Monday, July 27, 2009

You're such a rush, the rush is never ending~♪

Monday, July 27, 2009
So happy today because Pretentiousass finally got his ass whopped by sensei for being a douchebag :DDD

What would make me happier however is A'hole getting pounded by a gang of Yakuza one day when he goes to Japan for his stupidass comment of 'Oh I thought you meant sound like Chinese cuz I don't want to sound like a Chinese' in this snotty racist tone the SOB. Stupid guy is either blind or dumb to not notice that 95% of the class is Chinese. Mostly dumb imo.

Btw, my NEWS cd which I got a 50% summer discount for just arrived the other day!

Don't say I never buy anything ok! I am now a 'true' fan ah wteff. My next goal is to buy the remaining 6 of Jay Chou's cds/dvds to complete my collection of his and I need $132 for that. I LOVE JAY! Its been years and I am still so happy with my Jay cd/dvd collection! Definitely one of my best purchases in life ♥

Went to some Jazz concert the other day with church friends. Was a little annoyed when all the girls kept saying how I was so dressed up with a hint of bad feeling beneath it like its my fault for making them look under dressed or something wteff when all I wore was a summer dress, kitten heels and minimal makeup.

Hello, dressed up means wearing 4 inch stilettos, bling blings, dramatic makeup and having curled hair ok! Plus I looked around me and everyone was dressed like me so wteff its you who are under dressed hor and not the other way round.

Hate it when people don't make an effort to look good and then blame those who does by calling them bimbos or making them feel bad for actually making an effort. So geram can?

Lanterns made from baskets of different shapes and sizes lol how creative *__*

So I've been staring at this banner for hours wondering why the heck its upside down because it just doesn't make sense:

And then 2nd sis came up with an explanation: Well, maybe its for those committing suicide to read, you know when they're jumping off the building and then BAM the sarcasm of 'your bright future' in your face hee~


Some urban light art piece:

By day

At night

Went to J-town later for Japanese curry and its official, I don't like Japanese curry. Completely not spicy even after asking for the hottest and drenching my chicken with hot oil. Kinokuniya was closed by the time we arrived too so I couldn't buy any Japanese magazines or those gorgeous FF posters hanging on the wall T___T

Speaking of FF, I found a ton of cute funny FF7 related meme vids on youtube the other day and wanted to blog about them but 2nd sis beat me to it. There is Ouran Final Fantasy 7, CUTE TILL CAN DIE FF7AC CAIPIRINHA DANCE, Tseng, Rufus and Reno Caramelldansen, and Sephiroth on crack doing gay hip thrusts AHAHAHA my awe for him has totally disappeared after that vid XD

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