Friday, April 24, 2009

Hillsong United: [a_Cross//the_EARTH]

Friday, April 24, 2009
So last Monday, Esther had two tickets to spare thanks to someone being unable to make it at the last minute muahahaha wait I should not be laughing at people's misfortune in posts like these *ahem* so both me and 2nd sis were able to go to their concert since it was sold out ages ago and so by the time we heard of it, it was too late.

Then again we are always ignorant of what goes on here and I have to constantly rely on people who are NOT in LA telling me what is going on around here like the ANIME EXPO srsly what is wrong with me do I really have no life to speak of after entering uni and is there a site that lists all such events in CA cuz I swear one day I would just miss a one and only NEWS or BB event here and stab myself later after reading about it in LJ.

Anyway, pictures! Those un-watermarked ones are stolen borrowed from johnfotos@flickr and hillsong united own blog cuz they forbid us to take pics of the concert and threaten to confiscate our cams and kick us out if caught and I know if this were Malaysia I would be like who cares?! and snap pics after pics till my camera turns into melted goo but this isn't and so I didn't want to take my chances cuz securities were 5 times my size and scarily intimidating and I paid twenty, TWENTY bucks ok which is like super expensive when I compare it to the 10 ringgit I use to pay back in Kuching for a concert so no way am I going to blow it all on chance.

It was held at Nokia Theater hohoho Nokia. Why in the world does it need a theater I know not why. What is it for anyway?

This is 2nd sis and our church friends acting like kids jumping all over the floor when they discover that each tile lights up when you step on it. It got worse after this shot. And they wonder why the receptionist of the building was giving us a hard time when we asked him some questions later. A BUNCH OF YOUTHS CRAZILY JUMPING OUTSIDE YOUR FANCY POSH BUILDING SECONDS AGO AS IF THEY WERE ON CRACK OK WHO WON'T BE WARY I ASK YOU.

But its very the fun I assure you. GOT SOUND THAT GOES PYON-PYON-PYON AGAIN! :D

Inside the concert hall.

I was told that it was packed with around 7000 people that night.

Proof that we actually went and I'm not ripping this post off from other people's blog. Although daddy took one look at it and was all 'can you guys stop taking stupid pictures of yourselves ok who can tell you're in a concert from this cuz you might as well be in some shady dim sum place for all I know' adalsdhfajsdfh I am never showing him my pics again T_______T

I dislike 2nd sis too cuz alone I look fairly fair but then next to her, stupid ghost girl, I become 98137982131 times darker *dark*

Started off with random computer stuff rolling across the screen for ages before it read [a_Cross//the_EARTH].

I am mesmerized. The flashing lights are so pretty. It is pretty obvious by now that I have never been to a real concert before *_______*

I know that what I'm gonna say next is probably highly inappropriate for this post but I am so going to a Britney Spears concert next. It must be 10 times more fancy I bet.

Sometimes I wonder if they ever do get caught up in all the spotlights, screaming and applause and forgot that they are doing it for the glory of God and not themselves?

To me, I find it hard to be a gospel singer and not get caught up in fame. I really respect them if they could actually stay grounded in their original goal cuz I'm pretty sure that it isn't easy thanks to our human nature of loving to be in the spotlight.

Anyway, it was a pretty awesome night cuz its been ages since we had a dynamic worship like this. I MISS MYF WORSHIP REALLY I DO ;_____;

The downside however is that I am familiar with Hillsong songs but this is Hillsong UNITED so yeah, I don't know half the songs which kinda takes out a tiny bit of joy then if I actually knew them all. But beggars can't be choosers and overall I like this concert and the short sermon lol who is that guy he is hilarious I swear! I find their accents very amusing too its like yodelling in talking voice lol quite cute although that means that sometimes we can't quite catch what they are saying but thats ok. What they couldn't get through to us with words they did it well with songs :)

But oi I just went to their blog and according to them, apparently we are not the most expressive (and a whole bunch of other things) crowd they met oi why, I thought we were a pretty enthusiastic bunch minus the jumping cuz there isn't enough space unless you want severely bruised knees the next day. I is sad reading that okay. See, saaaaad D:

Nevertheless, am so going to their next joined concert with Hillsong this coming June/July/August whatever I really couldn't hear what they say so yeah, shall wait for my friends to inform me when they know of the dates.

Am also terribly obsessed with the song Take it All which is looping in YT atm I'm typing this really idek *hums*

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