Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The road to Las Vegas

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
So I'd finally gotten around to blogging about my LasVegas/Arizona road trip. Obviously, I will be blogging in parts because to write about it all in one post is too overwhelming. Plus I need time to edit all the pics as I dislike seeing bad pics with horrible lighting and contrast heh.

Anyway, since this vacation was a road trip, here's a view of what its like from LA to Nevada. Las Vegas is in the state of Nevada in case you didn't know :) Then again you probably do since CSI is so popular anyway. Although I still think the LV one suck and Miami pwns them any given time. Horatio is awesome ♥ Plus the cast are way more attractive :D

Proof that CA is a desert. You'll only realize it when you're waaaaay into the lone freeway to Nevada cause unlike other states where the nearby areas of their freeways are totally forsaken as above, in CA, everywhere you see are buildings, buildings and more buildings. Its only like into 2 hours of the drive do you start to see it becoming more of a desert instead of a city still.

Oh, in the states, everyone drives. Because the roads are damn good anyway unlike Malaysia where I still remember the bumpy roads from Kuching to Miri omigosh that was a pain. This is the difference between first world countries and third world ones. Not saying that Malaysia isn't nice cuz its still a pretty damn good place to live if you try to ignore all the political madness and blatant corruption. I still miss that place every now and then.

Anyway, more views of the desert. I quite like road trips because I can blast my cd of choice at my desired volume, read books comfortably in my seat with food and cold ice drinks (always bring a cooler to store drinks, fruits, ice-cream whatever) within my reach. Pretty darn nice I tell you :D No stupid cabin pressure like if you sat in an airplane instead too! I regret not taking a picture of the interior state of my car then but I am telling you, if the distance is reasonable, driving is the way to go!

Jeng Jeng Jeng so do you meet your death here if you travel down this path?

Last desert-y pic I promise. Sorry I took so many but I never saw a real desert before except in Huntington Garden so I got a little crazy :p

Rest area between stops! SO NICE!!! Totally didn't expect the place to look like this and was imagining some dinky old shabby hut with dirty toilets. But this was totally beautiful! For a rest stop ok so don't compare it with Hilton hotels or what not.

Scenery behind the place. Sorry I don't take toilet pics ok because there were tons of people in there mai siao I refuse to look like some FOB hor.  But there were vending machines, drinking fountains and a picnic area with benches and tables.

Of course, obligatory camwhore shots! Me and my sisters.

I like this view. The golden stretch in front looked a lot like those Egyptian deserts in movies where its like the golden city or something where everyone is traveling towards it. Nah, a clearer view of what I'm talking about:

See? Like some distant paradise city whatever. I don't know how to explain so sorry if you still don't get me :C

What it looked like up close. No golden paradise city after all. Just miles and miles of yellow sand. How disappointing :C


You know you're in Las Vegas alright when casinos are the first sight to greet you upon arrival.

And this is like not even into the real city yet. Just the outskirts. And yet you're already bombarded with huge ad billboards and hotels with casinos. Btw, you don't see billboards along the freeways of CA and I think daddy said its because they won't allow it. Which is good imo because they are ugly.

Terrible??? Wth ok what is up with that name. Only fools would try their luck there now. Don't say they didn't warn you.

So many casinos everywhere is amusing. Every hotel is a casino btw. These are for desperate people who can't wait to go the main city to gamble first.

Another hotel/casino with its own amusement park. 3 in 1 baby.

I love Las Vegas's buildings because they are all so terribly unique. Each is like its own little wonderland ♥

Since I am running out of things to say as all these pics were taken spontaneously along the way I shall just let them do the talking themselves:

Low flying airplane about to land soon lol I am so childish.

Oh yeah, everything here is way cheaper compared to CA. For one, the food is sooooo cheap its a steal :D Stupid high CA tax. Why can't it be like Vegas *grumbles grumbles*

Some pyramid hotel. Dunno why its black...

Fairytale kingdom! So you can live like king or princess.

Told you the buildings are oh so pretty!

I think most of these are located on The Strip. The Strip is like Orchard Road in Singapore or Bukit Bintang in KL ok and not a strip club... And no, people do not strip along The Strip either. Don't be silly.

I call these the Godiva chocolate buildings om nom nom nom :d

His sole tower. I heard the mafia businessmen here won't allow him to build a casino here so this is the best he can get I guess. No idea what the tower is for and I'm too lazy to find out. Tell me if you do know.

Menara Kuala Lumpur LOL. For the life of me, I cannot remember its name. Yes its another hotel/casino and I think it has either space or galaxy or sky in its name. I can't seem to find it on google sigh. Anyway, the reason why its called whatever its called (I just remember that its name has to do with its attractions) is because their amusement rides are located at the very top like this:

For people who don't value their life or want to cameo in Final Destination: Reality TV. Siao ding dongs.

Now in the inner city of Vegas and on the way to our hotel on Fremont Street.

This is Fremont Street where our hotel is at. In the morning it looks like this. But in the night, its a totally and I mean totally different scenery. The lights are simply amazing at night.

Just throwing these day shots in here because I'll be blogging more thoroughly about this place in my next post :) This is just a sneak peak or something if you will.

After stepping out into the open, I now understand why its called the city that never sleeps. ITS FRIGGIN BURNING OK! And I went in the summer! The summer! omigosh can die. You cannot stay out in the open for more than 15 minutes before feeling like you're gonna be roasted alive for real. There is a reason Vegas was made into a gambling city because there is no way in hell any sane person would want to go there just for the heck of it. I think having all the world's greatest temptations there is the only thing powerful enough to attract throngs of people. Because really, its HOT and utterly UNCOMFORTABLE. Even in the night which I shall talk about in my following posts.

Anyway, this is part one. The rest would be following shortly :)


♥~kimmy~♥ said...

heh hannah,

u seems like the most fashionable ones among ur siblings.. but u also the prettiest among them.. haha..

hana said...

@kimmy: aww thanks, I try to be somewhat 'fashionable' lol. But tbh, my 2nd sis is the best at it. She's just in casual wear here. I learn from her :p

Amanda said...

omg i want to go on that weird see saw thing omgggg!!!1

hana said...

@ammy: siao. soi soi you fall from there then you know.

Dav DiDi said...

wow .. nice photo ... open my eye on how other place looks like .

hana said...

@dav didi: thanks! I'll try to get the other parts up over the weekend lol.

Lance said...

wa...clear blue skies!

me like your new hair~

Donna said...

aww I just stumbled upon this blog and I love it! It's so cute hehe. I hope you don't mind me adding you to my blogroll!

Btw, I believe the Trump tower is just a hotel (gilded in real gold). I stayed there when I went to Vegas last year and they bumped us up to a suite for free (woop!) If you get a chance, try to stay there!

Oh and the pointy building is the Stratosphere. It has to be one of the worst hotels I've ever been to (we went on a whim and didn't have much choice but to stay there the second night)....

hana said...

@donna: thank you for your lovely comments <3333

The Trump Tower is gilded in REAL gold??? ok one day I will try to stay there. My wish is to try staying in every one of its hotels XD