Sunday, July 19, 2009

Road Rage

Sunday, July 19, 2009
So I thought I should start blogging as before again where I just randomly jot down my thoughts of the day.

So daddy's brain surgery was successful and he is now recuperating nicely in the hospital. Only, its all the way in downtown LA and so I am forced to drive on the freeways for hours everyday and I swear my blood pressure has been sky rocketing ever since. Stupid bloody trucks hate them all for they block all signs in sight and when you're going at 60-65 miles per hour, not being able to know whats ahead of you is like the worse nightmare ever.

Half tank of gas gone just like that in 3 days because I kept going the wrong way (stupid GPS. AND stupid huge trucks) the first few times and if I hear the word 'recalculating' again, I will go mad crazy.

I swear my GPS is cursed too and wants me to die because it keeps giving me purposefully wrong instructions like turning in the opposite direction for a one way street, turning into a abrupt dead end or telling me to turn when there is no freaking road to do so. Screw you GPS and thank heavens for my glasses. Or not I would be a blogging ghost now.

Oh and today some moron driver nearly drove into my side (missed by a fraction of a second!) because the stupid idiot decided to rush through a stop sign tmd the fungusbrain *&^%^$!@! GOT STUPID BUSHES AND TREES BLOCKING YOUR VIEW OF ME HOR SO WHAT DID YOU THINK THE STOP SIGN WAS FOR??? SO HOPPING MAD OK BECAUSE I DIDN'T GET TO BLARE MY HORN AT HIM! Was too shocked to do anything but step like mad on the accelerator!

Super hate motorists who NEVER signal when cutting into your lane too wteff HATE.

And buses and trucks and lorries and vans taller than mine because ladkjalkdjas I cannot see whats ahead of me and thus the resulting 'recalculating' scenarios.

imo, ALL shorter/smaller vehicles should be equipped with a super long periscope akin a submarine:


I used to scoff at people who get road rage and think them immature but the more I drive on the road, the more inconsiderate drivers I encounter, and thus the more pissed off I get and I give myself 2 more weeks before I can just glue my hands on the horn forever. Yes, I used to be this noob driver who always realized that it wasn't her mistake 5 heartbeats too late but the other or reached for the horn 3 seconds late allowing the culprit to rush away scot-free. Now? No more! Am getting quicker and quicker at honking my indignation! :DDDD


So liberating I swear ♥


Lance said...

good thing that you are safe now. even thought kuching road is not as bad over there, I still curse kuching drivers =3

Ammy said...

you're like jess wtf. everytime i drive she sits next to me and whenever she sees anything about to go wrong she sort of leans over and HOOOOOOOONK for me because she knows i don't do it myself wtf.

THEN HOR, when chris is the one in the passenger seat she's like "CHRIS YOU GO AND HONK THE FUCKING HORN. NOW!!" except maybe less bitch and a bit less swearing. and no caps because jeez my car is only so big i can think in my mind and still have them overhearing it wtf.

hana said...

@lance: nah, the roads here are better. and the drivers are also much better BUT it highly depends on the area lols. Certain places have more stupid drivers than others -__-'


@ammy: I want a Jess. I should install a voice activated horn that honk that whenever I yell something akin TOOT YOU STUPID DRIVER! *honk mode activated* <---voice like the on in Crisis Core. HOOOOOONK!!!!

wah damn awesome if got.