Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Productivity what?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Bought a box of L'Oréal copper brown hair dye the other day and proceeded to make a mess in the bathroom which is now covered with brown spots :C Am not very pleased with the results cuz my hair is barely even brown unless I stand in the sun then it becomes this very lovely shade of red/brown but hello I do not want to walk in the sun everyday ok later become bla-- I mean dark.

Must watch my English ah wteff cuz the other day right, I was attending this function where there were a sizable number of African-Americans and as daddy was busy snapping pics of me and 4th sis who looks like snow white, he commented how she looks super fair besides me and in annoyance I shoved her away, saying how she makes me look so black and as soon as the words were out my mouth I knew I was in deep shit as I sputter 'uhm I mean dark. Dark.' but it was too late cuz then everyone has already turned to glare at me ah wteff and I wished the ground would swallow me up T___T

See la, this is what Manglish does to you T____T

Anyways, going for a haircut tomorrow so pics then I guess. On to other things, I am sick of studying Japanese ok and the only reason I'm persevering here is because I want to play Final Fantasy: Crisis Core in Japanese because the seiyuus are better *__* One more year to go before I'm done with it....

I also hope Pretentiousass and Lardface won't be in my class next semester or I will stab something I swear. Pretentiousass is this otaku who shoots down everything American and is a constant show off that is forever sprouting his anime vocabulary (hahaha anime) and if I hear his snotty voice one more time I would....BONK HIM ON THE HEAD WITH MY 2 BRICKS THICK TEXTBOOK.

I wish.

He sits besides me ok and there isn't a day that passes that I don't wish strangling was legal.

Lardface is....like her nickname and should just marry Pretentiousass so they can drown in their own delusions. She is rude, thinks her cold jokes are funny and has this annoying squeaky voice that goes 'lalala just kidding' when she says something wrong or stupid. Mostly just stupid. I EFFING HATE HER OK AND HEARING HER VOICE JUST MAKES ME CRINGE SO MUCH TILL ONE DAY I WOULD BECOME A SNG BOI I SWEAR.

She sits behind me.


So I browsing around in DA today and aldkaldjasd HOW CUTE ARE THESE REALLY?


ALSDKJASDAS RENO AND CLOUD IN CUTE CHIBI FORM. It cannot get any better than this ♥

Oh wait, it does!

Reno stuffing a very pissed off Cloud into a cloud costume and hanging him against a sky backdrop HAHAHA why so cute XD I absolutely love Cloud's expression here lol. I swear a pissed off chibi Cloud is like the cutest thing ever okay ♥♥♥

What? Me, bias? No way.

4 Ways Reno can Die in FF7:


Ok one last one because its SQUISHY CLOUD ok whats not to love?

And if you thought that was effing cute already, just wait till you see the flash version here.

I'd just wasted the last hour of my life clicking on the red button just to hear him go 'pyoooon'.

Obviously I am still very much obsessed with anything FF7. Ho hum.

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