Friday, July 24, 2009

Mummy's Birthday Cook Fest

Friday, July 24, 2009
So me and my sisters (minus 4th sis because she is a lazy bum *glares*) decided to cook dinner and bake a cake for mummy's birthday yesterday.

And here are the results of our sweat and toil:

2nd sis was in charge of the kebab and pasta salad while I did the mushroom soup which was hahaha so easy since its condensed mushroom soup where all I had to do was add in milk and extra chopped mushrooms :D And 3rd sis is one lucky lucky girl imo. Cuz back in MY days, making mash potatoes required me washing, peeling, chopping them into tiny chunks and worse of all, MASHING THEM UP BY HAND WHICH I SWEAR TAKES FOREVER AND IS ENOUGH TO MAKE A GROWN MAN CRY BY THE END OF IT.

Now? INSTANT mix ah. Just add water wteff.

Anyway, the reason I didn't cook much was because I was the one baking the cake. And not just any cake but a Kasutera Cake (カステラケーキ)because I've been craving to make those cute Japanese Strawberry Cakes like since forever. And apparently, a Kasutera Cake is like damn hard to make where only 1 out of every 10 commenter in every single food blog ever came away successful. In Japan, its also known as the cake you'd rather buy than make :\

Ordinarily, I would have backed off but dammit I reeeeally wanted that cake ok so I decided to pray first before just risking my all. And should it fail.....

Well, there is a reason why Ralphs sell ready-to-go cakes ya'know....

After 40 minutes of non-stop whisking (most cakes take only 7 minutes) with my hand threatening to fall off any second, I was beginning to regret like mad. Midway through whisking, I asked 3rd sis to take over for a minute while I refer to the recipe on my laptop and when I turned back, I saw to my horror, the electric whisk's wire-cord caught on the stove, happily burning itself away WTEFF!

ALDKASJDLJAS!!!! Hopping mad at her ok cuz if I had turned back a second later, the stupid appliance would probably burst into flames ok wteff. Clearly told her to NOT move hor, and she didn't listen.

And the reason why its near the stove for all you smartasses out there is because you need to whisk the batter over a pot of warm water.

Made her go door to door to borrow an electric mixer cuz I tried whisking it by hand and no, just no. You'll probably have a happier time sticking your arm into a blender or something.

Anyways, 5 hours and 3 failed batches of whipped cream later:

I know the star is not very symmetrical thank you very much but apart from that, I think it looks pretty decent no?

It tasted really nice too but what irked me was that after going back to read the comments again, I saw this:


Mummy said it was delicious though (which I'm happy to hear because she is like super critical!) and when I got home from school today, nearly everything was gone aldjajdlajsd EXCUSE ME but I spent HOURS making this cake ok and HOW DARE YOU ALL JUST EAT EVERYTHING UP WITHOUT LEAVING ME A SLICE *&@#!&!@!

So there you have it people, Kasutera Cake. Although really, just do what the Japanese do and buy it instead of making it. A lot easier that way and cheaper too cuz now I have to replace the electric mixer which stupid 3rd sis burnt. FML.


Cia said...

holy shit it looks mofo awesome lah... dammit.. *drolls* =D'''<<-- tats me drooling..

hana said...

ah thanks! ^.^