Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's All In The Head

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
So today I found out that my chem classmate who sit beside me is in actual fact 33 years old. LIKE WTH OKAY I SWORE SHE DOESN'T LOOK OR ACT A DAY ABOVE 23. Cuz we were discussing universities and careers and halfway through she was like oh but you're young and have all the time in the world and I'm like wth you talking about lady you're around the same age as me inside before she went on and told me she's 33 and used to work in real estate before getting sick of it and its like time freaking froze as my brain went into overdrive trying to process the information.

Which left me feeling extremely mortified now because the last few times I'd spoken with her I was erm a bit on the snappy side as I didn't really like her the first time I met her as she seemed to be on the haughty impatient smartass side and I have zero tolerance for anyone who think they are always right and distrust your answers and turn to the other side for a second opinion when they asked you first like wth okay if you're not gonna believe me then don't friggin ask me in the first place cuz its like a slap to my face telling me you think I'm stupid and am probably wrong. Which I seldom am cuz yes I am the one who got the top scores in class thankyouverymuch.

I have no idea how to face her anymore okay. Its one thing to be bitchy to someone of equal age or younger but more than 10 years difference (older) is just unthinkable. Inner asian me just won't allow me to do so. I might have to bake her cookies to make up for it D:

Moving on, I'd just finished watching Pyscho! The 1960 original and not the remake okay because I'm taking a theater arts class (yes, again) and I need to choose a film from AFI Top 100 for my term paper. I totally love this class as all we do is watch old classics and let me tell you that the Hollywood now has nothing on the Hollywood then. Everything seem crappy in comparison to all those old movies and my personal mission this summer is to complete the entire AFI 100 list since I'm already 1/3 through it after my two classes :D

I totally feel more elite than the rest of you already *hidung tinggi wth

Also, actors from the olden days are mad hot! Like for reals! The only actor I actually found hot in Hollywood now is Jude Law and only as Watson because I am pretty sure I heard of him before then but wasn't the least bit interested so I am apparently only attracted to his one look wteff. Anyway a picture of Anthony Perkins who played Norman Bates:

Very cute no?! He's like this soft slightly awkward very nice guy in the film and if it were me in it I would totally concoct a million devious plans to snag a date with him or die trying. Literally. Since he is apparently freaking psycho words cannot describe and his creepy smile in the final scene is still firmly embedded in my brain to haunt me for nights to come. I also now name Hitchcock my favorite director of all times because I watched another film of his and loved it too. Mystery anything or suspense is my guilty pleasure ♥

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