Monday, November 2, 2009

Las Vegas: Fremont Street Experience

Monday, November 2, 2009
So we stayed at The Golden Nugget which was $50 a night super cheap ok loves ♥ Everything is Las Vegas is cheap. Suites are around $100-$300 a night if I'm not mistaken and are like the standard kinds ok and not some cheap motel 'suite'.

Here are some pics of the interior of the hotel:

Ran into a racist hotel attendant during check in cuz she avoided serving us by pointedly ignoring us the whole time when it was our turn in line and pretended to be busy sorting out imaginary papers until 10 minutes later when another guy finished with his current customer and attended to us did she suddenly spring to life and called out cheerily to the blond couple behind us to step forward -___-

Pics of the rooms:

That is not me cuz I am not that skinny obviously.

Who is Gordie Brown I have no idea. You get to keep the key cards here as souvenirs. I like this policy cuz you can't do that in Malaysia as they require you to return them lol.

Like I said, every hotel is a casino. There are no separate sections like in Genting Highlands. To get outside you have to walk through tons of slots machine.

2nd sis and daddy posing with the slot machines. And just to clarify, we don't gamble. We went to Vegas purely just to see the sights :)

Empty still cuz its early in the afternoon and people only come out in the night since its blazing hot during the day.

The heat is totally unbearable. Barely five minutes has passed since we stepped out did I feel like I was being slowly roasted alive. Position yourself in front of your oven to get an idea of what I'm talking about. Went to McD immediately to buy ice-creams :P

Saw a tiny arcade there for parents to dump their kids there when they go gambling and begged daddy for quarters to try out the bike game :D No I did NOT lose to 2nd sis. She didn't even make the charts ok! I lost to the stupid programmed competitor *sour

I got 1st the 2nd round but daddy didn't snap it ah wteff or maybe he did but I cannot find the pics :C

Some random shot where there was a reason behind it but I stupidly forgotten why but it looks quite pretty so I'm posting it up and also in the case I ever remember the reason in the future I'll have it here.

I just realized I forgot to talk about the importance of Fremont Street or have I already mentioned it in the last post I forgot. Anyway, Fremont Street and The Strip are pretty much where all the attractions are. However, I suggest staying here over The Strip because its prettier and much more comfortable even if its only one short street as opposed to The Strip which is miles long and you must go visit too but can do so by cab anyway.

Here are like a ton of pics of Fremont Street during the night:

Its like a one way street with rows of shops/hotels/casinos/restaurants on each side and a LCD (or is it LED) roof above it. This was around 8.30pm where we finally woke up and decided to go restaurant hunting :)

Whereas most restaurants would have been closed or nearing closing hours, dinner hour has just begun here :p And alsdjadakdasdla the prices!!!! All you can eat sushi buffet/prime ribs/steak etc at below $16!!! 

I of course wanted the sushi cum seafood buffet badly but daddy wanted the steak special so our family was split in half as we couldn't decide which restaurant to pick and kept changing our minds a million times and its not like the queues were short either (around 30-40 people long) and I got quite mad halfway through where I have to keep re-queuing when I was almost attended to each time because SOME PEOPLE won't make up their minds so we kept changing restaurant queues *dark 

Finally settled for the sushi/seafood buffet where I stuffed myself with plates after plates of King Crab legs (like Ouran! Been craving for it ever since I saw that beach episode wteff) and fresh oysters and clams and prawns! There was even lasagna, pasta, fried dishes, all kind of meat and idk too many things to list really :3

The sushi was super disappointing though only one lone table and all the cheap kinds *annoyed

No pics cuz I was too busy stuffing my face aiyah so sad now. Wished I had been less greedy and snap some pics instead :C

Dessert was awesome cuz there was a bunch of cakes and ice cream too! Could only manage four by this time. I swear me and 2nd sis went back and forth the buffet tables like 9 times ok till I'm sure everyone sitting along the way has since memorized our faces and 4th sis was staring at us in disgust by the 6th time going all 'ARE YOU CRAZY! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY FREAKING PLATES YOU GUYS WENT THROUGH?!?!!!' lol.

Look! My cheesecake has a heart in it why so cute ♥

4th sis was so stuffed till she looked like a lifeless dead fish until they announced the final round for ice cream and she suddenly leap to life and ran to the ice cream machine as if her life depended on it XD

Went strolling around the street again after dinner. Half naked hostess stood in front of nearly every club ah and there were huge LCD screens playing strip shows teasers on repeat and granted that its censored still, I felt like blindfolding my 2 youngest sisters lol.

Some darker corner of the street.

Why did I keep taking so many pictures of this red building wteff.

Our hotel! We personally think its the best one there! Not as seedy looking as the others and definitely more family friendly :D

My family excluding me sigh the disadvantages of being the photographer :C

Took like a gazillion shots and 95% of them came out blur. The non blur ones does not have me inside though (because I am an awesome photographer just like that wteff super thick skinned) and this is my blog so even if its blurry I die die shall be inside!

The pretty LCD/LED roof I was talking about! Makes everything much livelier! There are tons of speakers blasting music at top volume everywhere too to give it the bustling city that never sleeps feel :D

Musician-san attempting to harmonize with the currently playing music and doing a pretty good job at it.

Pretty pretty lights! So mesmerizing *__*

Every hour on the dot is the Fremont Street Experience where the entire street lights would be shut off to make way for the 15 minute show played out on the screen above.

Super cool bartender with crazy drink mixing skills! I snapped a video of him which I will show later!

So glad we made it in for the last show at 12am :D Took a video of part of the show so you can see for yourself what its like and get a feel of the atmosphere in Vegas :)

Yes, the insanely cool bartender is in here too:

Another vid focused solely on the screen:

Went back to the hotel as it was late, ok its considered waaay early in Vegas time but we needed to wake up early for the next day's trip to Arizona.

Lounged around the pool area for a while first:

Seriously so pretty ok!!!!

There's a shark tank in the middle of the pool again so it gives off an ocean feel and LOOK! PARTIALLY SUBMERGED DECK CHAIRS! OMG LOVES!!!

Super irritated that I couldn't swim in this paradise like pool cuz guess whose period decided to come that morning?! *bitter

Ok last pic, yah the contrast was so ugly and made us look all ghostly so I tried playing around with the colors and stuff in photoshop, even tried to repaint it but only turned out uglier I think I look like plastic doll now wteff so I give up midway. Have to accept the fact that some pics just cannot save one D:

Super happy that I'd finally gotten this post up ah now only like left like what? *counts* THREE more posts till this whole summer road trip saga is complete ah fml.


Mia said...

wow wish i could go to Las Vegas.

Faye said...

I know it's late but <3 your summer dresses! :3 Man I wish I could have a holiday. Exams in 2 weeks and a lot more to cover. Stress. :/

hana said...

@Mia: What's stopping you? :D

@faye: That WAS summer. You had your hols in Aus also what. And I have endless exams and TERM PAPERS and JLPT and uni essays and applications wah I am more swamped T___T

But good luck to you!!! You're not in medical school for nothing :D

Abi~♥ said...

reminds me of CSI!

btw......... what's in your bag?!

eki said...

Hi sweets! thanks for leaving me testimonial! <3 I stayed in that hotel too when I went to vegas LOL its was cheap and pretty nice :D looks like you had fun there <3 Thank you for supporting my creation! <3

hana said...

@abi: Haha CSI. I prefer CSI Miami. Horation and Delko :3

I promise I'll do that tag ONE DAY. In December most likely XD

@eki: Yes I had tons of fun! I LOVE YOUR CREATIONS and will continue to support your creations in the future ^^