Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Wednesday, March 11, 2009
So yeah, my second attempt at making onigiri because my first was hardeeharhar total fail.

It kept falling apart and I do not know how to get the nori to wrap neatly around it despite staring at the instructional pics on my computer screen for ages.


Ok, so nothing like the ones I ate in Japan because I do not have the right fillings but omg the rice itself? IS GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT ALONE :ddd

Just add salt.

2nd sis trying her hand at shaping an onigiri *snorts*

I used uhm pink salmon (what fish is this I have no idea. Is it salmon too? So are there like other colored salmons?) with mayo because I do not have tuna nor smoked salmon so, improvise! :D

HAHAHAHAHA I FAIL AT SHAPING THEM. So I got fed up in the end and cheated by making a round ball instead. I simply do not understand how to shape it into a triangle. The 'L' method is not working :C

If I were Japanese, I would be staring at a future filled with 27 cats cuz no one would marry me after looking at the state of my onigiri lol. I think it might fall apart as soon as one were to bite into them but I have to ask my parents about that tomorrow as I left the 'nice' ones (pic) for them. Which leaves much to be said about the un-nice ones I ate in a hurry so no one would ever see it....

By far, the prettiest one of the lot ♥

Will continue making more until I become Japanese girl worthy at it :p

PS. I think I might have adopted a stray dog in my past life instead because guess who dropped stats? NO MORE PHONE CALLS YAY!


♥~kimmy~♥ said...

heh.. looks yummy.. didn't know this was called onigiri..

eiChi said...

now. you shall make alot of onigiri to me when u come back. XD

hana said...

@eichi: I PROMISE I WILL :DDDD we shall make them together!!! I shall buy the onigiri molds then cuz I think I'll still be fail when it comes to shaping them by hand sigh.

Ammy said...

this may seem um presumptuous and shameless, but COUNT ME IN =DDDDD

hana said...

YOU? Until you keep your har kao promise then we'll talk....