Sunday, February 21, 2010

Las Vegas Strip

Sunday, February 21, 2010
So, the final post to wrap up our last summer road trip. Yes, I know, its soooo last year but lately my heart has been everywhere but blogging. But since friends and family wants to see pics, here I am blogging. Although I doubt they bother reading me anymore lol.

The final destination of our summer vacation road trip starting from our stay at Fremont Street in Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, crossing the Hoover Dam in the process and back again now to the Las Vegas Strip.

Scenery pics which I no longer have any idea where they are from.....

So I shall pretend that its from the journey from Arizona back to Vegas.

Hot Wheels! is all I can think of when I see stacked flyovers like these :D

Yes, definitely back in Las Vegas alright....

Anyway, a bit on Las Vegas if you're planning to go there. The two places you wanna stay at is the previously mentioned Fremont Street and this: the Las Vegas Strip. No it is not a stripper town ok although yes there are strippers if you look in the right places, its Vegas ok, but I digress. The Las Vegas Strip is your Orchard Road in Singapore or Bukit Bintang in KL. I suggest staying here over Fremont Street since after a night there, you are gonna be bored to death if you don't plan on gambling like us.

We stayed at Circus Circus. I was skeptical when I first heard of the name cuz seriously now, circus anything is like synonymous with sleaze imo. Gone are the days when the word circus brings to mind brightly lit tents with cute animals and goofy clowns but instead hello insane clowns and skimpily clad women who want to lure you to your doom. Or maybe I just watch way too many movies and read one too many unnecessary books and have now become this paranoid person :\

But it turned out to be a family hotel. It used to be one of the more popular hotels but is now one of the older and slightly rundown ones. Still pretty decent and clean though and a steal for only $30 a night.

The hotel is crazy huge and have a bunch of elevators for different floors. For example, one would run from floor 1-15 only and so if you're on the 16th, you have to take another elevator. Remember this okay so you won't be like us who stupidly thought that it runs on all floors and had to sheepishly get out with all our luggage in tow when we realized our mistake right after the door slammed shut and wondered where the heck our floor button disappeared to. Was cursing this stupid idea when I later realized that it was actually brilliant cuz it means I needn't wait forever for the elevator to come all the way down from the 40th floor to the lobby.

It has a mini indoor theme park and a shopping mall in itself. There is also a circus show in the morning but we were too tired to attend it. They had this all you can eat steak buffet the night we were there and guess how many I ate? FOUR. Yeah its no wonder why I am fat anymore. But the buffet is an ambiguous affair because whereas the first steak is a particularly good one, the ones after it are cheap cuts with 50% fats and thus I had no qualms making the waiter bring plates after plates of steak for me *self-justification. Here's an advice: get well-done for the first steak and medium rare or rare for the following as it'll be tough as a boot if you get well-done for the later. 

Went out for a walk on the strip after dinner with the main purpose of catching the Bellagio Fountains show. Every hotel along the strip has their own individual show but since we were pressed for time (remember to be out on the strip by 8 if you wanna catch everything since all shows end at 12am) and didn't want to miss Bellagio's, we skipped everything :C It was around 11 when we finally went out sigh.

Pics of the strip during the night:

Seriously love the buildings in Vegas. They are each so unique and pretty! Like a fantasy land where you can build any kind of buildings your heart desire ♥

Eiffel Tower. There was also a Statue of Liberty a little further down the road. Las Vegas plans to stuff all 7 wonders of the world on this one strip lol.

Ceasar's Palace. A hotel. INSANELY BIG. Walked for blocks and it was still Ceasar's Palace. Which was very discouraging when its nearly 12am and the Bellagio is right within view but dammit, you're still stuck around in this hotel's ground after endless walking.

All hail Ceasar wteff

Finally! We reached the Bellagio just in time to hear the last strain of music playing before everything was shrouded into darkness again. It was 11.55pm and my heart completely plummeted to the depths of of despair as I could only stare in horror wondering if I had just missed the last show.

Since we had nothing better to do, we decided to take pics:

 mummy and daddy 


In the midst of our camwhoring session, lo and behold, music started playing and YES YES YESSSS THERE WAS STILL ONE LAST SHOW TO GOOOOOO!!!!!

It was superbly magnificent! Best fountain show ever aldjalsdjaslda ♥

I'm in Vegas yo! This fountain is synonymous with Vegas to me ok because every time you see an advertisement of Vegas, confirm this fountain would be in it! :D

Nah, a clip of videos I strung together so you can experience it through your screen and speakers lol:

*watches clip dreamily*

Watch it or if you're impatient then skip it till the end ok the end was awesome ♥

One day, I will stay at the Bellagio. Its so classy and stuff I love it ♥ *checks rate* Starting price is $169/night wteff cheaper than that lousy cheating motel whatever suite room again in Arizona! Ok, I ish gonna stay here in da future :3

Started back for our hotel because its already past midnight and all shows have since ended so nothing much to do besides clubbing. Fashion tip if you plan to party here: wear red. Or whatever really as long as its not black cuz 99.8% of the girls were in black dresses and suddenly in this midst of black there was a girl in red and bam everyone's eyes were immediately on her. Sooooo refreshing I tell you. Confirm will make you stand out and maybe snag that hot guy you see standing in the corner ;D

Begged daddy to stop and take pics for us cuz doesn't it remind you so much of historical romances and romeo and juliet and taylor swift's love story! Our faces are tiny here because its all the way up and there is in front of it so you have to stand a good distance away to snap a pic :C

Was this part of Ceasar's Palace? I'm guessing yes cuz its all Greek gods like. Greek....Sigh I want to play Kingdom Hearts ok! *obsessed gamer mode on*

More pics of the parents for the benefit of relatives back in Malaysia. And my next paycheck is going to a decent camera because I am sick of blurred mementos *clutches hair

The Mirage. Another mad huge hotel. Completely surrounded by massive pools of water.

Missed its show too haih. I blame it all on the all you can eat steak buffet

More pics of it because I can. I love the hotels on The Strip better than Fremont Street cuz its all really pretty and classy like. My idea of the ideal hotel. Totally flashy ♥

The Palazzo. No idea what its concept. Maybe just a simple snazzy hotel?

The we have Treasure Island whose building is really plain boring (sorry I didn't take a good pic of the building itself) but is surrounded with water in which there huge pirate ships.

I'm Captain G-Sparrow, Errybody just follow me now!~♪



No idea who. Took it simply cuz I find it amusing that there is a one star walk of fame all of a sudden on the pavement in Vegas lol.

Was mad tired when we arrived back at our hotel and we had to pass through the casinos to get to our room and gawd do I feel like screaming at the endless noises of all the slot machines and shuffling of cards and the rolling of dies and people talking loudly or cheering omg I could feel my sanity slipping by the second I swear and the place started looking more like hell with each painful step.

I'll tell you how it feels like. Say you've just been rudely woken up at 7am with the mother of all hangovers to the sound of beating drums and lion dances and firecrackers burning with people clapping and shouting with joy and to top it all off a police siren is heard racing to the chaotic scene wth are you wincing in pain now because you should and yes that was how I felt omg.

This is the parking lot of our hotel and if you look closer at the ceiling you'll see that its entirely covered with footprints which begs the questions of how the hell did those get up there??!?!?! Do people suddenly gain superpower abilities to fly after a night of boozing and gambling wteff. Or maybe its a drunken game where people compete to see who can throw their shoes the highest. srsly, why, what, how???!

One of those infamous in-and-out burger outlets wedding chapels lol. Now I wonder which was the one Britney got married at....

One thing I found both absolutely mortifying (because I have younger sisters with me) and hilarious (because srsly wth ok hahaha) was these red hot babes trucks all over the city. On it there is a number to call with the slogan along the lines of 'we deliver directly to you' and reminded me and 2nd sis of a pizza delivery van only here in Vegas they deliver hookers instead wth hahahahahaha. And all the newspaper stands were filled with porn magazines instead wteff. Only in Vegas indeed.

Realized we'd forgotten to make a trip to the iconic Welcome to Vegas signboard so this mini lookalike would have to do.

So this concludes the end of our summer road trip omg its finally finished yes yes yes I shall go play with my psp now byebye *scurries off*


faye said...

Whoa how many times have you been toe Vegas? :O At least you get to go there when you're 21!

hana said...

only ONCE hahaha! I was just lazy to blog everything in one go and separated them according to different parts of Vegas. aih going there when you're not 21 is quite useless. but if you're not gonna gamble or party then its pretty much the same LOL.