi or PSP?!


Ok fine. So say you can only choose one, then let me tell you what I like and dislike about each and you make your decision later.

As you can see, the PSP Go is way more compact and cuter and sexier looking than the DSi :D It also has a pearly glossy finish ♥!!! But this applies only to the Go and for the older PSPs, its larger and not as cute and thus I have no interest in it.

So what are the differences that matters? From a girl's pov at least.

The DSi is actually better for those 15-30 minutes wait times where you want a mindless game to pick up, play and be able to put down the minute you have to go without going "DRATS AND I ALMOST KILLED THE MONSTER I HAVE BEEN BATTLING FOR THE PAST 10 MINUTES ARGH IF ONLY I HAD ONE MORE MINUTE!!!!!" and spend your next 30 minutes simmering in annoyance and strategizing your next move for the next spare moment you have, effectively missing whatever your professor had said. Or worse, miss your bus because you were too engrossed in the game. True story T____T

There are puzzle games like the Layton series, Sudoku, or really mindless but fun games like Cooking Mama (which kinda stop being fun after burning your soup 10 times in a row and turns into a personal vengeance to get a perfect gold medal as you start screaming at the screen in frustration but I digress), Diner Dash, Bejeweled, Pokemon, Nintendogs (I CAN HAS KONKON NAO!) or racing games like Mario Kart that you can pause, save or quit anytime without feeling any pangs of 'nooooo! al-most the-re...' game pain.

The PSP on the other hand is a more intense gaming device which requires your undivided attention if you want to win. Its really like a PS in portable form. Its for those long plane/car/train rides where carrying a TV is impossible. You get awesome graphics and sound and gameplay ♥

Like God of War, Daxter, Final Fantasy etc. These games make it hard to stop once you started so a 10 minute time filler is out of the question for you would either go 'meh, I can do *insert whatever chore you're supposed to do here* later' or feel all disgruntled and dissatisfied as you grumpily stuff your PSP into your bag to do said chore. Oh! And your favorite pretty boys or sexy girls look a heck lot better on the PSP too :D


You can still have both your cake and eat it too, whatever that phrase means. For you can also have PSP-like games for the DS and vice-versa :D If you love some long story action games every now and then, there is some for the DS too like Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and Final Fantasy 3 and 4.

The only difference is the crappy graphics :\

Left: KH: 358/2 Days.  Right: KH: Birth by Sleep

Also, if you want to play mindless games on the PSP, you can now with PSP-minis like Stand O' Food, Mahjongg Artifacts, Monsters Stole My Princess, Coconut Dodge etc. Besides that, there are other full games like Burnout Legends (racing) and DJ Max Fever (rhythm) that you can pause, save and quit anytime too without feeling any sense of 'loss'.

The only difference is I don't really feel any sense of accomplishment compared to DS games where like Layton, if you solve a puzzle you advance further or have gold medals for Cooking Mama. Yeah yeah I know you get medals or unlock items for Burnout Legends and stuff but it just doesn't really feel like a 'game' but literally a time-filler if you get my drift.

Gaming aspects aside, both devices has a web browser and a music player but only the PSP has extra features like a video player, radio station and a comic book reader which is really wonderful if only you could put your fav. manga in it for I don't care for American comics (idk if its possible and I just haven't tried). The DSi has a built in camera as mentioned but who cares. If you really want a camera for the PSP, you can buy the extension. But honestly, get a digicam.

Conclusion: If you prefer shorter or maybe more on the feminine side of games, don't care for graphics and would most likely only pick it up during wait times, get the DS. If you like longer more action packed games and want high res graphics so you can ogle your fav. pretty boy heroes (DISSIDIA♥!), travel a lot and would pick it up whenever you are bored, get the PSP.


Both of these models would soon be replaced with the new Nintendo 3DS and the supposed PSP2. Whether you choose to wait for them to drop is your choice. Also, should you decide on a PSP, there are major differences in the PSP 3000 (and older) and the PSP Go which you should check out in my post here. I am still angry that I cannot play Birth by Sleep on the Go so you might want to reconsider your decision.

Anyways, there you have it. A breakdown on both devices that hopefully makes it easier for you to choose one. Chances also are that if you're a girl, you'll most likely like the DS. Although I still prefer the PSP because the games are more awesome. I initially bought the DSi solely for KH: 358/2 Days which was mad disappointing (everyone was so pixelated that oogling them was impossible) that I gave up halfway and regretted buying one :C


...then I stumbled upon the Phoenix Wright series and I honestly swear that it is totally justifiable to get a DS simply to play with this game d(^.^)b BEST GAME EVER. PERIOD. I am putting AAI on hold because I cannot bear to finish it and have nothing to look forward to whenever I switch on my DS lols. I am hopelessly infatuated with Phoenix and positively squealed in joy after hearing that another game is in the works X3

But yeah. If only stupid Sony would put their entire library collection up on psn, I would totally brainwash you all into getting the PSP Go. Till then, have fun choosing.


Anonymous said...

wow!!!thanks for the info i have been thinking which 1 to get for such a long time(5 dayz lol). i already have a dsi n it's AMAZING but i want to watch some good movies as well i mite just buy one as an early x-mas gift!!!!LOL

hana said...

@anon: no problem. glad i could be of some help here lols. But yeah about the psp, if you really don't care much for games then maybe the Go would be nice because it is hella sexy and small and all that but if you want all the big games, get the 3000.