Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is the way to fail your classes

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So clearly I'm supposed to be writing my stupid English paper on human rights which is due tomorrow and all I have atm is the intro, which isn't even completed yet mind you, but I cannot help but get distracted instead by awesome Tegomass fic involving ghost trains, cute translations (zomg they read wiki and fanblogs hello I should start blogging in Japanese) and hilariously broken JE quiz generators on LJ :D

Your JE Family featuring Arashi, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kinki Kids, and TxT by ginryuu
Your Name:
Your Age:
Your Favorite Color:
Your Ichiban:
Your Father:
Your Mother:
Your Sibling #1:
Your Sibling #2:
Your Pet:
Your Best Friend:
Your Lover:
Your Stalker:


A stalker bff dad hahahahaha.

And is it only me who thought that my pet was Tegoshi till I view the image properties did I realize it to be Kame. But all is good anyway cuz I think sleeping with your pet would be very wrong? Unless of course it's MatsuJun, which reminds me I have yet to get the drama reviews from last year up. Sigh~ procastination. Anyway, where are my NEWS members?! Didn't I just state them as my ichiban so where is Masuda? :C

Ryo isn't counted cuz I bet they meant him to represent K8 instead of NEWS for this round. And I don't know who my lover is supposed to be but do not want. He looks like a pervert *squints*

Another one cuz I am too free bored fed up with research:

Hate and passion with News and some others Johnny's (Kanjani - Tackey&Tsubasa) by feyana
Your name
Your age
You prefer...
Your bestfriend is...Yuya Tegoshi
Your worse enemy is....Uchi Hiroki
Your besftriend's boyfriend is...Nishikido Ryo
Your worse ennemy's boyfriend is...Uchi Hiroki
You are the president of ...'s fanclubYokoyama Y�
You dream to become like...Takahisa Masuda
but you're surprised when u learn his boyfriend isHironori Kusano
because you thought this guy was with...Nishikido Ryo
And you ? Who is your boyfriend ?Uchi Hiroki

ROFL. So basically my boyfriend is my worse enemy because I discover that he is gay with himself lol just who is the creator of these quizzes anyway? I mean, for one thing, they can't even SPELL. Anyway, I shall stop with the quizzes because UCHI? *stabs self generator* and because they fail to give me Masuda yet again. I definitely don't dream to be like him although I do dream many other things about him :d Ok no I don't. My dreams mostly consist of me failing some exam or another taken in weird settings like the top of the eiffel tower wth. Sigh, proof that my life is nothing but a bundle of stress and nerves.

So enough mindless fandom stuff, guess what day was today for my sisters?


My neighbor's kid who is facing the front if you notice the shoes, which coincidentally is also on the wrong side of each foot.
I have no idea how she walks in her pants either.

It's a school thing where everyone are encouraged to dress backwards on this day wth HOW COME THE SCHOOLS HERE ARE SO AWESOME? 2nd sis school had pajamas day where everyone came looking exactly like how they looked when they got out of bed that morning, nerd day and also silly ones like hush day where girls can't talk to guys and if they do they lose and have to give the guy their hush card and the guy with the most hush card wins wth this is a lot like sex come to think about it.

There are like tons of other weird days again which my 3 lousy sisters refuse to participate in any, tch party poopers the lot of them. If I were in high school I WOULD SO DRESS AS A PIRATE-TRESS (is that how you call female pirates?) AND TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO WHACK ALL THE PEOPLE I DISLIKE WITH MY WOODEN LEG ARRRRR!!! >D

Then again, I'll probably end up in the ER for clawing my entire scalp off with my hook thanks to my bad habit of mindlessly raking my fingers through my hair every now and then.



Ammy said...

back in the olden days it's considered bad luck for women to be pirates, and when girls actually WANT to look like a pirate they cant call'em pirateress because of the whole feminism sexism thing. so.... yeah.


♥~kimmy~♥ said...

heh.. plz tell me more bout the US weird ideas for school children.. so i can share it with my friends and church mate too...

we can have fun within small group too.. haha..

hana said...

@ammy: I WANT TOO :C

@kimmy: haha weird ideas. Ok I will when I hear of any XD