Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Sunday, July 5, 2009
Went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame last Friday cuz darn it all I am a Californian ok and yet I spent the whole of last summer holed up in my crummy apartment and attending summer classes instead of playing tourist and so I vow to visit as many place as possible this year. Also, I wanted to see with my own eyes MJ's star which have been on every news channel for days.

So the walk of fame was way longer than I thought and stretched for blocks and everyone was walking on the stars like nobody's business hahaha now I know why some celebs refuse to have their name engraved on the sidewalk cuz I wouldn't want people stepping all over me too ok. Granted its only my name but still! Very not kimochi ok having mud dragged all over your name ah wteff.

My fav. family comedy show ever! A MUST WATCH. Every night at 11, my whole family would gather in front of the telly without fail. They have some of the best lines ever ♥

Jackie Chan's star! Can't find Bruce Lee's though even after we spent hours with our eyes glued onto the ground wteff. Tip: Always google up the address of the person's star you wanna visit beforehand because it could be anywhere and the whole walk is 5.6km long ok.

Oh, don't listen to my shirt. I love LA way more. I also somewhat regret buying that shirt cuz I seem to get disproving looks whenever I wear it here wteff. Also, I do not particularly like to be associated with certain things San Fran is normally associated with. I am damn straight hor! Cuz I keep getting weird looks when I drape myself all over my sister in public (cuz I am a lazyass and like to use her as a support pillow) where they would stare at me and then at my shirt and I get the urge to scream 'SHE IS MY SISTER OK' at the top of lungs wteff.

Will buy a 'I ♥ LA' shirt the next time I see a souvenir shop wteff.

I am dinosaur! Eating your restaurant clock. DinoRoar!

BRITNEY SPEARS I LOVE YOU!!! Well, your music at least. She's awesome :D

Walk a few blocks down and guess who I saw?


Best cosplayer of the day!

Wah my face becomes damn fat when I smile widely. Whoever said you look your prettiest when you're at your happiest is a liar wteff. So the Walk of Fame is similar to Harajuku street where cosplayers are everywhere. You are more than welcomed to take a pic with them but ahem ahem you must pay. Of course its not required and you could be extremely thick skinned and walk away but then you might find yourself missing a head later I don't know about you but that sword looks sorta sharp hmm.... Anyway, its 1 buck per cosplayer so yeah, just to let you know that so you can prepare a thick wad of 1 dollar bills beforehand when you do come here in the future.

More Pirates of the Caribbean cosplayers only this one looks too real so everyone wants to take a photo of him but not with him. So no money for him lol. Never knew that cosplaying for money requires advance planning and strategies wteff.

BARNEY WTEFF. dunno why but I think he looks like a drunken pedo here.

Keanu Reeves. In case you couldn't tell.

And the main reason on why I insisted on coming here now and not later:

Fan made tributes to the King of Pop

Although I am not exactly a big fan of his, I love his music. And his moonwalk is still as cool as ever. The whole atmosphere is that particular area was really somber and surrounded by all these heartfelt fan messages, I find myself feeling a tinge of sadness too at his passing.

Personally, I don't believe in all those allegations against him. idk but he never strike me as a pedophile. Too 娘娘腔 lols. If I'm not wrong, he was proven innocent? Sad thing though cuz he was still seen as guilty in the eyes of many and his life totally a downward spiral after that trial and if he really was innocent then that's just sad. Its like approved public bullying.

His star and more fan made tributes

Took me quite a while and clever weaseling around the crowd and also a very thick face cuz we're not supposed to stoop down and take a pic with it as the crowd was huge and security was yelling for us to move on every 3 seconds to get this pic. Have no idea whether to smile (later people kill me for being too happy looking wteff) or look sad so I did a little of both to be safe and ended up with a very weird smile instead -_-"

Oh oh oh saw this cute Japanese guy there all dressed up in a business suit, SUIT! *Q*, and he has this dyed fashion hairstyle like Johnnies and for a split second I sincerely hoped it was a Johnny cuz from the back he looks uncannily like Kame and then he took his keitai out to snap a pic and aldjasljaklsd HIS PHONE IS SO GORGEOUS! All smooth and shiny and white and long and stylish and a flip phoney tand sexy and everything a phone should be damnit Japan SHARE. Seriously. Don't be such a selfish brat. Hmph.

Farah Fawcett - Charlie's Angels star. She died on the same day as MJ and so her death was totally eclipsed by his. Saw her pictures in the news and she's like really really pretty. The true American girl icon cuz she's a real blond haired blue eye beauty unlike Paris and others.

Marilyn Monroe! But Daddy says she's not fat enough =_=

The Grauman's Chinese Theater

MJ's star and other more famous actors stars are all located around here. According to the online map, so is Bruce Lee's but I've been wandering around the place for an hour and saw nothing. Maybe its covered up by all those gifts to MJ. Haha daddy said to just shoo everyone away and dig through the pile of stuff to find it and if people bark at you just bark back 'what, you angmoh you find angmoh star I Chinese I find Chinese star what wrong what wrong?!' LOL.

Over 200 celebrity handprints, footprints and autographs in the concrete in the theater's forecourt. Oh, for the walk of fame, there's more than 2000 stars according to wiki.

DONALD DUCK HAHAHA SO CUTE GOT DUCK PRINTS!!!! LOVE DONALD! Especially when he's all pissed off and starts squawking in gibberish ahahaha. And then he's like so cute to his nephews at times and my heart's all aww but then the next second he'll be like stealing their candies wteff haih. But omg no one in the Disney World can top him as best boyfriend cuz have you seen him when it comes to Daisy Duck? That girl's a high maintenance biatch ok and yet he's like all over himself trying to make every date a successful one aldaksjklsad the sincerity *__* Definitely my second fav. Disney character after Mickey. Mickey first simply cuz he's so adorable. And speaking of Mickey Mouse....

He has his own star! Stuck my feet in the pic to prove that I was indeed there lols.

My fav. Sesame Street character when I was young. Simply cuz I liked to imagined that if I were ever lost at night, Big Bird would be the best person? animal? character? to snuggle up with cuz he's all poofy and fluffy and therefore warm and comfortable :D

Still don't get whats so nice about this show. Mostly cuz they are ugly and I cannot stand ugly things *superficial wteff

lols What's up Doc?

HAHA Aaron Yan's favorite Hollywood star I think! He kept gushing about her perfect body for 5 minutes in an interview where the Fahrenheit members were asked to name their ideal girl and he was like this awed 12 year old fanboy who just found his brother's Playboy mag or something with the way he kept going on and on about her butt and chest hahahaha XD

Madame Tussauds wax museum! Am gonna go there next time!

Totally made a baby cried cuz she wasn't too thrilled being hoisted up high on a fire hydrant XD

Took this pic on the way home cuz I think the bridge looks pretty. The crowd around MJ's star has grown to an insane proportion around the time I left too and TV crews were everywhere. I think I'm on tv cuz I was behind one female newscaster back when when I was busy snapping pics at the site. Now to hunt down that tv stations lols.

Will probably go back to this place every now and then cuz Ripley's Believe it or Not Oddtorium and another equally as famous place whose name I can't remember at the moment is located there too and I have yet to see them all. But all in good time cuz there's too many places in Socal alone to visit. I have the rest of my life to visit them all too in due time anyway so that's ok :)

But right now, I'm so loving this Summer ♥


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