Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sunday, April 26, 2009


My otp... back ♥

ALDFJHALJSDHFA I SENSE A NEW TEGOMASS SINGLE COMING UP VERY SOON :D IF TEGOSHI OVER-GHEING IT UP WITH MASSU HERE IS ANYTHING TO GO BY. Because he hasn't interacted with Massu in like what? 98127313 years? so this has to mean something.

I IS HAPPY :D but not with Massu's hair wtf is up with that inverse ohnoesmyrootscanbeseen hairstyle?!

It better be a new single dammit. Or even better yet, AN ALBUM. I refuse to believe otherwise. Or maybe its simply to create hype for their upcoming concert in Sweden the lucky fans srsly all of us in the US should write Johnny a letter too at this rate cuz you never know they just might agree to come *wishful*


I think I busted a rib with all the laughing just by watching their MS perf hahahahaha tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree in Koyama's curls~♪ I take back everything I said about the line YOUtachi nani gata being hot after this and I swear if I were drinking a martini right now I would have snorted the olive right up my nose. And PI'S IDKWTF I'M DOING FACE WTH AHAHAHA I print-screened this solely for Koyama's yellow ribbon and only saw Pi's face when I was editing it in photoshop hahaha as if his afro hair wasn't hilarious enough.


I think I like Tegoshi again. I blame his mesmerizing hips ♥♥♥

05:15. I would make a gif of it but I'm lazy now.

His voice is like damn orgasmic too. And that open collar thing with random stringy necklaces and the braided hair and sparkly stars and when he winks and when he shakes his head his hair kinda goes pyon pyon pyon and all these while hitting all the right high notes, I become like one stupid bimbotic fangirl here. As you can easily see from the previous sentence I just wrote which I'm re-reading for like the 30th time and its still not making any sense to me although I swear it did when I was typing-while-watching-said-clip just now.

rofl I love Pi's glasses really it makes him so cute


He reminds me of a dragonfly. Albeit a very hot dragonfly 8D

Like if all dragonflies looked like this, then I would stop trying to smack them to death with my slippers.

Because they creep me out wth.

Oh akdfafasdfkadfs I LOVE THEM REALLY ♥ Better than crack wth.

OOOH I SEE A NEW KOI no ABO PERF IN LJ. ok baibai I am off to download it~~~

**DL links**
HQ MS perf (Like super HQ to the max meaning 100000 times better to enjoy the silliness :D)
Koi no ABO single

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♥~kimmy~♥ said...

heh.. what song is this?
i've not been following up with NewS' latest d.. plz update me..
the best.. send me all the links.. coz NewS' youtube is not easy to search..

n u went to Hillsong united? wow.. cool..