Sunday, July 12, 2009

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete

Sunday, July 12, 2009
Edit 07/06/10: Ok ok ok so due to popular requests, I have since added Vincent and Tseng. Also added a number of others so I won't have to redo this post again when someone asks for them lols. Not doing girls okay cuz even though I love them (except Tifa. I am still on the fence about her. I like her as long as she shuts up and just look sexy ha!) cuz my love for them does not extend that far to squealing over their pics lol. Anyways, just finished FF8 so I'm playing FF7 now yay!


Forget real life. I'll get to the mountain pile of pics another day. Instead, I've been itching to spazz about this movie like since effing forever but since EiChi took down the Akiyame Forum (whry??! T_T) I have no place to fangirl with others so I shall just fangirl to myself here. This is the super effing awesome remake to the original Advent Children movie, now in blu-ray format with additional scenes :D

If you have no idea what Final Fantasy is then you are sadly missing out in life cuz its like the coolest game ever even though I have yet to play it cuz I was once an idiot who turned down daddy's repeated offers to buy me a PlayStation console in the past, saying that its a waste of money and would he please buy me the old fashioned mini-tape kind of gaming console instead so I can play Super Mario and Street Fighter WTEFF why am I like that one T____T

Anyways, back to the movie. I am lazy to explain the plot which you can look up on wiki here and if you've never played the game before, it would do you A LOT OF GOOD to go buy the freaking game ok what are you waiting for?! read this site. Or not you would be totally lost throughout the entire movie like how I was the first time I watched it. Because drooling over pretty boys can only last so long before you get irritated at not knowing what is going on.

This is going to be one longass picspam post so be warned :)

A few reasons on why you should watch the Complete version:

1. It's blu-ray meaning YOUR FAV. PRETTY BOYS NOW IN SUPER HD. SO SHARP, IT HURTS. I swear this is true. I totally had to squint in the beginning because of the sharpness.

Can see his pores!

Now I have no idea if the previous version was just as clear and only couldn't tell so because I had a shitty tv back then but on my Sony Bravia Flatscreen, it is now :)

2. Additional scenes making the storyline flow way more smoothly than before.

Reno *loves!* and Rude so totally blew up an entire bridge with his helicopter in this one :D

And LONGER fight scenes too YAY! Can see the hotness that is Cloud doing amazing somersaults in the air shooting at his enemies before landing smoothly back on Fenrir ♥

3. Blood and dirt.

%$@! YOU SEPHIROTH I USED TO THINK YOU WERE AWESOME UNTIL THIS SCENE. MY HEART. How could you do this to Cloud omg why is there so much blood T____T I am all for adding blood and dirt for a more realistic touch but even this is way too much for me to handle. But it made me root for Cloud all the more and I may have never felt such extent of sadness and pity for a fictional character ever. The original fight scene is damn meh compared to this. The intensity in this was awesome. IloveyouCloud!


And this is where the longass picspam begins :Dv

There are now more scenes of Zack Fair, Cloud's bff who I think died saving him, I'm not really sure but I shall just stick with that cuz that is just so sweet. And sad D:

So sexy :d

Him asking Cloud if he is fine and looking sexy while doing so :p

In the truck with Cloud, looking sexy still after escaping from siao professor Hojo and before they were ambushed by Shinra's soldiers. Oh, uhm all of these scenes are flashbacks and mostly taken from Crisis Core, the psp game focusing on Zack which I am currently saving up money for because dammit chubby young Cloud looked extremely adorable in it ok alksfkaldfsalf *Q*

SO CUTE! I am putting all these screenshots of him cuz he is 2nd sis fav.

Ambushed by soldiers and now saving Cloud's comatose ass.


ALSFKALFJALSDF ♥ I also want to ruffle Cloud's hair!


Its taken from the ending scene of crisis core which you can find here and its like so friggin sad I couldn't help bawl my eyes out especially at poor Cloud who now look so lost and frightened why Square Enix why?!! Why kill Zack omg! Now Cloud is all emo and stuff */sniff

But I forgive Square Enix somewhat cuz at least they made Zack stay by Cloud's side in spirit always. Like this part where he appears to Cloud to encourage him to strive on and not give up:

Touching *sniff* Cloud was so vulnerable looking here. And therefore EXTRA cute!

aljhflajhfla Zack and Cloud always make me so emo ah and why is Zack wearing purple eyeshadow wth

Kadaj aka 3rd sis fav wteff. Cannot believe. She said she liked his hair like wteff its like so totally oily okay. You know like 3 days after your straightened your hair where you can't wash it cuz it would destroy the chemicals that make it straight or something.

Cannot stand how his stupid hair is ALWAYS in front of his face like some emo wannabe, where I want nothing but to take a pair of scissors to it. *glances at screenshot again* Aiyer, do not understand my sisters at times.

2nd sis: "wth Kadaj is fat". HAHAHAHA this is soooo not his angle.

Another pic of him cuz there are Kadaj fans out there for reasons I cannot fathom :\

Some Loz pics of the ghei throwaway villains Sephiroth puppet trio

I thought he was pretty cool until he started crying like some hormonal pregnant lady and immediately I was like 'DISLIKE'. I don't think there is any Loz fans anyway. 

What Sephy would look like if he was a girl.

Rufus Shinra omg total hotness! Stupid movie had to cover his gorgeous face for 98% of the film wteff. At least, he got like 10% more screen time in this one compared to the first installment. Damn is he gorgeous or what!

President of Shinra Company which means he's loaded. Looks, money, status WHY REAL LIFE HAVE NO SUCH GUYS :C Sadly, he has either zero fashion sense or a really lousy tailor that should be burned for that a few sizes too big frumpy suit of his :|

From left: Rude, Reno, Tseng, Elena

They actually showed the whole group of Turks this time! :D Elena is so hot. I wanted her to be with Reno ok but then fandom says its Tseng/Elena blah *grumbles. Fine. Also can. Better than Reno/Tifa wteff who came up with this pairing ok I object!!! Tifa can just go with Cloud (still does not wholly agree but NO AERITH/CLOUD CUZ DAMMIT SHE'S ZACK'S OK 89 LOVE LETTERS ALSDJASD SUCH SWEETNESS T^T)

Oh just marry already

So the guys can drool over her

According to the whole story, Tifa was Cloud's childhood crush and the reason he tried to join Shinra to become a SOLDIER to impress her cuz someone decided he wasn't worth her affection that time cuz she was immensely popular and had offers everywhere. People so hot and sweet also reject wteff. Then again 2nd sis was quick to point out that 'have you seen any ugly people in FF yet? They could be way hotter'. Hmm, good point. Anyways, now she's madly in love with him but then he's in love with Aerith and not her and I quite think it serves her (Tifa) right.

Aerith. And Zack at the back! Best couple ♥

Used to dislike her cuz I thought she was one of those teehee act cute brainless and spineless girls. Until I read her profile. And realized how she actually saved the whole world and is totally kickass and full of spunk. And made Cloud wear a purple dress complete with lingerie haha she totally wins me over with this. And and and wrote 89 love letters to Zack even though he never replied cuz they never reached him as FF postal service suck balls and when he finally got the last one, he died. Or something like that. Anyway, MAD SAD OKAY T__T


Reno. Everyone's favorite Turk~♥

So damn HOT words cannot describe

I always thought suits were hot. But you know what?

A disheveled, untucked and unbuttoned suit is the HOTTEST yo 8D-


I like how he's all supposedly badass and sly but is also incredibly stupid and wtf at times. It just adds to the charm. I never liked the completely bad boy types. The in between ones however, are awesome :D

I also noticed that all my fav anime characters always turn out to be redheads lols

Sadly reflecting how he once wiped out the entire Sect 7. He did?! But he's good now. I think

On second thought, who cares?! He's hot.

Such wtfery. They are EFFING TURKS ok. Supposedly the best of the best in terms of assassination and badassery where the mere mention of their names strike fear in everyone's heart. I expected MORE. They are NOT supposed to go down this easily ok. Against sissy Kadaj no less wteff I call bull.

Haa. So I totally lost track of the conversation here and had to replay it a few times because who the hell can think straight when the sexiest turk is currently splayed out on the floor, all deliciously disheveled and breathless and panting hard for air looking like he just got ravished (♥o♥)

One of his wtf moment where Yazoo blew out the controls and he dumbly looks at it, not understanding

Its times like these I question myself on my taste

Then I see this scene next and suddenly everything makes sense again :D

I love this 2nd installment because there is so much more Reno screentime ♥

The cheekbones. High nose bridge. Shapely eyes. If sex came in human form, it'll look like Reno.



Tseng. Because someone requested him. Honestly, I never liked him. Or more like never bothered with him cuz well, he hardly appears and has long hair and I don't like guys with long hair cuz long hair = hippy and 90% of the time that = ugly. RENO IS DIFFERENT HE HAS UHM SHORTISH HAIR FROM THE FRONT VIEW.

But 2nd sis was like 'actually Tseng is quite good looking if you watch CC' and so I did. And okay fine he is good-looking. OK FINE, damn hot then. Oh why did I ever doubt Square Enix? Ugly people are a minority okay. Or possibly non-existent. 

So yes Tseng actually appears more in ACC. Even more than Rufus okay. And no, blanket-covered Rufus does not count. Also, I am sorry that all of Tseng's screen time has him covered in blood and bandages and what not. Not my fault. 

But being the insane fangirl super nice person I am...

BLOOD BE GONE! Ah the wonders of photoshop. Yes you may now thank me *smug. Btw, TSENG FOR THE NEXT JAMES BOND OK WHO'S WITH ME?! 8D

Because I was curious to see exactly how good looking he can be (apparently, very) without the bandage. Lucky you. Profiting off my curiosity *huffs

MAI 2ND FAV. [As of today July 6th 2010, I hereby proclaim Cloud Strife as my freaking favorite ever. Yes yes that makes me the typical boring FF7 fangirl *waves hand* but whatever. I blame fanfics and Crisis Core and the actual FF7 game for this change in heart :P] Yes, the above is Cloud Strife btw in case you dunno who he is and shame on you if you don't. I don't get why 2nd sis dislike him.

For one, he has insanely awesome hair

Reeeally pretty mako eyes where staring into them its like staring into the globe

Is very very very hot and handsome

And also majorly pretty and very gorgeous

Actually, to be more accurate, is perfection itself

Even looks desirable emo

And insanely hot when mad rawr 8D

Also innocent and childlike looking at times. Like your own living breathing teddy bear.

Looks wimpy but can totally kick ass. Has a HUGE sword. Is an Ex-SOLDIER. Hello, safe much?

I know he is not an official SOLDIER but he is strong enough to be one now?






Damn. I wished they remake the whole game in 3D. 2nd sis and I want to see that dress scene so badly ok. We watched the original game version but like wteff all the characters were so tiny I couldn't even see his face, much less the dress. Or his pissed off face, which is the whole point of it. Hmph.

Digressing, but it irritates me greatly when people hate on Cloud because of his supposed emo-ness. Well, excuse you but I wonder how you'd feel if someone you probably idolized (I'm guessing so because he wanted to join SOLDIER so badly) killed your best friend, another of your good friend and possible love interest, razed your hometown to the ground killing ALLLL the people you grew up with and oh, killed your dear mother in the process too. Yes, his mom was clearly living then still if you played Crisis Core where he invited Zack home for dinner.

And oh wait, there is still the whole mind screwing issue and getting stabbed in the gut, experimented on by some ugly demented scientist and forever being on Sephiroth's #1 target hit list. Knowing that your friends died to save you just adds more salt to the wound.

Hell, I'd be emo too. Please to give him credit for not killing himself by now because I bet half of you would have already gone insane if you were him.

He was clearly a cute fluffy ball of smiles and shyness before all these happened as seen in CC. Sure, he had insecurities but don't we all. He got rejected from his aspiration/dream career ok. You would be a tad depressed too. I know I would.

So no. You may hate on him for being overly girly looking whatever but not the emo-ness because that is totally justifiable. And don't any of you dare try to compare him with Squall who I sorta like but clearly needs to be slapped for his inexcusable mountain of unjustified emo.


Therefore, I do not deserve to be frowned upon for liking Cloud like what some people do when I tell them that he is my favorite. My character is more complexed than yours and therefore 1000000 times cooler XD


I know they are complete opposites ok but I dunno why I still like them both. So I guess you can narrow down my tastes to two types. One is the sly mischievous slightly wild one and the other is the idk, pretty soft one? I have no idea.

Vincent Valentine. Another popular request. Not my type of guy (just like Tseng) which explained why I didn't include him in the initial post but after being forced to watch and print screen them, found them actually very attractive and am half thinking of making them my favo---

*ominous jealous glare ver. 5.0*

"Like hell you would woman!" *inserts pics*




AJLASKDFHLAKJHFDA !!!!! Yes, you'll find these scenes during the credits. Let me tell you it pays to watch any of Square Enix's stuff to the very end. Yes until the black screen okay because they are sneaky in putting stuff at the very end and if you stupidly skip them (like I did for all the 9 times I watched it wth) you'd miss them.

But back to Vincent...

THIS. This is sooooo perfect for.......


Fun Fact: Vincent is supposedly 57 years old or something. After his grief with the whole Lucrecia (his lover) affair, he went and locked himself in a coffin for years and when Cloud came to wake him up later to tell him about the Sephiroth chaos, he promptly slam the lid back shut again and went to sleep not wanting to be involved in anything hahahahahaha very wtf okay and here you thought he was so cool :P

Lucrecia is a blind tasteless idiot to have dumped this sexy eye candy for that walking living shrunken head of a mad scientist Professor Hojo. LIKE WTH WOMAN. Here, you get an F in chemistry now go home and have your eyes checked  *disgusted

Sephiroth cuz yada yada yada everyone's favorite evil villain which used to be mine too, sort of, until....

...he went and made a yummy kebab out of Cloud and so now its back to Yagami Light. OR Lelouch Lamperouge, anime guy with the sexiest voice ever ♥

Still, Sephy's coolness is something to be awed at. I like how he's all calm and collected the whole time and never once does his voice waver or go up a notch. Has some of the best lines ever too.

Ok fine, so I watched Crisis Core on YT and its back to Sephy as fav. villian. He has an open bodied shirt ok! How sexy is that? The stupid large X leather stripes just delude you into thinking he's not nearly half exposed. Which btw is what FF7 guys need more. Exposure of the skin kind I mean. I WANT HALF NAKED CLOUD AND RENO RAWR! They could make one of the monsters accidentally tear into Reno's shirt no? Or make Cloud take off his wet top after he emerge from the pool at the end of the movie because we all know how uncomfortable wet shirts are do we not? Dammit Square Enix, where is my fanservice hmph *huffs moodily at bangs

More pics of Sephy so you can stop pestering me now. Why does he remind me of a grasshopper?

HAHA cracky looking pic of him. But srsly though, I no longer find him hot. I mean I can see the reason for attraction in Crisis Core but not here. He looks like a zombie in need of several tubes of under around eye concealer :\

Also, can someone explain to me how the eff can he fly with just ONE wing?!?! Wouldn't he be all lopsided then? And at the rate his feathers are dropping, Sephiroth can start his very own feather-stuffed pillow line should his plot at world domination fails again. Fangirls rejoice.

Five Clouds. One for you and ALL FOUR for me~

The rest of the cast cuz I'm too lazy to spazz about them individually

So, word of advice: DON'T WATCH THE ENGLISH DUB EVER. Normally, I don't really get the hysterics of hardcore fans who always whine about their fav. characters being raped by horrible dubs but I agree with them on this movie. idk about the first installment but the 2nd? I WANT TO MAUL THE PERSON WHO CHOSE THE VOICE ACTOR FOR CLOUD BECAUSE HELLO HOW DARE YOU MAKE MY PRETTY SOFT-SPOKEN BOY SOUND LIKE SOME CHAINSMOKER CUM ALCOHOLIC? You know who he'll probably be perfect for? Genzo Sanzo from Saiyuki. Sanzo ♥ But Cloud? no effing way. I was cringing the whole way through. Kadaj was just gay. As if his hair wasn't bad enough. Then there was one part of Aerith where I think the actress choked or something cuz her voice went so off pitched it was hilarious XD Like couldn't they do a once over for that part hahaha. Reno was ok I think I really can't remember cuz I'm kind of mixed up with the Thai dub now....

Yes, I watched both installments like 10 times in both Japanese, English and last week, Thai. Simply cuz one of my dvd had that as one of its dub (no idea why they have a Thai dub) and hahaha was it ever so funny. I dunno where they recorded it but every time there was a fight scene, the background would have some sort of weird noise like a flushing toilet hahahahaha. And because Thai sounds very similar to Cantonese and could probably pass off as a Chinese dialect, ALL OF THEM SOUNDED LIKE THOSE CHINESE MAFIA BENGS HAHAHAHA HILARIOUS.

And to end this epic post of overdosed fangirlism, a screenshot of Zack's Buster Sword:

Now properly polished & enshrined. Zack and Angeal must be prancing around the lifestream in glee now.

Edit: After watching the English dub for the 2nd time and countless parody videos using it (wteff), I take back what I said. Cloud's voice is sexy as hell :d Although the Japanese one is still the better of the two.


Christine said...

aaah. yess. its true though, there's no one ugly in FF one. lol. and i don't like tifa's boobs. T_____T way too big.

Abi~♥ said...

i hate tifa, she's.... i dunno. nth much. -,-

i. see. my. baby. sanzo's. name.

Ammy said...


i would ask you to burn and send to me but HEH we know what happened the last time you did that la hor??

and and and!! as i have played the game, i can tell you all you want to know yay!

uhmmmm yeah aerith wrote 88 letters to him and he somehow got the letter (it appeared out of thin air and floated to his hand and he reached out and took it WTF a bit the unrealistic hor?) and in the letter it's like "hello zack bla bla bla this is my eighty eighth letter, after this one i won't write to you anymore and will move on with my life bye bye" and zack was like WTF AH WHERE GOT!! I DIDN'T RECEIVE ANY LETTERS!! and started to rush home with cloud (who was unable to take care of himself due to mako poisoning*) but a few days later he (and a defenseless cloud) got ambushed by a SHITLOAD -OMG DAMN A LOT YOU KNOW BUT SOMEHOW I CAN STILL TAKE THEM IF ONLY THE GAME OUT LET ME T_T - of Shinra soldiers assigned to kill them because ... aiyah if you want to know why then ask okay this is already very long wtf.

and the shit thing is that the ENTIRE time Reno and Rude were out combing the vicinity trying to look for them, and reno was like "no, we HAVE to find him. i have something i have to give him" and looked at this bunch of letters tied with a cord at his side.

and zack had this CRAZY spark thing going on with elena in the game ah before he met aerith (by falling down the roof wtf WHAT AN ENTRANCE HOR)

*mako is like i dont know la some kind of performance enhancing drug. they tried to experiment with cloud and gave him so much he was out of it most of the time, and could only move JUST when zack was dying, that's why in the youtube video you see him very weak and such T____T


oh, and cloud and zack both have piercing blue eyes because thats what having mako injected into you do. have chio blue eyes OMG I WANT AH

okay i very noisy now i go liao bye bye love you loads <3!

this counts as a reply to your FB thingys okay!

Cia said...

best post... EVER.. omg i wanna go into de game la can?? jump as high as de ozone den gently touch down on earth with a cool pose. dammit i wan cloud's bigass bike can!

Cia said...

omg i jz rememberedat the very very very end where he said "hey, *pause* would you say i became a hero?" *cuts to credit as soon as he finish saying it*OMFG super drama lo!I FREAKIN BAWLED MY TINY ASIAN EYES OUT OK!!

cos all throughout the game he kept saying how he wanted to be a hero. so super sad la. sigh man make me feel like wanna hug his dead corpes..

hana said...

@christine: have you seen the game tifa? I think they shrunk her boobs down by 4 cup size for this movie already lols.

@abi: i don't like her either. she is quite useless and i dislike useless people wteff. and sanzo.... HAIH WHY NO NEW SAIYUKI D:



and you know what? kuching would probably pirate it into dvd anyways and im sure you can find it if you look.


Reno! <3 he did that? I think I missed that part. omg so sweet. I thought he and rude were out to hunt them back for shinra to have them killed.


i know what mako is (=3=) *bubu

i got lazy to cap vincent by that time lols. HAVE YOU READ THE PART WHERE HE TRIED TO BE A VAMPIRE BY SLEEPING OFF HIS GUILT (LONG STORY) IN A COFFIN? and then when cloud comes and wake him up to tell him sephy has gone bad and killed someone i forgot who, he got all emo again AND WENT BACK TO SLEEP OFF HIS GUILT AGAIN WTF AHAHAHA.

this is not a reply because it tells me ntg about your life you dolt.

@cia: HAHA SEPHY! I know. more grace than a ballerina ah wteff.

"hey, *pause* would you say i became a hero?"


YOU GOT LINK???????? ON YOUTUBE OR SOMETHING??? or is that in my own yt link which i gave ah wteff how could i miss that.

Cia said...

eiii?? its the ending of FFCC le? u din see it?? right right b4 the credits roll. the song is freakin awesome la. soooo chun with the mood.. i swear that single part made me sob till i looked like a disg-- ahem.. princess.

Leira said...



I don't know why I dislike Cloud either. No matter how you look at it, he is perfect. But I don't like him. I do not feel very excited to see him. Maybe because he is a transexual? XD I know, CHOI CHOI CHOI. LoL


Which reminds me, i totally forgot to watch the gameplay of Crisis core! Ha! My Zack is way cooler than Reno cuz he (zack) has his own game! Nyah Nyah~

This post is bad because after reading this, everyone in the world has turned ugly. This is your fault. hahaha

btw, You didn't blog about Tegomass!

Btw, did you know the seiyuu for Cloud strife is Otani from Lovely Complex? yes the shot guy. LOL

Leira said...

@Cia: I KNOW! ZACK WAS ALL 'I WANNA BE A HERO!" and he admired Spephiroth(which is choi choi cuz sephy became all badass yet kinda cool) and in the end he just died. SO SAD. HOW CAN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hana said...

@cia: i think i remember now. but the cloud crying out one is still the most heart wrenching for me ah.


I will uhm blog about tegomass later. am feeling lazy to screencap them how?


Lance said...

All I see is a fangirl over Reno =P

p/s: I love tifa =ppp

Ivan said...

crap ! i want !!!! sephiroth can kill any1 he wants to ok ? he was just going easy on cloud . He wiped out the entire town alone . i played crisis core . blueks haha

hana said...

@lance: HELLO OF COURSE. If you can fanboy over Tifa, why can't I with Reno?

@Ivan: You and my friend. If I could ship dvds back to msia I so would ok but the last time I tried all 200 bucks worth of goods never reached my friend's doorstep so bleh. No more dvds.

Oh go buy the ciplak version. confirm kenyalang or EMPIRE sure got one.

I know he went easy on Cloud ok because he is awesome just like that and probably unbeatable ever but still HELLO CLOUD DID NOTHING TO HIM HOR AND HE BO TIAO TI GO AND KILL HIM WTEFF!

i played crisis core
i hate you :C

Dominique said...

Screw everyone else!!! Aerith looks better than before which is AWESOME!!! She should have had more time on ACC like Zack did or at least show her a little more (flashback when she was alive etc.) But she's still AWESOME!!!

Dominique said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hana said...

@Dominique: LOL. Aerith looks pretty much the same to me but yes I too think it highly unfair they didn't add more scenes of her because SHE'S MY FAV. FF7 GIRL EVER. Tifa can just burn ^3^

Anonymous said...

what??? I loved the dub! Cloud's voice is perfect, imo! more complaints...
and wtf is wteff? what does it mean?!
but anyways...very nice review made me lol haha
why oh why did I buy Advent Children before Advent Children Comoplete came out???
oks....I'm done now
whatever this sounds like it was a generally positive comment XD

hana said...

@anonymous: Ok so someone loves the dub XD I have no idea if Steve Burton did Complete too but Cloud's voice was just generally too rough for my liking. Maybe I'm just used to him sounding slightly gentler lols. The first installment sounded fine to me but not the second so if its still Steve then I'm wondering what happened to his voice hmm...

oh and wteff IS wtf. kinda like the short form for 'effing' which I use because parents sometimes read my blog thus the need to tone it down XD

And nah, EVERYONE bought AC first cuz no one expected that they would actually make a more kick ass remake :p


John said...

Yeah, Nice... I just bought the ACC as well.. Haven't watched it though, probably tomorrow...

Just a correction, Cloud is not an ex-SOLDIER. He was never in SOLDIER. He's just a low-class Shin-Ra Troop, who thinks he was in SOLDIER due to experiments done to him and Zack by Hojo..

Nice screens, btw.

Jonet said...

No, Aerith doesn't love Zack anymore. She told it to his face in her book "Maiden Who Travels the Planet". And then she even said that she loves Cloud, in both of her books. (She shares her second book with Sephiroth).

hana said...

@john: I know :) But physically wise, he is (or almost) there.

@jonet: Uhm, those books aren't canon? I liked this comment (the second one):

I personally thinks she loves Zack most and still harbor feelings for him :)

Edith said...

Hahahaha, i really enjoyed reading this post, made me laugh alot :) Especially the drawing thingy with Reno lying on the ground :D

hana said...

@Edith: THANK YOU :D Good to know that there are people who find my lame rants funny~

Ahaha Reno. He was in too tempting a position in that scene to ignore I swear XD

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a total stranger here, but I've been looking for some really nice ACC images for such a long time!

I was wondering if it would be okay with you if I borrowed them to post on my LJ? I would give you the credit for posting them of course, but I'd like to provide them to an awesome icon maker.

Now, I'd understand if you said no, since I bet it took a lot of work to post them up, so it'll be okay. If you do accept, I would be eternally grateful. Either way, thank you for your time!


hana said...


Can I request a Reno one? XD

Anyway, take whatever you want. I'm happy you actually took the initiative to ask since you could have just taken it anyway without anyone being the wiser lol so why would I even think of saying no? :D

Just link me to the post when you're done? Cuz I wanna read your flailings or whatever XD If you don't want to its okay too. I don't mind.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

I can give you the link of the community the person that makes the icons runs. She's accepting images right now to make batches of icons, AND she already has a lot of Reno ones done in case you want to check them out.(I think her last batch was the Reno and Turks one). You can go here:

Again, thanks!

MelKisaragi said...

Hi there!

I love your blog! Nice comments, good texts and a lot of marvellous pictures!
Yeah, since I saw the film Final Fantasy VII Advent Children with my best friend, I'm totally addicted. My favourite...well..err..they're all so handsome, but I prefer Cloud. My friend chooses Reno XD! I like him too. And yuffie is a lot of fun!Especially when you're in for a laugh. Tifa is kinda stubborn, I don't know, there's something over her, cannot explain, that makes her less attractive. . .
I loved the story with a lot of unforgetable scenes! Huge! Thanks for your fangirl-blog! It made the magic continue for a while. . . You go girl! ;)

hana said...

@MelKisaragi: Aww thanks <3 I am still addicted to the whole fandom too sigh. I'll probably lap anything Square Enix churn out as long it has to do with FF7 :P Cloud oh Cloud. I cannot decide between him and Reno really. It depends on the moment! HAHA.

tbh, I don't really like Tifa D: she's too 'weak' yet act like she knows everything. If I were her, I would have taken a frying pan to Cloud's head a long time ago instead of nagging away which is simply irritating. I just don't like her much at all...

Am happy I managed to revive the magic for you for just a moment again :DDD

Emily <3 said...

Love the pic-spam. :DDD
Cloudy-kins is gorgeous. Beautiful.
Love your blog here. Thanks for the moment of Final Fantasyness. x

shogungekone said...

wwowwww a real blog on ff7. total respect to ya!!!
yeah i agree, cloud shud have been dubbed better.
tifa? well i think she's oka, just that she should really wear better clothings so her boobs dont look like mangoes with spears.
not so into liking the red head. to idioitically stupid. but all the same deveshly cute

hana said...

@shogungekone: LOL. The tifa comment XD I definitely did NOT notice that. Then again I spend my time staring at cloud/reno face instead of her boobs XD

The reason I LOVE Reno is because he IS stupid at times. But yet he still has the smarts because he IS afterall the second in command of the turks after Tseng :D Devilishly cute does it too. I am a sucker for those kind of guys <3

Jéh Narutinhaaa !! ^^ said...

Ainnn !!! I Lovee veryy veryy Much __ Cloud Strife and Zack Fair ♥
Ever and ever !!!
Kiss !!

Anonymous said...

This blog page is kinda old but i HAVE to comment - so glad i found it. Massive RenoLove fix to be had!!! OMG - that doctored pic of him on the floor - too highlarious!!! I loved it!! I can't take my eyes offa him in that scene. He looks like he is writhing around in... well, not agony, that's for sure!!! I agree, at first I was all, oh COME ON, they are the best Turks, they can't be felled that easily!! But then WrithingReno made me forget all about that.
Question - is there extra screen time for Vincent in the BluRay version? (My other fave!!) I'd be willing to go out and purchase a BluRay player just for that...

hana said...

@anonymous: YAY YOU LOVE RENO TOO <3 WrithingReno can make anyone forget anything :D

Sadly, I don't think there is extra screen time for Vincent :C It was mainly Zack (prob to promote his psp game Crisis Core lol) and Rufus and the rest of the turks. And just extra scenes here and there to make more sense to the movie and longer fight scenes :) I'd still recommend you get the disc anyway. Its much better than the first and should have been released this way instead <3

Anonymous said...

Hana, I know this page is old, but I just have to say . . . I have not laughed this much in forever. Thank you! <3 Reno is my fave, too (although, I admit, after he cracked Rude in the face accidentally, I soooooo wanted to see Rude punch him, nyaaaaa!).

Long live fangirl silliness!

Anonymous said...

lol, when i saw what you said for the pic of Zack saving Cloud's comatose ass, i was on the edge of busting my stomach from trying to restrain a major laugh, i mean he DOES look like a girl!!!!!LMFAO

hana said...

To both of you anonymouses: I'm happy I managed to make you laugh XD Reno is AWESOME <3! And yes Cloud is such a girl at times. Too damn pretty that what his problem is but oh how I looove him <3

Anonymous said...

i dunno how old this blog is but i totally love Final Fantasy! <3 I love cloud + zack <3 it was soooo sad when zack dies i almost cried :'(
Cloud + Reno the best characters <3

Anonymous said...


I need a blu ray player. I'd totally get one just to watch this movie. ohmegee. So hawt (*o*) I love Cloud and Reno and Zack and rrrrrr SO MANY BISHIES GRAWR.

The quality of this movie astounds me D: Do waaaaaaaaaant.

hana said...

mmm I might get around to it this weekend if I have the time :) leave your name and I might consider? lol. cuz it feels weird talking to so many anonymouses XD

I suggest buying a PS3 since it comes with a blu-ray player and you would be able to play games too like the much anticipated by me upcoming FF gave FF 13 Versus NOCTIS ZOMG HAWT.

if you like ff7 im pretty sure you might like him cuz its been ages since we had a really hot male character since squall :p Tidus was cute but so bubbly he's unlike the previous two lols.

Anonymous said...

lol, thanks for posting this! I laughed for about ten minutes while reading this! Oh, and Reno is awesome! So is Zack! And Cloud! (I love being a fangirl~)

Anonymous said...

^^ Reno is the true SMEXX.....

^^ My favorite scenes are the ones where he's either failing miserably, or you can see his ponytail..... MMMmmmmm...... Pooooonytaaaaail......

hana said...

Anon 1: You're welcomed. I had fun posting this too X3 Being a fangirl is awesome now if only I could make a career out of it lols!

Anon 2: HE IS ISN'T HE 8D

The things you can do with that ponytail >)

Tazzy said...

Hey, this is an anonymous from a while back fangirling over Vincent <3

You asked for a name? um lol I don't have a blogger but you can call me Tazzy :3 (like I've put in the name but lol) I would still love you forever if you could screenshot his screens because I luffles him so much *o* Not going to rush you though, I know how life gets busy D:

I would buy a PS3 but it's so expensive and I already have an Xbox 360 and I RAGED THAT FF13 VS WASN'T ON THE 360. NOCTIS = WTFTOOHAWTFORWORDS

but yeah, lol. I'll shut up now and look at this page later to see if you've replied X3

hana said...

@Tazzy: haha ok ok I will. I plan to rewatch that movie anyway because it is so made of win <3

I'll see if I can get it done over Spring Break or maybe this weekend :D I'll probably just edit this post with his pics ^^

NOCTIS IS SO MINE OMG I AM WAITING FOR IT TO COME OUT TO JUSTIFY BUYING AN OVERLY EXPENSIVE PS3 8D- I have zero interest in ff13, hence me not getting one yet, simply cuz I am incredibly bias and superficial that I care only for hot guys XD Although I love Stella dammit she looks so sweet and pretty so correction, I focus mainly on main character hot guys XDDD

Anonymous said...

hana, honey, i posted back there about WrithingReno... i want you to know that i DID get the disc, and held it in my hands forever before i FINALLY got a BluRay player and OVERDOSED on RenoLove this past weekend. OMG.. there is so much more Reno. Clearly someone at SquareE loves him as much as we do. And, there IS more Vincent, you can see him under the cloak when he rescues poor Cloudo. And, i keep trying to see down Reno's shirt in the scene where they fall from the helicopter and then try to get back up. There is also a lovely scene of him and Rude in one of the extras (i think from Crisis Core?) where they are in the copter and discussing being delivery boys for the Aerith letters... oh, he looks pained, there is beautiful RenoRegret all over his beaucious face. so glad I got it!!! THANKS!!!

hana said...

HAHAHA GOOD FOR YOU ♥ Someone at Square must have hired a female Reno fangirl as staff then XD I didn't know there was mroe Vincent! I have to peer harder the next time I rewatch the movie lols. And yes the helicopter scene dammit he looks so deliciously sexy in there its now my psp wallpaper <33333

I swear I will never get sick of this fandom ever. If anything, my obsession with it only got worse XD

Punkkuh said...

Well it seems that you're not the only one who drools over redheads.. and we're not the only ones.

Why must all redheads be so irresistible. :P aahm- thanks for posting these images, made me drop my jaw sooooo many times that i have to keep collecting it for the whole night. I've seen the film, but haven't searched images from the "complete" version until now. I had forgotten the whole thing ^^''

Anonymous said...

guys it was 89 letters not 88 plus how could tseng have all 88 letters if zack has one? so REMEMBER 89 LETTERS!

Nerissa said...

I swear i giggled and screamed at almost every sentence you wrote. Cloud and Reno are in my top 3 fav charactors (Vincent is in there as well <3), also you might like this Reno fan art i found. ....

..damn.. i can't find the link... >.< hehehee. whoops. no wait! ahaha here it is, i hated it when i first saw it and then i just forgot about it..

hana said...


@punkkuh: idk, it must be the color. red=hot=sexy thoughts XD

@anonymous: I did say 89 in the beginning haha does that count? I never played the game so I wouldn't know. the point was ALMOST 100 LETTERS that girl is mad loyal ♥

@nerissa: Ah vincent. I need to put his pics up since he is so many people's fav. I'm not that into him after I realized he is in fact 50 years old wteff and just not my type :p

OK THAT PIC. too much visual WTH lol. I prefer them clothed still so it leaves more to the imagination XD Topless is as far as I would go for fanart XP

Tracey said...

OMG!! Some hot screen shots! If you get a good one of Tseng PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put it up...begging, pleading whatever it takes!

hana said...

Working on it. Summer hols are in <3

Ivy! said...


kajsdhkjashd 1) Your caps, 2) Your love the HD sexy of Reno's pores , 3) Your ovaries and mines both wibbles, 4) RENO

and finally you made my day with this post. So hilarious lol


Tazzy said...

omgosh thanks so much for doing that! That's just awesome! ^^

And yes, Noctis is just amazing hot. Srsly. I mean dude WHY NOT MAKE THE GAME ON THE XBOX 360 AS WELL? Makes it easier for fangirls to drool over him ;A;

buuuut. I'll keep an eye out on this post for when you edit it so I can see all of the scrummy Vicent pictures you post :3

hana said...

@tazzy: Check back by next weekend and it should be up then. I have a couple of things to settle (university stuff) so I'm kinda busy atm driving back and forth between LA and NorCal XD

Keep your fingers crossed that Noctis might be on Xbox. FF13 was. But I am worried they might scrap him because NO NEWS OF HIM AT ALL LATELY AND ONLY FF14 WHAT IS THIS?! *wails

Kraig said...

Wow just stumbled across this, and its amazing!
Loved the comments, really funny and alotta awesome detail ^^ Thanks for putting the effort in =D!

hana said...

@Kraig: THANK YOU! Its comments like yours that makes it all worth the effort ^^

Anonymous said...

I just love this post. I come and read it often.
I used to be a Reno fangirl and still am, but I've moved on to Tseng. Glad you decided to include him.
Poor Rude is underrated. He's actually extremely good-looking. Very manly. I think he'd have more fans if he had more hair. Dreadlocks, maybe.

Keep posting!
All the best, TsengFan

BlackDomina71 said...

YES! You put up pics of my Tseng...Yeah I said MY Tseng! lol
And Vincent too! SQUEE
I never really liked Cloud - too baby-faced and emo, but damn, you've redeemed him in my eyes. But don't worry..I won't try to steal him. Promise!

hana said...

@anon: THANK YOU ♥ I find it amazing people still read this after a year and it makes me happy for some reason X3 Long live the hype of FF7 XD

As for Rude, I know! He IS handsome and so badass with his shades and the nasty amount of earrings he has in one ear lols. I thought of including him but then I got lazy :P Maybe next time when I watch it again or if more people request him haha.

@Black Domina71: Ah! You were the one then? Glad you liked it :D

I am glad I managed to up Cloud's status in your eyes hurhur. I am so horribly taken with him its ridiculous. Considering how I couldn't really care much for him a year back XD He isn't all that emo in the game really, if fact, barely. More like just stoic and indifferent but in ACC he is so spinelessly emo I wondered what happened :\

or maybe its just cuz I have yet to finish the game and he is really that emo although I highly doubt it...

Anonymous said...


i love your blog, especially the FF photos, really do love them:)your comments are really amusing.

So i come from new zealand and im sure that our Final Fantasy Advent Children Movie is different to the ones overseas, such as America and Japan. Do you think you could help me out??



hana said...

@gumble: Thanks!

Why do you think its different? Because as far as I know there is only two version: Japanese and English and there are actually the same just different dubs and different extras.

I used to live in Malaysia and it was the same as the NA ones.

Unless you mean different format? Like how we are NTSC and you guys are PAL?

If you want to buy the dvd, I suggest checking the format to make sure its playable on your dvd player but if I'm not mistaken, the NA one is the standard english package. Just check the format :)

Unless you mean something else, then do correct me lols

Anonymous said...


your proberly right, its just that im sure scenes have been cut out of the one ive got, so just wondering how i could possibly get the version overseas. I kind of understand what your saying, i mean i am 13 yrs old, i kind of a dum ass:), i'll check up on it. Thanks so much for your help!!! really appreciate it. If im stuck on something i'll be coming to you first!!:) you are the professional;)

thanks. . again


hana said...

@gumble: I think the one you have now is Advent Children. The first original one. The one in my post is Advent Children COMPLETE :D

ACC has more and longer scenes compared to the original.

Nah, you're not dumb. Everyone has questions. Feel free to ask me anything if needed ^^

Anonymous said...


ah yes, that sounds like it!! thank you SO much for your help. Now i know what i should get now, THANK YOU, OH THANK YOU!! lol:)

seriously, thanks for your help, i dont know what i wouldve done without your help:)



p.s keep blogging!!! your blog is the best ive ever been on!!:) oe that i would want to read/see all the time;)

Midnight13731 said...

I just had to say it: I LOVE CLOUD HE IS MY CHOCOBO!

Anonymous said...

Twilight fucking sucks, who ever put that Vincent Valentine picture should be shot twice in the face, one through each eye! Also how come you guys think cloud is the best character? The villains in this series are amazing they're not black and white, they have different personalities that you either like or don't like. As for the three remnant brothers they represent different parts of Sephiroth, Yazoo represents his allure, Kadaj is his cruelty, and Loz is strength. That's why there are three of him because one wouldn't be able to have all of Sephiroth. Through out the movie Cloud is a little angsty whiny bitch. The fact that a lot of you feel that Cloud is fucking god compared to the others, Cloud would be nothing without his friends, and he would be useless if there was no one to fight. The villains helped Cloud get out of his angsty funk. Sephiroth used to be a good guy remember this, he was a experiment created by Shinra as a weapon; I would be pissed off too.

hana said...

oh for goodness sake, a troll who treats fandom as srs bsns -rolls eyes-

to butthurt anon,

learn to read carefully about the twilight part and take a chill pill while you're at it.

we think Cloud is the best character because we are shallow superficial people who find him incredibly hot to our liking. now try using your flawless logical reasoning on that lols.

this is a brainless fangirly post, deep thinking is not allowed. no need to quote your knowledge of ff7 to me, i know everything there is to know about it. the only difference is i don't care.

also, if we were to follow your final logic, Cloud wins the title of god hands down because without Cloud, there is no FF7. All your characters revolve around him. Therfore, Cloud = indispensable = god = no matter how much you want to argue, still most iconic FF character ever XD

Cloud Strife said...

Hi! I loooooooove this post! You're so funny as well! aaahha x)
Please follow my Cloud Strife + FFVII fan page :D
i definitely follow you for more posts like this :D
i agree with your taste, reno and cloud ;) but i absolutely like cloud and tifa together, they're both hot!
Have you read Maiden Who Travels the Planet? Apparently Aerith rejects Zack in the Lifestream and likes Cloud better, i think its offical Square enix story not fan-made :O I really liked Zack and Aerith, cute couple :)
Thanks for the post, really funny and interesting!!

Itachi said...

OMG!!! I like almost all of the characters but Sephiroth and Cloud are my faves.^_^ Thanks for sharing the pics and your comments.
Can you upload the screenshots in a higer resolution? I want to make a wallpaper for my desktop. :D

hana said...

@caroline: MWTtP is unofficial :)

@Itachi: Spreading the FF7 love is my fav. past time XD Sorry I can't upload all screenshots in higher resolution because it takes an awful lot of time to printscreen each and I have long since deleted the originals :3 But if there is one particular one you really like, tell me and I would be able to do one for you ^^

Cloud Strife said...

Ohh, it's unofficial, that's actually good to hear :) I didn't sound official to me because Square enix wouldn't want us to think that Zack isn't loved by Aerith lol

hana said...

@cloud/caroline: How i wished you were really Cloud lololol but anyways, yeah. I'm glad its unofficial because I ship Aerith and Zack hard heh. I would be sad if she ignored Zack in the lifestream XD

Cloud Strife said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ben said...

Im cosplaying Zack at Katsucon this week!!!

hana said...


kannie said...

hi, im kannie. Loved the comments n pictures u posted above. made me lol :D. n yes i totally agreed on everything u said up there. cloud is my favorite too. He was my first f.f. character hehehe. i would like fo u to post up nostic from f.f. versus 13 too. well if u like lol. i would actually like to hear ur opinion about him *-*. i need a place to fangirl. this seemed like the place to lol. :)

kannie said...

* my first favorite f.f. character.
* noctis
sorry correcting my sentences lol...

hana said...

Thank you for the lovely comment! Yes, Cloud was my first foray into the FF world too and thus shall always hold a special spot in my heart :3


The moment I saw him I was like 'HECK YEAH ABOUT TIME' for its back to the Cloud, Squall types again yay!

I will spazz like a maniac the moment it comes out 8D I like him tons. Telekinesis ok you do not get more sexy badass than that hurhur. And for once, the girl counterpart looks likeable and promising. Not to mention the real time action gameplay akin to Kingdom Hearts is making me all giddy with joy <3333

Hyuga Neji ROCKZ said...

Umm i know have absolutely nothing to do with this... and i kinda just found this page on google... but


and i wanted to get the game too but then i was TOO LATE because when i finally decided to get it, the game was outdated and the new FF game just came out so -_- kinda covered up FFVII

I know this thread is kinda old, but... PLEASE JUST HELP ME PLEASE

hana said...

Crisis Core is actually a psp game and not movie so idk what do you mean by watching it but if you mean watching the entire gameplay walkthrough then here' a youtube link:

You can buy the game on amazon or ebay or anywhere that sells game basically.

Also, if you want to play FF7 you can always buy it off PSN for $10 to play on either your PS3 or PSP.

Hyuga Neji ROCKZ said...

well i think there's also episodes of it, cuz i've seen it once played in Korea, and my korean friend also watched it online, but it was in korean subs... and i can't understand korean ahha. and the official site also says there is so i dunno D;

hana said...

nope there isn't. Unless you're talking about an anime like movie which is 'Last Order: Final Fantasy VII'. But if its 3D like, its just cut scenes from the Crisis Core game itself. And you can watch those off youtube. Just enter 'Crisis Core cutscenes/fmv' and I'm sure it will appear. There really isn't any other ff7 movie besides advent children and the two short anime Last Order and On the Way to a Smile (which is about Denzel and incredibly boring haha).

Hyuga Neji ROCKZ said...

aww ): and i've always thot there was one for Crisis Core sighh... the homepage fooled me LOL

thanks guyss :DD

Taylor B. said...

First of all, don't dis the English dub it makes you sound like you're barely thirteen. I doubt you could do any better, and compared to many Japanese-English dubs, FFVII was one of the best. The fact that you "took it back" made me think you just typed it up in the first place for attention or just to hate like an Internet troll would.

hana said...

@Taylor: It's the internet. Why so serious? You getting all annoyed over a silly fangirly post that was never meant to be serious is rather ridiculous to me imo. I still like the Japanese one better. And I'm sure everyone can change their minds. Don't tell me every time you change yours, your previous decisions were merely attention seeking? *sigh

Kraig said...

Feels like ages since I posted here, but I finally watched AC complete on blu ray, and wow, some of the scenes they held back were world beaters!
It was good to see some of the minor characters more (i.e. Tseng, Elena (who should have had more screentime IMO! Like you say, Elena is super hot, not to sure about her voice actor...then again it was hard to judge with so few lines!) and the extra Reno/Rude scenes were fantastic ^_^! Your pictures do them justice!

Felt Denzel could be related to alot more as a character in FF7 AC complete, seeing his backstory, and his relationships with other characters made him more likable, I even enjoyed the anime short "on the way to a smile" where Johnny got a lil' cameo! As for Marlene's Barret impression - how was that not in the DVD release! :P

If anything FF7 AC complete fueled my fire to see a good FF7 remake, I need to check into Final Fantasy anonymous to get over my obsession! Like I said in my original post, so glad you made this page (like 4 years ago, time flies!), brings all the awesome elements of FF7 AC complete together, thank you! :D

hana said...

@Kraig: daaang, I didn't know there are still people who visited this page lol. I almost forgot about this page entirely. Ah the memories when I blogged about this back then :3 Looking at this post, I am wondering where all my free time went where I could painstakingly take screenshots and even edit them.... Wished I could continue doing stuff like this now but I barely have time to game, let alone blog :C

AC Complete was what was supposed to be released in the first place imo. When I first watched AC, I had no idea half of what was going on and had to rewatch it multiple times and read up fansites. It could also be the fact I never played FF7 then.... I would never know. But the moment ACC came out and I watched it, everything made so much more sense and flowed better. No more disjointed, jarring fragmented feelings I got from watching AC.

Agree with Denzel OVA too. I always wonder why they bother showing him at all till I watched that.

I am waiting for a remake too! If FF10 gets a remake, where is my 7? Although right now I will happily settle for FF13 Versus too which never ever came out. Such liars Square Enix >(