Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tuesday, January 19, 2010
I now have a new excuse for not blogging besides plain old laziness. If you've been following me on Twitter then you would have known that last Friday, daddy had gotten me a new toy:


This is my first psp and also my first official foray into the gaming world ♥ Ok, so I've played tons of computer games in the past and video games but none of those count imo because those are not PS, PSP, Xbox and the likes.

Maybe you can't tell but I LOVE GAMES OK! I love a lot of things actually. Combination of things and interests that people think don't co-relate to each other but I love them all anyway. I just recently realized they all share one common trait though: expensive wteff.

Anyway, I'd never owned the PS simply because I kept turning down daddy's offer to buy one in the past. Mainly because no one introduced me to Final Fantasy *huffs at friends* and so I didn't know what I was missing out and thought why not buy cheaper mini tape video games in that case. And by the time I heard of it, I didn't dare ask daddy for one because I assumed he would probably ask me to 'go save your own money and buy it yourself' :C Which I totally went and got a job for but in the end couldn't bear to plonk down the hard earned RM700 just like that lol.

Then the other day I was spazzing over the DSi and somehow it ended with daddy going 'why didn't you ask me to buy one for you last time then? I didn't know you love such things' and I felt like stabbing myself there and then. But anyway, somehow he said he'll buy me a DS if I can convince him of its awesomeness (which I did, sort of) but then halfway through, my indecisive and fickle self kicked in and I was torn between the DSi (can play mindless games like cooking mama!) and the PSP (ZACK ZACK ZACK CHUBBY CLOUD RENO ASLDKASLDA FINAL FANTASY *Q*) and as if it wasn't bad enough, Sony had to come out with the Go and so I had to later decide between a PSP 3000 and a PSP Go. And then later between the black and white wthwthwth.

Two months of endless daily research and hounding of psp owners later, I finally decided on the Go.

Ok, I lied.

Daddy decided it for me. I couldn't make up my mind at all :x But he was all 'I refuse to buy an old model!' and so the PSP Go it was.

All those research and questions.....useless. Ya my friends all hate me now :C

But I was glad I chose the Go!!! Bought it at Amazon for $229 free shipping but someone stole the first shipment wth may his balls drop off and so I had to wait another 2 weeks for the replacement to arrive. Anyway, as you can see, IT'S SO CHIO RIGHT?! ♥ You can't see it here but its a glittery pearly white! So small again! [128 x 16.5 x 69 mm (width x height x depth)] Like a cellphone! No need to deal with UMDs too (ok unless you hack yours then sama sama also only I can expand my memory up to 36GB) as its all digital downloads and omg do they have everything you want on it be it games, movies, comics, manga, anime etc. IF you had the money lah of course. Which I don't :C

I love the internet too can browse my email, twitter, lj, google reader, fanfic etc. and my only gripe is WHY NO YOUTUBE/FLASH VIDEOS?!?!! I want to watch anime online mkay?! *grumbles*

Anyways, the difference between the Go and other older PSP models is that the Go relies solely on digital downloads whereas the rest can do both digital and discs. Normally, one might say a multitasking equipment is best but have you seen the huge size difference?! No matter how you see it, the Go is sleeker and way more portable (no need for carrying multiple discs around). Plus going digital is the future imo. Just send me all the game booklets in pdf format and I'd be happy.

However, be aware that Sony has yet to put up their entire library on psn and this is what pisses me off. IF they had only done that maybe make downloading times faster (but I can ignore that) then the Go would be the best thing ever so far. Not being able to play Crisis Core, which was the sole reason I really wanted a psp, irritates me no end but that is not the worst. The worst is not being able to play Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep either. Apparently, not all newly released games are required to be available on psn (like I was misled to believe) so you have a possibility of being screwed over. Prices are as expensive as physical copies too which I don't mind if they would kindly send me a poster or make those game booklets available in pdf or whatever format that can be read on the psp. But no. So decide wisely.

But on to happier things:

So I bought FF: Dissidia and omg I'm so in love with Tidus now *__* His cheery attitude is just ♥ Sorry Amanda I called him an uncouth ah beng last time cuz I didn't know better T__T

All in all, I still love my PSP Go a lot and wouldn't trade it in for a 3000 even if it means not being able to play two of my fav. games because.....its just really so much more portable. Although there are times I want to buy a 1000 and hack and pirate the crap out of it out of spite towards Sony. But whatever...

So there you have it, my new excuse to not blog lols. But so worth it no? :D

PS: Kindly refrain from 'PSP 3000 is so much better, PSP Go sucks' comments because no. No it doesn't. Its PSN that suck. Everyone who has played with mine agrees on how much they love it and if it weren't for the whole PSN fiasco, would have traded up for the Go too.

PPS: Bought a DSi [on July 2010] which you can read about here (^.^)


e.motion in motion said...

OMG It's so cute! I've never even heard of this thing before LOL >__<; I wish my dad would buy me things haha!

I just have a DS. I want the DSi but now that I've seen this, I want one!!!

Amanda said...


then we can be matchy machy LOLZZZZ

' said...

OMG U BOUGHT A NEW PSP??? AWESOMENESS. u are so effing lucky man.. i love love tidus too!! i ALMOST ALMOST finished FFX but damn Yunalesca battle is a nightmare. so i din finish it. sigh. but seriously tho, TIDUS FTW.

hana said...

@erynn: Since you already have the DS, you should get the psp! Since the DSi is practically the same thing as the older DS but simply a remodel whereas the psp has other awesome games the DS doesn't! :D


@ ' : lol do you have a nickname or something I can address you by lol. TIDUS IS JUST <3333 I CAN GO ON ALL DAY HAHA. sadly i never got to play FFX or any FF for that matter aih I would so finish it for you if I could XD

cynthia said...

i actually way prefer the actual PSP to the go ... maybe it's good if you never had a PSP before, but if you have a whole collection of UMDs, it's no good / waste of money. T_T i'm not able to play my korean games on my friend's go! waaah!

hana said...

@cynthia: Yeah, if you have bunch of umds then yes I say keep your 3000. but for new comers I'd say PSP Go is the way to go. Its really cute and very very portable imo.

And i thought you can always create an account based in korea if you wanted korean games. a bit of a hassle to keep switching between accts but still possible.

but i believe they will find a way to fix all these tiny issues in the future. it really is much better without a umd drive ^^

Cia said...

wtf is me la. the middle child of the Law family. sometimes known as the twin of yr twin. my computer is biased so it doesnt let me post my name *shifty eyes*